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    The Grapevine Daily Quote Book

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    From Grapevine , the international journal of Alcoholics Anonymous, quotes and meditations to inspire every day of the year "AA may or may not get me to heaven, but it surely got me out of hell." There is great wisdom in the Fellowship of AA, and much to learn from the great thinkers among us. The Grapevine Daily Quote Book contains 365 of the most powerful and profound quotations to guide and sustain men and women in recovery from alcoholism and other addictions. Selected by the editors of Grapevine magazine, all of the poignant quotations were contributed by AA members, with many written by AA's co-founders Bill W. and Dr. Bob. We hope that you enjoy these brief passages on experience, strength and hope, and bring them into your life, as part of the start of your day, or as an evening ritual when you give yourself time and space for reflection and contemplation. The Grapevine Daily Quote Book makes a great gift for a sober friend.

    The Best of Grapevine, Vols. 1,2,3

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    This reissued three volume set features some of the very best Grapevine stories, carefully selected by the editors and written by a diverse group of sober AA members. Topics include life in sobriety, AA meetings, the Twelve Steps and Traditions, spiritual experience, recovery tools, old-timers, a look back into early AA history and more. Welcome to the world of Grapevine, a sober world filled with love and laughter, hard work and spiritual growth.

    Voices of Women in AA

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    From Grapevine , the international journal of Alcoholics Anonymous, find inspiration from generations of courageous women devoted to sobriety and wellness. Spanning the decades from the 1950s to the dawn of the 21st century, the editors of Grapevine have collected 61 personal stories, articles, and anecdotes by or about women who contributed to AA early in its history. Covering a wide range of topics, including spirituality, sponsorship, life changes, relationships, family, careers and friendships, this unique and moving collection concludes with a chapter devoted to the power and comfort of women's meetings. Voices of Women in AA demonstrates the diverse ways that women dealing with alcoholism find sobriety in Alcoholics Anonymous and live rich and rewarding lives.

    AA in the Military

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    From Grapevine , the international journal of Alcoholics Anonymous, powerful stories by AA members currently serving or who have served in the military. When it was first published in 1944, AA Grapevine caught on immediately as a way to connect soldiers in isolated military bases round the world who thought of the magazine as “AA’s meeting in print.” This powerful collection of personal accounts by members of Alcoholics Anonymous illustrates the challenges alcoholics in uniform encounter while under stress and far away from home. Filled with stories of experience, strength and hope by the men and women who have served their country on land, at sea and by air, and including a poignant selection of stories contributed by sober veterans titled “Coming Home,” AA in the Military is the perfect read for current members of the armed forces, military veterans, and those who support them.

    One Big Tent

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    From Grapevine , the international journal of Alcoholics Anonymous, stories that reflect the shared experience of secular AA members Atheists, agnostics, nonbelievers and secular alcoholics have been members of AA since its earliest days, making significant contributions to the development of the program. But for some, finding their path has not always been easy. One Big Tent is a collection of stories originally published in Grapevine which represent the shared experience of secular AA members who have struggled with alcoholism, yet ultimately found a common solution and a welcoming community in Alcoholics Anonymous. From working through initial reservations about the spiritual aspects of recovery to ultimately finding one’s place within the Fellowship, members of diverse backgrounds—and with diverse beliefs—share how the program works for them, how they find value by engaging in service, and speak of the joy of sponsoring others in their recovery.

    Take Me To Your Sponsor

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    A collection of the best cartoons from the pages of Grapevine magazine, the international journal of Alcoholics Anonymous Sobriety can be tough sometimes, which is why recovering alcoholics can always use a good laugh. From dealing with meetings, sponsorship, dating and marriage, friends and coworkers, so-called character defects, and more, Take Me to Your Sponsor: Best Jokes & Cartoons from AA Grapevine offers a humorous take on AA. Contributed to the “At Wit’s End” column of Grapevine, and drawn by AA members, these clever and amusing black-and-white cartoons will leave readers with the feeling that they are not alone—and that it’s very okay to appreciate the lighter side of recovery. Take Me to Your Sponsor should brighten your day and give you some hearty, well-earned chuckles.

    Monkey Boy

    Francisco Goldman

    Francisco Goldman’s first novel since his acclaimed, nationally bestselling <i>Say Her Name</i> (winner of the Prix Femina étranger), <i>Monkey Boy</i> is a sweeping story about the impact of divided identity— whether Jewish/Catholic, white/brown, native/expat—and one misfit’s quest to heal his damaged past and find love.<p> Our narrator, Francisco Goldberg, an American writer, has been living in Mexico when, because of a threat provoked by his journalism, he flees to New York City, hoping to start afresh. His last relationship ended devastatingly five years before, and he may now finally be on the cusp of a new love with a young Mexican woman he meets in Brooklyn. But Francisco is soon beckoned back to his childhood home outside Boston by a high school girlfriend who witnessed his youthful humiliations, and to visit his Guatemalan mother, Yolanda, whose intermittent lucidity unearths forgotten pockets of the past. On this five-day trip, the specter of Frank’s recently deceased father, Bert, an immigrant from Ukraine – pathologically abusive, yet also at times infuriatingly endearing – as well as the dramatic Guatemalan woman who helped raise him, and the high school bullies who called him “monkey boy,” all loom. <p> Told in an intimate, irresistibly funny, and passionate voice, this extraordinary portrait of family and growing up “halfie,” unearths the hidden cruelties in a predominantly white, working-class Boston suburb where Francisco came of age, and explores the pressures of living between worlds all his life. <i>Monkey Boy</i> is a new masterpiece of fiction from one of the most important American voices in the last forty years.

    Walking with Ghosts

    Gabriel Byrne

    Gabriel Byrne is an award-winning actor, film director, producer, writer, and cultural ambassador who has starred in more than 80 films including Miller’s Crossing, The Usual Suspects, Little Women, Stigmata, and Hereditary . He has received three Tony nominations for roles in the work of Eugene O’Neill and was nominated for three Emmys for his television work. Byrne won a Golden Globe Award for his performance in HBO’s In Treatment and in 2018 was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award for his contribution to Irish cinema by the Irish Film and Television Academy. We expect significant media attention for this book, and Byrne is committed to help publicize it across tv and radio. He is also connected in the literary world—we have received an early blurb from Colum McCann and expect more to come. Reflecting on the formative years of his life, Byrne threads intimate childhood memories— morning routines with his father, his dynamic mother’s stories, his first love, and time at the seminary— through his journey to stardom, in a deeply sensual and impressionistic memoir that explores the pathos of what it means to be famous. Interwoven with these stories from his childhood are personal anecdotes from Byrne’s decorated career, including his arrival at the Cannes stage for the breakout hit movie, The Usual Suspects ; performing Eugene O’Neill on Broadway; and starring in the long-running HBO show In Treatment for which he won a Golden Globe. Making cameo but pivotal appearances are Leonardo DiCaprio, Richard Burton, Sir Lawrence Olivier, Gianni Versace, and many others. Byrne also recounts personal struggles, including his battle with alcoholism, fame, and abuse. Literary, nostalgic, and beautifully picaresque, Walking with Ghosts is not a typical “tell-all” celebrity memoir. It will be sure to draw fans and readers of other great Irish memoirs including Angela’s Ashes by Frank McCourt, Country Girl by Edna O’ Brien, All Will Be Well by John McGahern, and The Speckled People by Hugo Hamilton. Walking with Ghosts will be published in December of this year by Picador in the UK and Byrne will narrate his own audiobook.

    The Last Giants

    Levison Wood

    The Last Giants satisfies British explorer Levison Wood's lifelong desire to learn more about the majestic African elephant. These giants trek through some of Africa’s most magnificent landscapes as they go in search of life-giving waters and pastures. El Nino’s droughts and an insatiable ivory trade have cut African elephant numbers by a third in the last decade alone, and if elephants disappear entirely, Africa’s entire ecosystem could collapse. But Botswana has become a safe haven, where one-sixth of the world’s elephants now reside. Each year their numbers grow and an incredible migration takes place, which Wood witnesses and records. He teams up with local trackers to gain insight into how this iconic species survives, camps out in the wild, meets the people and tribes living on the migration’s path, and joins the park rangers whose job it is to protect these land goliaths, equipped with his “good eye for detail and better ear for dialogue” ( Wall Street Journal ).


    Takis Wurger

    Takis Würger is a major up-and-coming international writer whose profile promises only to grow with this new book, a historical novel set in 1942 and partially based on real events. The inspiration for its eponymous character, Stella Goldschlag, was the subject of a 1993 biography and featured in a 2019 German docudrama, The Invisibles . Stella sparked a major media conversation about memory and historical representation when it was published in Germany in 2019. It became a bookseller favorite and hit the bestseller lists for thirteen weeks there. Stella will appeal to fans of Bernhard Schlink’s The Reader and the TV series Babylon Berlin , based on the books of Volker Kutscher. In Germany, the novel was praised by Booker International shortlisted author Daniel Kehlmann, who said: “You may start this book feeling skeptical, but you will read gripped and startled, and you will finish it feeling real admiration.” Würger’s previous novel, The Club , was the winner of the lit.Cologne prize for debut fiction and a major bestseller in Germany. Grove’s edition was well received by Adelle Waldman in the New York Times Book Review and Malcolm Forbes in the Minneapolis Star Tribune , and New York Times -bestselling author Megan Abbott praised it as “cunning, sinuous . . . so wildly entertaining.” The novel is translated by Liesl Schillinger, a New York-based literary critic, translator, and writer, who considers it one of the most exciting projects she has worked on. She is looking forward to getting the word out, including to writer friends such as Amor Towles and fellow literary critics. Stella was the subject of major international publishing auctions and has sold in fourteen territories, including to Gallimard in France, Feltrinelli in Italy, and Salamandra in Spain. German rights were acquired by Hanser Verlag in a very competitive auction and German paperback rights were sold in a significant preempt. In Germany, the novel was a major bestseller, reaching #4 on the Spiegel bestseller list and spending thirteen weeks on the list. It was also a bestseller in Italy and is due to be published in other territories in 2020 or 2021. Books like All the Light We Cannot See and The Nightingale have shown the continuing readership for World War II stories, and while this novel operates in a much speedier mode, it will appeal to many of those readers, as well as fans of Half-Blood Blues by Esi Edugyan and the works of Anna Funder. Würger traveled to the US to promote The Club with the support of the Goethe Institut and Deutsches House/NYU, and we hope for their support with this new novel. A talented journalist who works as a war reporter for Der Spiegel , Würger was named one of Medium ’s “Top 30 Journalists Under 30” in 2010 and awarded a CNN Journalist Award in 2013. He has reported around the world, including warzones in Afghanistan, Libya, the Ukraine, and the Middle East.