Re-Organize Your Diet. Paolo Diacono – Paulus Diaconus

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Название Re-Organize Your Diet
Автор произведения Paolo Diacono – Paulus Diaconus
Жанр Здоровье
Издательство Здоровье
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isbn 9788885356733

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      Re-Organize Your Diet

      and improve your lifestyle

      Cristian Ortile

      Translated by Clarissa Cassels

      â€œYou are free to choose your lifestyle but not the final result”

      Herbert MacGolfin Shelton

      Reorganize your Diet

      All rights reserved. 2016

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      It is forbidden to reproduce to others this publication by any means

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      This manual offers information and interesting points in general, regarding health and the correct way of eating. Therefore it should not be a substitute to doctor's advice, in consideration of the vast diversity of people interested and the variety of diseases, and it does not intend to prescribe a diet that can suit anybody.

      The publisher and the author accept no responsibility in the case of inappropriate use of information.


      If we want to improve ourselves the first thing we need to confront is our diet.

      Why is this?

      First of all a correct diet has a positive impact on our level of physical energy, on our life expectancy, on our mood and our concentration but it is also able to improve the quality of sleep and it has a more efficient effect to prevent (and cure) health issues.

      Whatever our objective might be, to start practising a sport, to be more into our job, to have the right determination to reach a certain goal or simply to feel good within ourselves, the first step is to improve what we put into our body, because what we eat ends up becoming part of ourselves and if we eat badly sooner or later we feel unwell.

      To eat in a healthy way nowadays has become more complicated than one might think; we can easily go to the supermarket next door and fill up our trolley with all sorts of food dictated by TV adverts that decide what is healthy.

      But are these foods really healthy??

      We are literally submerged by TV adverts and programs, newspaper articles, blogs and specialized magazines in which we are told what to eat or what not to eat, what makes us lose weight or not, leaving us even more confused.

      We end up growing up with the wrong habits and our views of what is right or wrong to eat are just part of teachings and prejudices that we have built up over the years.

      Really it's all quite unclear.

      Therefore out of curiosity I started to read some books about diet and what at first left me perplexed is the contradictions of the experts among themselves, leaving one confused and not knowing what to cook.

      Even the most famous scientists had different views so how could I see clearly?

      The more I was reading books with opposite views, to my great surprise I realized that their views were not so distant from each other, it was just just that some theories were based more on the positive effects of a type of nourishment while other theories were advising against.

      At the beginning the gap between the two ways of thinking seemed wide but the more I analysed the more it was coming closer like water passed through a funnel.

      So motivated by the need to clarify myself I did an in-depth research through books, food and diet courses. Finally, from these, I concluded in describing the two most up-to-date and correct diets with advice for daily use, properties of each food and nutrients which are fundamental for us-

      This is why this practical booklet was started.


      1) Which diet to choose?

      Which diet to chose?

      Nutritional Value

      Our body, our car

      Challenge n°1

      2) Carbohydrates (what are they and what do they do?)

      Complex carbohydrates


      Fruit and honey

      Simple carbohydrates

      Challenge n°2

      3) Protein (what are they and what do they do?)

      Protein structures

      Vegetable protein

      Animal protein

      Today's farming





      Becoming a vegetarian

      Challenge n°3

      4) Fats (what are they and what do they do?)

      Saturated fats

      Unsaturated fats

      Omega 3 and omega 6 fats

      Hydrogenated fats

      Challenge n°4

      5) Vitamins Minerals and Fibre

      Fruit and vegetables


      When to eat them

      The colours of fruit and vegetables


      Food supplements

      Anti nutrients

      Challenge n°5

      6) Food combinations

      Carbohydrates and protein

      Protein and protein

      Carbohydrates and carbohydrates

      Flour and yeast

      Pulses and cereals

      Eggs, meat and fish




      Jam and cereals

      Challenge n°6

      7) Preservation of Food

      Fresh produce

      Frozen produce

      Dry produce

      Packaged and vacuum packed


      Mistakes in preservation

      Challenge n°7

      8) Cooking food