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Archives in the Digital Age

Abderrazak Mkadmi

Archiving has become an increasingly complex process. The challenge is no longer how to store the data but how to store it intelligently, in order to exploit it over time, while maintaining its integrity and authenticity. <p>Digital technologies bring about major transformations, not only in terms of the types of documents that are transferred to and stored in archives, in the behaviors and practices of the humanities and social sciences (digital humanities), but also in terms of the volume of data and the technological capacity for managing and preserving archives (Big Data). <p><i>Archives in The Digital Age</i> focuses on the impact of these various digital transformations on archives, and examines how the right to memory and the information of future generations is confronted with the right to be forgotten; a digital prerogative that guarantees individuals their private lives and freedoms.

Apple One For Dummies

Dwight Spivey

A bundle of Apple services, all in one place  All your favorite Apple services are available in one convenient bundle, and  Apple One For Dummies  helps you get the full value out of your subscription. What’s in this Apple barrel? Everything you need to stream music and TV, keep up with the news, play games, store files online, and even stay in shape. This book gives you a bundle of insight on how to choose the subscription level that’s right for you, access and link all the services across your Apple and non-Apple devices, and use all the fun features of each service. This book takes you inside Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple News+, Apple Arcade, iCloud, and Apple Fitness+, showing you how to make the most of each one.  Apple One For Dummies  also shows you how to make changes at any time, so you get all the juice out of your subscription! Get access to 50 million songs on Apple Plus Discover how the all-new Apple Fitness+ can transform your workout routine Use iCloud to store your photos and videos Understand Apple One’s subscription options and get the biggest bang for your buck For Dummies welcomes you to the Apple One-stop-shop that will make your digital life that much simpler.

Multi-Processor System-on-Chip 2

Liliana Andrade

A Multi-Processor System-on-Chip (MPSoC) is the key component for complex applications. These applications put huge pressure on memory, communication devices and computing units. This book, presented in two volumes – Architectures and Applications – therefore celebrates the 20th anniversary of MPSoC, an interdisciplinary forum that focuses on multi-core and multi-processor hardware and software systems. It is this interdisciplinarity which has led to MPSoC bringing together experts in these fields from around the world, over the last two decades. <p><i>Multi-Processor System-on-Chip 2</i> covers application-specific MPSoC design, including compilers and architecture exploration. This second volume describes optimization methods, tools to optimize and port specific applications on MPSoC architectures. Details on compilation, power consumption and wireless communication are also presented, as well as examples of modeling frameworks and CAD tools. Explanations of specific platforms for automotive and real-time computing are also included.

Chance, Calculation and Life

Группа авторов

Chance, Calculation and Life brings together 16 original papers from the colloquium of the same name, organized by the International Cultural Center of Cerisy in 2019. From mathematics to the humanities and biology, there are many concepts and questions related to chance. What are the different types of chance? Does chance correspond to a lack of knowledge about the causes of events, or is there a truly intrinsic and irreducible chance? Does chance preside over our decisions? Does it govern evolution? Is it at the origin of life? What part do chance and necessity play in biology? This book answers these fundamental questions by bringing together the clear and richly documented contributions of mathematicians, physicists, biologists and philosophers who make this book an incomparable tool for work and reflection.

Intelligent Network Management and Control

Badr Benmammar

The management and control of networks can no longer be envisaged without the introduction of artificial intelligence at all stages. Intelligent Network Management and Control deals with topical issues related mainly to intelligent security of computer networks, deployment of security services in SDN (software-defined networking), optimization of networks using artificial intelligence techniques and multi-criteria optimization methods for selecting networks in a heterogeneous environment. This book also focuses on selecting cloud computing services, intelligent unloading of calculations in the context of mobile cloud computing, intelligent resource management in a smart grid-cloud system for better energy efficiency, new architectures for the Internet of Vehicles (IoV), the application of artificial intelligence in cognitive radio networks and intelligent radio input to meet the on-road communication needs of autonomous vehicles.