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    String Theory For Dummies

    Andrew Zimmerman Jones

    Unravel the secrets of the universe and untangle cutting-edge physics Yes, you actually can understand quantum physics! String Theory For Dummies is a beginner’s guide, and we make it fun to find out about the all the recent trends and theories in physics, including the basics of string theory, with friendly explanations. Build a foundation of physics knowledge, understand the various string theories and the math behind them, and hear what the opponents to string theory have to say. It’s an exciting time to be alive in advanced physics, and this updated edition covers what’s new in the string world—the Large Hadron Collider, the Higgs Boson, gravitational waves, and lots of other big headlines. Unleash your inner armchair physicist with String Theory For Dummies . Brush up on the basics of physics and the approachable math needed to understand string theory Meet the scientists who discovered string theory and continue to make waves (and particles) in the physics world Understand what it’s all about with real-world examples and explanations Learn why string theory is called «The Theory of Everything»—and what it means for technology and the future Aspiring scientists or life-long learners will both be able to gain valuable information from this book. This accessible intro into string theory is for the theorists inside anyone.

    Intelligent Security Management and Control in the IoT

    Mohamed-Aymen Chalouf

    The Internet of Things (IoT) has contributed greatly to the growth of data traffic on the Internet. Access technologies and object constraints associated with the IoT can cause performance and security problems. This relates to important challenges such as the control of radio communications and network access, the management of service quality and energy consumption, and the implementation of security mechanisms dedicated to the IoT.<br /><br />In response to these issues, this book presents new solutions for the management and control of performance and security in the IoT. The originality of these proposals lies mainly in the use of intelligent techniques. This notion of intelligence allows, among other things, the support of object heterogeneity and limited capacities as well as the vast dynamics characterizing the IoT.

    Trust-Based Communication Systems for Internet of Things Applications

    Группа авторов

    TRUST-BASED COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS FOR INTERNET OF THINGS APPLICATIONS Highlighting the challenges and difficulties in implementing trust-based communication systems for Internet of Things (IoT) services and applications, this innovative new volume is a critical reference source for academics, professionals, engineers, technology designers, analysts, and students. The primary objective of this edited book is to deliver technologies to improve trust and eliminate malicious actors in participatory exchanges throughout communication using Internet of Things (IOT) devices such that these methods should not only be able to identify bad actors but also to improve communication and trust in the environment without violating object privacy. Whether as a reference for the engineer or scientist or a textbook for the student, this is a must-have for any library.

    Integrable Systems

    Ahmed Lesfari

    Dynamic Consultations with Psychiatrists

    Jason Maratos

    DYNAMIC CONSULTATIONS WITH PSYCHIATRISTS [b]Unique resource detailing the day-to-day activity of doctors who work on ”the coal face” of psychiatry in an acute setting Dynamic Consultations with Psychiatrists is the outcome of a collaboration between the psychiatrists of a certain hospital and the author, which has continued successfully for more than ten years, containing a number of patient consultations and cases where psychiatry was used successfully to solve a patients’ problem. The presentation of each case, and particularly of the consultation, is meant to demonstrate the process by which insights were gained. Each consultation is written in plain English with the deliberate avoidance of terminology and especially psychoanalytic jargon. Naturally, all identified features of the patients have been deleted or changed so that the patients’ privacy is not compromised. The format is near to a transcript so that the work demonstrates how the understanding evolves and emerges from the process. The structure of the book is not according to a diagnosis but according to “presenting problem” (in other words, the most prominent feature), allowing for easy and efficient accessibility. Sample concepts and learning resources covered and included in Dynamic Consultations with Psychiatrists are as follows: How a doctor is faced with a patient who is suffering in their own particular way and how the clinician gets to develop a deeper understanding of their predicament Difficulties the “coal face” doctors encounter and the challenges they will face in their personal emotional wellbeing Relationships with the other professionals both within their hospital and other agencies Curtailed histories so that there is a seamless exposition of how the conclusions of the consultation have been reached Psychiatrists, psychotherapists, and students/instructors in related programs of study can use Dynamic Consultations with Psychiatrists to gain valuable insight into the thought process of practicing psychiatrists in relation to a myriad of patient problems, allowing them to learn vicariously and become better at dealing with their own patients’ problems.

    Nanovaccinology as Targeted Therapeutics

    Группа авторов

    NANOVACCINOLOGY AS TARGETED THERAPEUTICS The book presents the early-stage development of nanovaccines that could well be the new generation of vaccines which have a great potential for the prevention and treatment of many diseases.[/b] Nanovaccinology as Targeted Therapeutics explores recent breakthroughs in the exciting new field of micro- and nanofabricated engineered nanomaterials. In addition to spectroscopic characterizations, significant topics for interdisciplinary research, especially in the fields of nanogels, which deal with polymer chemistry, nanotechnology, materials science, pharmaceuticals, and medicine are explored, where their small dimensions prove highly advantageous. Nanovaccinology could potentially revolutionize conventional therapy and diagnostic methods due to its superior effectiveness over its macro-sized counterparts in almost all biomedical areas. Strong interest in this novel class of material has driven many studies to discover biogenic production methods and new areas of potential utilization in this area. Therefore, it is important to keep abreast of the development of these biomedical research aspects highlighted in the 19 chapters of this book written in diverse fields of studies, and their emerging applications utilized in next-generation techniques. Audience Biotechnologists, nanotechnologists, materials scientists, biochemists, medical biologists, drug delivery and formulation chemists, virologists and pharmacists.

    Dynamics of Aircraft Flight

    Gilles Louis

    Performance calculations can be classified into three main types: lift, thrust and slope. Firstly, since the lift profile is known and unmodifiable from the time an aircraft is designed, the mass at a given speed or the speed at a given mass must be determined. Then, once the thrust of the engines and the mass are known, the slope must be calculated. Finally, once the slope is known (for example, level flight) as well as the mass, it is necessary to deduce the thrust; this is the position of the throttle control lever that ensures balance. <br /><br />The corresponding consumption must then be defined. Performance specifications for customer aircraft, such as manoeuvrability, fuel consumption, maintenance, safety and testability, have become ever more demanding with each generation of equipment. Major technical advances have been required: wing profiles, engines, materials to reduce mass, etc. This book presents a theoretical approach to flight mechanics that makes it possible to grasp the subject and links it with the empirical approach of manufacturers.