The Security Culture Playbook. Perry Carpenter

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Название The Security Culture Playbook
Автор произведения Perry Carpenter
Жанр Зарубежная компьютерная литература
Издательство Зарубежная компьютерная литература
Год выпуска 0
isbn 9781119875246

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      Table of Contents

      1  Cover

      2  Title Page

      3  Introduction What Lies Ahead? Reader Support for This Book

      4  Part I: Foundation Chapter 1: You Are Here Why All the Buzz? What Is Security Culture, Anyway? Takeaways Chapter 2: Up-leveling the Conversation: Security Culture Is a Board-level Concern A View from the Top The Implication Getting It Right Takeaways Chapter 3: The Foundations of Transformation The Core Thesis Program Focus Extending the Discussion You Are Always Either Building Strength or Allowing Atrophy Takeaways

      5  Part II: Exploration Chapter 4: Just What Is Security Culture, Anyway? Lessons from Safety Culture A Jumble of Terms Security Culture in the Modern Day Takeaways Chapter 5: Critical Concepts from the Social Sciences What's the Real Goal—Awareness, Behavior, or Culture? Coming to Terms with Our Irrational Nature We Are Lazy Why Don't We Just Give Up? Security Culture—A Part of Organizational Culture Takeaways Chapter 6: The Components of Security Culture A Problem of Definition Defining Security Culture The Seven Dimensions of Security Culture The Security Culture Survey Example Findings from Measuring the Seven Dimensions Last Thought Takeaways Note Chapter 7: Interviews with Organizational Culture Experts and Academics John R. Childress, PYXIS Culture Technologies Limited Professor John McAlaney, Bournemouth University, UK Dejun “Tony” Kong, PhD, Muma College of Business, University of South Florida Michael Leckie, Silverback Partners, LLC

      6  Part III: Transformation Chapter 8: Introducing the Security Culture Framework The Power of Three Benefits of Using the Security Culture Framework Takeaways Chapter 9: The Secrets to Measuring Security Culture Connecting Awareness, Behavior, and Culture How Can You Measure the Unseen? Using Existing Data The Right Way to Use Data Methods of Measuring Culture A/B Testing Multiple Metrics, Single Score Trends A Note Regarding Completion Rates Takeaways Chapter 10: How to Influence Culture Resistance to Change Be Proactive Using the Seven Dimensions to Influence Your Security Culture How Do You Know Which Dimension to Target? Takeaways Notes Chapter 11: Culture Sticking Points Does Culture Change Have to Be Difficult? Using