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    Yearn to Burn: A Pyrography Master Class

    Simon Easton

    Take your woodburning art to the next level by taking a masterclass with award-winning pyrographer Simon Easton! This inspired sequel to the popular book for beginners,  Learn to Burn , offers the opportunity to advance your skills with guidance from a master craftsman.  Yearn to Burn features 19 projects designed to build your skills while you create an array of handsome household items, gifts, home décor, and more. Eighteen new projects with clear instructions and step-by-step photographs fit a wide variety of occasions and decors. Burn beautiful and memorable items like Christmas tree decorations, mirrored box frames, a child's wood pencil case, a hanging leather map, and more.

    Cupcake Handbook

    Barry Gross

    Learn to Turn is the ideal woodturning book for beginners. If you've considered trying woodturning—but have been intimidated by the tone and scope of the books available on the subject—you'll find this informative book to be an approachable and enjoyable guide that will have you turning in no time. Author Barry Gross, an artist and professional woodturner, offers expert instruction, valuable tips, and common-sense advice that will eliminate the mystery while infusing some fun into your turning. Discover how to select the lathe that's right for you, the basics of turning tools, and the fundamentals of sharpening, sanding, and finishing. This revised & expanded 3rd edition also includes new and very attainable step-by-step projects, a special troubleshooting section that reveals surprisingly simple solutions to common turning mistakes, and an inspiring artist gallery of completed works.

    Creative Terrariums

    Enid G. Svymbersky

    Presents terrarium building as both a decorative feature and a sustainable hobby.Includes instructions for terrarium maintenance.Terrarium building is growing in popularity among Millennials as people living in smaller quarters in urban areas look for ways to bring organic elements into their environment.Author’s social media @ACharmingProject: 172K Pinterest followers. Enid Gonzalez is also a contributor for PopSugar—a website reaching 1 in 2 female millennials in the U.S. with over 27 million fans and followers. Social media following: 5.4M Facebook followers, 817K Instagram followers, 198K Twitter followers.

    How to Send Smoke Signals, Pluck a Chicken & Build an Igloo

    Michael Powell

    Curious to know what to do if you get caught in an avalanche? Ever wondered how to stop a runaway horse? Want to impress people by predicting the weather or telling time without a clock (or an iPhone app)? How to Send Smoke Signals, Pluck a Chicken & Build an Igloo is filled with 75 wilderness skills, from practical to potentially useless. In today’s digital age that heavily relies on battery power, technology, and GPS, you’ll read about what people did hundreds of years ago and how it could potentially save you today. Learn how to start a fire with ice, pluck a chicken, catch an eel, build an igloo, throw a lasso, and so many more unusual yet potentially life-saving skills. Told with a sense of humor and a lot of interesting insight, this is a fun, self-reliant read filled with information you may never use but will be glad to know…because you just never know!

    Quilting with Kids

    Wendy Sheppard

    · Passes down the craft of quilting to younger generations by introducing them to the basics. · Kids will learn about the safe use of all the tools and how to cut, pin, and stitch. · Contains 24 step-by-step directions to fun and kid-friendly projects to enjoy with family and teachers. · Interest Age 6 and up, with an adult. · Written by well-respected quilting artists within the industry and mother/daughter duo, Wendy and Gwendolyn Sheppard.

    Midwest Home Landscaping, 3rd edition

    Rita Buchanan

    Midwest Home Landscaping, Including Southern Canada, third edition, shows how to beautify 23 common landscape situations, such as front and back entries, walkways, borders, slopes, and patios. Each situation is presented with a variation, for a total of 46 designs. In addition, the book explains how to install and care for the plants, ponds, walls, and fences involved in the landscape designs. Plants that are proven performers in the Midwest are used in the designs and described in full detail. Step-by-step instructions provide the essential knowledge to tackle each project.United States: IA, IL, IN, MI, MN, MO, OH, WICanada: Ontario (southern)

    Carving Small Characters in Wood

    Renee Mery

    A visual encyclopedia of stitches, the Big Book of Embroidery is the essential, go-to reference guide for embroiderers. Understand basic stitches, such as straight stitches, cross stitches, woven stitches, split stitches, and loop stitches, and learn to embroider several details and designs within those fundamental methods. Containing 250 popular embroidery stitches and techniques, detailed close-up photography, and step-by-step illustrations and captions, you’ll then practice the skills learned with 29 beautiful projects! Embroider flowers, succulents, birds, hearts, snowflakes, butterflies, fruits, and more on shirts, shorts, tablecloths, table linens, wall hangings, and so much more! This book is perfect for anyone, from beginner to experienced, who wants to learn and master the art of embroidery.

    Birdie's Beauty Parlor

    Lee Merrill Byrd

    Grandmother and granddaughter bond in this English and Spanish picture book. Birdie and Grandma are having a girls’ day! But Grandma’s all worn out now. Birdie has a solution: a makeover! It’ll give Grandma a chance to relax. Birdie insists that Grandma lie down because this beauty parlor has a lot of moving parts—chinny-chin-chin hair removal, long stretches of blush, slashes of lipstick, and eyeshadow. Earrings, scarves, the works! Birdie knows best: she owns this beauty parlor! ¡Birdie y su abuela están pasando el día juntas! Pero la abuela ya esta completamente agotada. Birdie tiene la solución: ¡una visita al Salón de Belleza de Birdie! La abuela nada más tiene que acostarse y Birdie va hacer todo el trabajo—le va sacar los pelitos de la barbilla, le va poner una montón de rubor, rayas de lápiz labial, y poner sombras de todos colores en sus ojos. ¡Birdie es la jefa! Birdie’s Beauty Parlor is the second collaboration between Lee Byrd and Francisco Delgado. Lee tells the stories of her grandchildren, but the images belong to Francisco’s kids.

    The Everything I Have Lost

    Sylvia Zéleny

    12-year-old Julia keeps a diary about her life growing up in Juarez, Mexico. Life in Juarez is strange. People say it's the murder capital of the world. Dad’s gone a lot. They can’t play outside because it isn’t safe. Drug cartels rule the streets. Cars and people disappear, leaving behind pet cats. Then Dad disappears and Julia and her brother go live with her aunt in El Paso. What’s happened to her Dad? Julia wonders. Is he going to disappear forever? A coming-of-age story set in today’s Juarez. Sylvia Zéleny is a bilingual author from Sonora, México. Sylvia has published several short-story collections and novels in Spanish. She received her MFA in Creative Writing from The University of Texas at El Paso where she is currently a Visiting Writer. In 2016 she created CasaOctavia, a residence for women and LGBTQ writers from Latinamerica.

    Transient Desires

    Донна Леон

    Transient Desires is Donna Leon’s thirtieth Guido Brunetti novel and promises to be a major publishing event for Grove. All of Leon’s recent Brunetti books have appeared on the New York Times Bestseller List. Her previous book, Trace Elements , as well as The Waters of Eternal Youth , debuted at #10, and Unto Us a Son Is Given and Earthly Remains debuted at #12. Falling in Love debuted at #5 in hardcover fiction, her highest debut ever. By Its Cover and The Golden Egg both reached #7. Her books have sold over two million copies in North America, and in recent years Leon’s sales and critical esteem have only risen. These are fantastic books that just keep getting better. Donna Leon has been named one of the 50 Greatest Crime Writers of all time by both Time and the Times of London. Leon has fans everywhere; Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a close friend and supporter, as is Judith Martin, also known as “Miss Manners,” and Judith Flanders. Both Hillary Clinton and R.L. Stine named Leon as a favorite writer in the New York Times Book Review ’s “By the Book” section.