Isotopic Constraints on Earth System Processes. Группа авторов


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Isotopic Constraints on Earth System Processes

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isbn 9781119594963

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Isotopic Constraints on Earth System Processes Isotopic Constraints on Earth System Processes From establishing the absolute age of the Earth to providing a stronger understanding of the nexus between geology and life, the careful measurement and quantitative interpretation of minor variations in the isotopic composition of Earth’s materials has provided profound insight into the origins and workings of our planet. Isotopic Constraints on Earth System Processes presents examples of the application of numerous different isotope systems to address a wide range of topical problems in Earth system science. Volume highlights include: examination of the natural fractionation of non-traditional stable isotopes utilizing isotopes to understand the origin of magmas and evolution of volcanic systems application of isotopes to interrogate and understand Earth’s Carbon and Oxygen cycles examination of the geochemical and hydrologic processes that lead to isotopic fractionation application of isotopic reactive transport models to decipher hydrologic and biogeochemical processes The American Geophysical Union promotes discovery in Earth and space science for the benefit of humanity. Its publications disseminate scientific knowledge and provide resources for researchers, students, and professionals.