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    Hot Crossed Buns: Spanking short stories of erotic, play and discipline

    Susan Kohler

    Hot Crossed Buns is a collection of spanking short stories that include erotic, play and discipline scenarios. The stories are filled with adult women and men of various shapes and ages who enjoy giving and/or getting spanked. The stories range from purchasing domination services in “Store Bought Pain” to fun and discipline in the office in “Gee, Thanks Boss” and “Office Pranks, Office Spanks” to a daughter’s punishment in “My Butt Belongs To Daddy” and much, much more. This erotic, play and discipline collection of spanking short stories will both titillate and excite you. From bare hands, paddles, birch rods, canes and more, you’ll see it all. About the Author: Susan Kohler, a native Californian, is an active member in the spanking scene and has both seen and done most, if not all, of what she writes about. She has written a fun, titillating and enjoyable collection of short stories that reflects how wonderful the people in the scene really are. Susan Kohler’s first book, The Paddle Club, is a fun, romantic and erotic spanking novel. She is working on her 3rd book, Another Batch of Warm Buns, a second collection of short spanking stories. Finally, she is also working on her 2nd full length novel, The Heart of the Beast. It’s an adult take on Beauty and the Beast. While not a purely spanking novel, it does have several spanking scenes.

    The Heart of The Beast: A romantic adult fairytale revealing how the power of love can overcome the hardest heart

    Susan Kohler

    The Heart of The Beast is a romantic adult full length novel loosely based on the fairytale Beauty and the Beast. Living a simple yet contented life with her family, Beauty must confront The Beast when her brother is ordered to be hanged for a crime he did not commit. Beauty must surrender her body to The Beast in exchange for her brother’s freedom. Beauty is shocked to realize that somewhere deep down she finds The Beast attractive and despite his harsh reputation, to also have a seemingly sensitive side he does not readily admit to himself or anyone else. With time Beauty reveals how the power of love can overcome even the hardest heart. About the Author: Susan Kohler, a native Californian, is a writer of romantic/erotic fiction. She is also an active member in the spanking scene and has both seen and done most, if not all, of what she writes about. Her first three books, a full length spanking novel entitled The Paddle Club and two collections of short spanking stories entitled Hot Crossed Buns and Another Batch of Warm Buns were published in 2007.

    Tell Me, Tell Me, What You See

    Jim Howard

    Do you ever wonder what children who are almost too young to talk really see in the world? Tell Me, Tell Me, What You See answers that question. This book will both charm and create wonder with children and parents alike. About the Authors: Jim Howard, a bankruptcy paralegal, has had a life-time love of nature and learning that he developed while growing up in Montana. He enjoys traveling, golf and volunteering as a Cub Scout leader. He lives in Denver, Colorado with his wife, son, three dogs and two cats. This is his first book. Paula Welsh-Howard, met Jim Howard while working for the same employer and was also a bankruptcy paralegal. When she was single she traveled by herself to Europe and toured Europe for 5 months. She enjoys writing, singing, traveling, and being with her family. She developed a love of nature and the wilderness while growing up in Colorado. This is her first book.

    Succeeding From the Margins of Canadian Society: A Strategic Resource for New Immigrants, Refugees, and International Students

    Francis Adu-Febiri

    It is possible to overcome barriers to minority success in Canada. The stance of this book is that new immigrants, refugees and international students do not have to settle for underachievement despite the cultural and structural disadvantages they face in Canada. The fact is, the unequal social structure of Canada has some cracks, and many minorities have used strategic resources to open up these cracks and achieved tremendous upward social mobility in Canadian society from the margins. These documented minority successes in Canada in the face of systemic marginal-ization provide lessons and hope for new immigrants, refugees and international students. The economic, political, social and cultural problems that minorities encounter in Canadian institutions, organizations, communities and from individuals over-whelm and break many of them. However, some minorities break records in the face of the frustrations they encounter. What accounts for the success of the latter group of immigrants, refugees and international students in Canada? Individual efforts and personal ambitions are not enough to explain these success stories. This book highlights strategies and support systems that facilitate minority strategic con-nections with Canadian mainstream institutions, organizations and individuals to win from the margins of society. Although the book does not get into the theories of inequality, equity and diversity, it does acknowledge the structural and cultural barriers to minority success in Canada. That is, it does not blame individual minorities for not making it in Canada. Rather, it points to strategic resources that new immigrants, refugees and international students can use to help them overcome some of the barriers to success in Canada. About the Authors: Dr. Adu-Febiri is currently Sociology Professor in the Department of Social Sciences at Camosun College, British Columbia, Canada. Francis is also an Associate Member of the Faculty of Graduate Studies at the University of Victoria. He has presented and published extensively on tourism, human factor development, globalization, diversity, racialization, and ethnicity. He is the author of First Nations Students Talk Back: Voices of a Learning People. Dr. Adu-Febiri is the founder and president of Workplace Diversity Consulting Services (WDCS), and serves as the Chair of the Ethnocultural Advisory Committee of the Ministry of Children and Family Development, Victoria, British Columbia. He has been the president of the Canadian Chapter of the International Institute for Human Factor Development (IIHFD) since 2000. Everett Ofori is the author of Prepare for Greatness: How to Make Your Success Inevitable and The Changing Japanese Woman: From Yamatonadeshiko to Yamatonadegucci. In addition to four years of volunteer service as an English teacher with the Intercultural Association of Greater Victoria (British Columbia), Everett has coached hundreds of university and high school students both in Canada and Asia on how to hone their oral and written communication skills. He holds a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) degree from Heriot-Watt University (Scotland) and is currently working through his Doctorate program.

    Two for the Devil

    Allen Hoffman

    This searing third novel in the critically acclaimed Small Worlds series records the cruel fate of the villagers of Krimsk as they encounter the twentieth-century's greatest agents of evil, Joseph Stalin and Adolph Hitler.It is Rosh Hashanah — the Jewish New Year and Day of Judgment — in Moscow during the Stalinist purges of 1936. In the Lubyanka secret police prison, senior investigator Grisha Shwartzman masterfully pursues the rigorous logic and obsessive legalism of the Soviet witch-hunt. Facing an extraordinary prisoner, Grisha realizes that the Soviet system he has faithfully served is murderously corrupt and that he himself will be the next victim — but not an innocent one. In despair, he flees to his home, where his deranged wife and an unexpected Rosh Hashanah letter from his father-in-law, the enigmatic Krimsker Rebbe in America, await him. The Day of Judgment proves to be a startling experience as Grisha, the once idealistic radical, judges himself, accepts his responsibilities, and is guided to sublime passion and possible redemption by his mad wife, who for twenty years has been patiently awaiting him in a closed wardrobe.In 1942 a train of imprisoned Jews leaves the Warsaw ghetto for «resettlement in the East.» It is Yom Kippur — the Day of Atonement and the holiest day of the Jewish year. In a crowded cattle car stands a lonely, defeated individual who is ashamed that he cannot even remember his own name. During the tortuous journey Yechiel Katzman will overhear a talmudic debate and meet a dull-witted giant who turns out to be none other than Itzik Dribble, also from Krimsk. As they arrive in the death camp of Treblinka, Yechiel remembers not only his name but also the Krimsker Rebbes prophetic curse that exiled him from Krimsk forty years earlier. Yet as death approaches, that curse will prove a blessing.Stalin and Hitler decree certain death, but Grisha and Yechiel discover Jewish fates. The devil incites loneliness, degradation, despair, and even complicity; through memory, the victims elicit community, dignity, and the awareness of sanctity. Grishas «Soviet» Rosh Hashanah and Yechiels «Nazi» Yom Kippur are truly «Days of Awe.» Even when death is certain, life can be lived.

    The Amazon Management System

    Ram Charan

    Amazon’s trillion-dollar success is the envy of everyone, but achievable by anyone. What has propelled their record streak of growth? Their management system, and it can do the same for you no matter what business you are in or what level. Learning it is as simple as six building blocks distilled by New York Times bestselling author and global CEO advisor Ram Charan and Julia Yang in The Amazon Management System.   The Ultimate Digital Engine that Powered Amazon’s Unprecedented Growth and Shareholder Value Creation: Building Block 1: Customer-Obsessed Business Model Building Block 2: Continuous Bar-Raising Talent Pool Building Block 3: AI-Powered Data & Metrics System Building Block 4: Ground-Breaking Invention Machine Building Block 5: High-Velocity & High-Quality Decision-Making Building Block 6: A forever Day 1 culture. From their high-velocity decision-making to their top talent hiring practices, the insider secrets behind Amazon’s success are now within anyone’s grasp, block by block. Whether you are an established CEO or a recent college grad, this concise and actionable book will help your business win in a new digital era that demands nonstop innovation.

    Non-Obvious 2018 Edition

    Rohit Bhargava

    –The ALL-NEW 2018 Edition of the best selling <i>Non-Obvious</i> Trend Report series coming December 5, 2017!<br> –The <i>Non-Obvious</i> series is an annual trend report featuring 15 updated predictions every year on top trends likely to affect business and consumer behaviour in the upcoming year. The research and book has been a <i>Wall Street Journal</i> bestseller and Axiom Book Award Winner and the insights have been viewed and shared online more by more than a million readers.<br><br>

    The Road to Recognition

    Seth Price

    The Road to Recognition is the guide for developing a personal brand to accelerate your professional success in the age of digital media. Authors are well known bloggers. Combined social media and email network of 200,000+.Authors are regular public speakers. Collectively speaking at over 40 events per year.Authors are considered experts in digital marketing and personal branding.

    Always Eat Left Handed

    Rohit Bhargava

    The ALL-NEW UPDATED EDITION of the best selling book downloaded over 25,000 times! ALWAYS EAT LEFT HANDED IS A «HELP-SELF» BOOK FOR PEOPLE SURROUNDED BY OBVIOUS ADVICE This entertainingly irreverent book from Wall Street Journal bestselling author and occasional Georgetown University professor Rohit Bhargava filled is with brutally honest secrets of success no one has ever dared to tell you. Start smoking? Be a cross-dresser? Procrastinate more? Make people cry? Learn to yodel? Reading just a few of these &ldquo;secrets,&rdquo; you might wonder if this book is serious. Indeed, it is. Through a bite-size collection of 15 quirky and insightful stories told in a highly readable non-boring style, you&rsquo;ll learn how to: Think faster on your feet when things go wrongBe the type of person everyone wants to work withGet better at starting (and ending) conversationsFind resilience after failure without losing optimismStand out by being the most approachable person in any roomFor anyone sick of hearing you should do what you love, take more risks and make mistakes, this empowering book is like a desperately needed pair of noise-canceling headphones for uselessly obvious advice. Instead, Always Eat Left Handed offers a real world, no-nonsense playbook for getting ahead in school, work and life by doing exactly the opposite of what most people tell you. Starting, of course, with eating left handed.

    Why It Hurts

    Dr. Aneesh Singla

    Unique book focusing on pain as a necessary part of us. Pain is there for a reason that assists in helping us understand our bodies.