Zero Disease. Angelo Barbato

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Название Zero Disease
Автор произведения Angelo Barbato
Жанр Медицина
Издательство Медицина
Год выпуска 0
isbn 9788873040453

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      Angelo Barbato


      Original title: Malattia zero

      Translated by: Clarissa Cassels

      Publisher: Tektime


      The birth of the health collaborative model (Commons).

      The birth of digital networks for health (Health Smart Grid Digital).

      Author: Angelo Barbato MD [email protected]

      Doctor of Hygiene and Preventive Medicine Specialist and Specializing in Cardiology. Expert in Public and Private Health. He has worked in the Health Management of Italian health organizations, military and civil covering clinical positions, Chief of Health Director of Public Hospital, Chief of Health Director in Local Health Authority, Chief of DATA Management and Chief of ICT Management. He is coordinator of the Technical Board "Disease Zero and Sustainable Health" of CETRI-TIRES Third Industrial Revolution European Society, inspired by the economic ideas of Jeremy Rifkin.


       Presentation 1

       Contributions 3

       Foreword by Angelo Consoli – The Health Communities 7

       1. The wellness and health management in the ideological framework of Jeremy Rifkin 13

       2. Historical evolution of healthcare assistance 27

       2.1 From Hippocrates to the discovery of antibiotics 27

       2.2. The healthcare systems: public (welfare state and Beveridge) and private (Bismark) 33

       2.3 The metaphor of the pendulum 47

       2.4 Donald Trump and “deregulation” even in health 51

       2.5 A new model on the horizon: the Commons of health 53

       3. The medicine initiative in the territory: prevention and chronicity 57

       4. The acute ill and first aid 61

       5. Prevention 67

       5.1 Introduction 67

       5.2 The determinants of health 71

       5.3 The determinants of social and economic integration and social welfare 75

       5.4 Lifestyles 79

       5.5 Physical activity 81

       5.6 The prevention of chronic degenerative diseases through nutrition 87

       5.7 Cardiovascular and oncological risks 105

       5.8 Psychiatric Risk 109

       5.9 Genetic Risk 111

       5.10 Dentistry risk and zero cavity 117

       6. The paradigm of communication and doctor Google 123

       7. New communication frontiers in health 129

       7.1 Fitness bracelets and wearable devices 129

       7.2 Telemedicine 135

       8. Health care orientated by the patient 137

       9. The democratization of health 145

       10. The new community care in Italian public 151

       11. Digital technology in surgery 171

       12. The new paradigm in health care: the health Commons and crowdfunding 175

       13. Goals and indicators of Zero Disease 181

       14. From Rifkin’s 3 paradigms to Zero Disease 3 paradigms 187

      The book stems from the desire of the authors to disseminate tools and transformation of models in health care, inspired by Jeremy Rifkin’s theory 'Zero Marginal Cost'.

      The ambitious attempt to make an accessible and usable participative model of health, illness and treatment, meets the need of the human being to recover the relationship with himself and with the world around him. The environmental, economic, social and technological should be geared towards preserving the human being and the environment he lives in. The inevitable repercussions on health will become increasingly avoidable using the new paradigm of communication, through conscientious choices and the essential support of the internet. The transition from a Hierarchical and Structured Medicine to a Capillary and Distributed one sees the human being involved in the role of being responsible for himself. The health-oriented community will be the arrival point, not only a start, and a social duty prior to being a fundamental right.

      This probably represents a visionary shift which, in the words of our intellectual reference "It's Already Happening".

      Thank you to the following professionals for their contribution:

      âž” Bruno Corda, MD

      Doctor, Specialized in Emergency and First Aid Surgery, Hygiene and Preventive Medicine. Already a Family Doctor, Director of Prevention Department, Director of Public Hygiene and Health Service. President of the Italian Society of Hygiene- Lazio Section. Master Degree CORGESAN and EMMAS in Health Management. Technical Table “Zero Disease and Sustainable Health” of CETRI-TIRES - Third Industrial Revolution European Society, inspired by the economic ideas of Jeremy Rifkin. [email protected]

      A special thanks to Bruno Corda for having introduced me to the studies of Jeremy Rifkin.

      Angelo Barbato

      âž” Angela Meggiolaro,