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Intelligent Security Management and Control in the IoT

Mohamed-Aymen Chalouf

The Internet of Things (IoT) has contributed greatly to the growth of data traffic on the Internet. Access technologies and object constraints associated with the IoT can cause performance and security problems. This relates to important challenges such as the control of radio communications and network access, the management of service quality and energy consumption, and the implementation of security mechanisms dedicated to the IoT.<br /><br />In response to these issues, this book presents new solutions for the management and control of performance and security in the IoT. The originality of these proposals lies mainly in the use of intelligent techniques. This notion of intelligence allows, among other things, the support of object heterogeneity and limited capacities as well as the vast dynamics characterizing the IoT.

Cybersecurity in Smart Homes

Rida Khatoun

Smart homes use Internet-connected devices, artificial intelligence, protocols and numerous technologies to enable people to remotely monitor their home, as well as manage various systems within it via the Internet using a smartphone or a computer. A smart home is programmed to act autonomously to improve comfort levels, save energy and potentially ensure safety; the result is a better way of life. Innovative solutions continue to be developed by researchers and engineers and thus smart home technologies are constantly evolving. By the same token, cybercrime is also becoming more prevalent. Indeed, a smart home system is made up of connected devices that cybercriminals can infiltrate to access private information, commit cyber vandalism or infect devices using botnets. This book addresses cyber attacks such as sniffing, port scanning, address spoofing, session hijacking, ransomware and denial of service. It presents, analyzes and discusses the various aspects of cybersecurity as well as solutions proposed by the research community to counter the risks. Cybersecurity in Smart Homes is intended for people who wish to understand the architectures, protocols and different technologies used in smart homes.

Windows 11 Simplified

Paul McFedries

Learn Windows 11 quickly, easily, and with expert help from a tech education master Windows 11 Simplified is your from-scratch beginner’s guide to the ins and outs of the latest version of Windows. It’s fully updated to include all the coolest new features of Windows 11 and offers a highly visual roadmap – complete with tons of screenshots and illustrations – to Windows 11 mastery. You’ll get up to speed on the basic, and not-so-basic, features of Windows 11 with plain-English instructions and step-by-step screenshots that walk you through every technique you need to know to make Windows 11 do what you want it to do. You’ll learn to navigate the user interface, work with and manage files, create user accounts, and practice using the tools that make Windows 11 the most user-friendly and powerful version of the famous operating system yet. You’ll also discover how to: Master the basics, as well as a bunch of power-user tools, with easy-to-follow instructions Learn your way around the interface, File Explorer, the Settings app, and more Navigate the web, send emails, access online media, and chat with friends and family Customize windows to look and feel exactly the way you want it toWith the right help, learning a new operating system can be fun, straightforward, and exciting. This book is perfect for everyone from those with no Windows experience at all to users of previous versions who just need a heads-up on the latest features. If you’re ready to become a Windows 11 master, Windows 11 Simplified is the easiest and fastest way to do it.