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    Be a Sales Superstar. 21 Great Ways to Sell More, Faster, Easier in Tough Markets

    Brian Tracy

    Brian Tracy shares the most important principles for sales success he has discovered in 30 years of training more than a half million sales professionals in 23 countries. Based on Tracy’s detailed discussions with top salespeople and his keen observation of their methods, as well as his own experiences as a record-breaking salesman, these guidelines address both the inner game of selling—the mental component—and the outer game of selling—the methods and techniques of actually making the sale. Concise and action-oriented, Be a Sales Superstar is a handbook for busy sales professionals, providing key ideas and techniques that will immediately increase your effectiveness and boost your results. Brian Tracy shows you how to: • Get more and better appointments, easier; • Build high rapport in the first few minutes; • Make better, more effective sales presentations • Close more sales faster than ever before Apply Tracy’s 21 great ways to be a superstar salesperson, and your success in selling will become unlimited.

    Leadership and Self-Deception. Getting out of the Box

    The Arbinger Institute

    This phenomenal bestseller – over 700,000 copies sold – changes readers’ lives and helps them transform their organizations. In this new edition, the text has been updated and revised throughout to make it even more readable and powerful and a new section has been added that details the many different ways that people are using the book.

    Go Team! Take Your Team to the Next Level

    Ken Blanchard

    All of us in the today's workforce are called upon more and more to work effectively in teams. But do you know how to build a team that truly takes advantage of the knowledge, experience, and motivation of its members? Most of us don't, and we quickly become frustrated, give up, and opt to go it alone-not a good solution in today's business environment. Fortunately, there is a better way. Here, expert authors Ken Blanchard, Alan Randolph, and Peter Grazier outline a 3-step process that will help you transform any kind of team into a Next-Level Team-one that uses all team members' ideas and motivation more effectively, makes better use of team members' and team leaders' time, and generates benefits for individual team members, the team, and the organization. Designed as a working guide filled with detailed instructions for people who want to build high performing teams, Go Team! will lead you, step by step, to great results. Through discussions, case examples, and questions to consider, you and your teammates will learn how to share information to build high levels of trust and responsibility; set clear boundaries to create the freedom for team members to act responsibly; and develop self-managing skills to make good team decisions. With Go Team! as a guide, you'll find that working in a team can be fun, satisfying, and highly productive.

    Empowerment Takes More Than a Minute

    Ken Blanchard

    Empowerment Takes More Than a Minute tells the story of a young manager whose attempts to turn his troubled company around through traditional top-down, command-and-control management are failing. Reluctantly, he contacts an expert in empowerment, even though he feels like he's already tried that too. Step by step, the expert helps him understand why his past and present efforts have fallen short and exactly what he needs to do to create an empowered workforce. The process as it unfolds is complex, paradoxical and counterintuitive -but well worth the effort. The new introduction dispels the notion that empowerment is a bygone fad. No matter what its name, the essential concept-that organizations can achieve extraordinary results by recognizing and taking advantage of the skills, experience, and knowledge already existing in the organization-will always be relevant. The new epilogue describes obstacles companies have encountered and overcome and outlines empowerment strategies that have proved successful during the fifteen years the authors have been consulting, researching, and refining these concepts. Although sometimes arduous, the journey to empowerment is well worth making. In fact, unleashing the power of people in an organization may be the only way to continue to do business in a competitive, complicated marketplace.

    100 Absolutely Unbreakable Laws of Business Success

    Brian Tracy

    Why are some people more successful in business? Why do some businesses flourish where others fail? Renowned business speaker and author, Brian Tracy has discovered the answers to these profoundly puzzling questions. In The 100 Absolutely Unbreakable Laws of Business Success Tracy draws on his thirty years' experience and knowledge to present a set of principles or "universal laws" that lie behind the success of business people everywhere, in every kind of enterprise, large and small. These are natural laws, he says, and they work everywhere and for everyone, virtually without exception. Every year, says Tracy, thousands of companies underperform or even fail and millions of individuals underachieve, frustrated by thwarted ambition and dreams–all because they either attempted to violate or did not know these universal laws. But ignorance of the law is no excuse! Tracy breaks the 100 laws down into nine major categories: Life, Success, Business, Leadership, Money, Economics, Selling, Negotiating, and Time Management. For each of the nine groups he details the specific laws that govern it-laws such as the Law of Cause and Effect, the Law of Service, the Law of Increasing Returns, the Law of Compensation, and the Law of Independence. Drawing on a lifetime of observation, investigation, and experience, Tracy not only identifies and defines each law, he also reveals its source and foundation, whether in science, nature, philosophy, experience, or common sense. He illustrates how it functions in the world using real-life anecdotes and examples shows how to apply it to your life and work through specific questions and practical steps and exercises that everyone can use–sometimes in just minutes–to begin the journey toward greater business success. Now for the first time in one volume, these key principles can be understood and put to use by business people of all ages and experience for better, faster, more predictable results. "When you know and understand them," writes Tracy, "you gain a tremendous advantage over those who do not. When you organize your life and business according to these universal laws and timeless truths, you find that it is much easier to build and run a successful and profitable business or department, no matter what external conditions might exist…You will attract and keep better people, produce and sell more and better products and services, control costs more intelligently, expand and grow more predictably, and increase your profits with greater consistency." Easy to read, easy to understand, and easy to apply, The 100 Absolutely Unbreakable Laws of Business Success offers a straightforward, eye-opening, life-affirming approach to how the world of business really works.

    Getting Things Done When You Are Not in Charge

    Geoffrey M Bellman

    You are not in charge and you want to make a difference: that is the dilemma. You may not know who is in charge in today's changing, temporary, and virtual organizations, but you know you are not! You are searching for ways to contribute through the work you do and gain some personal satisfaction in the process. This book can help you do just that. In this new edition of his classic book, Geoff Bellman shows readers how to make things happen in any organization regardless of their formal position. The new edition has been written for a wider audience, including people in both the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors, paid and volunteer workers, managers and individual contributors, contract and freelance workers. More than seventy percent of the material is brand new, including new examples, new chapters, new exercises, and much more.

    Опционы: Разработка, оптимизация и тестирование торговых стратегий

    Сергей Израйлевич

    До сегодняшнего дня все книги, посвященные автоматизированной торговле, фокусировались на традиционных биржевых инструментах, таких как акции, фьючерсы или валюты. Опционная торговля основывается на других фундаментальных принципах, логических и количественных методах. Авторы последовательно описывают все стадии построения автоматизированных торговых систем, ориентированных на эксплуатацию уникальных характеристик опционов. В книге представлены базовые элементы создания и формализации стратегий, оперирующих сложно-структурированными портфелями, которые могут состоять из потенциально неограниченного количества опционных комбинаций. Дается детальное описание основных методов, применимых к оптимизации опционных стратегий. Особое внимание уделяется динамической оценке рисков стратегии на уровне портфеля (а не отдельно взятых опционных комбинаций). Предлагаемый подход к распределению капитала между элементами портфеля позволяет добиться максимизации прибыли при сохранении высокого уровня диверсификации. В заключение приводится пошаговый алгоритм тестирования стратегии, оценки ее надежности и устойчивости; особый акцент сделан на проблеме подгонки результатов тестирования к историческим данным. Книга рассчитана подготовленного читателя (трейдеров, инвесторов, портфельных менеджеров, исследователей), знакомого с основами статистики, теории вероятностей и базовыми понятиями в области финансового анализа.

    Мой продуктивный год: Как я проверил самые известные методики личной эффективности на себе

    Крис Бэйли

    В поисках действенных приемов личной эффективности Крис Бэйли взялся за амбициозный проект – в течение года он исследовал и протестировал на себе множество методик: например, он работал по 90 часов в неделю, медитировал 30 минут каждый день, месяц пил только воду, пользовался смартфоном только час в день и пытался жить в полной изоляции. Для своей книги Крис Бэйли отобрал 25 самых лучших способов повысить продуктивность, которые помогли ему самому. Предложенные методики подробно изложены и представляют собой стройную и последовательную систему саморазвития. Воспользовавшись ею, вы перестанете откладывать важные дела на потом, разгребете завалы дел, научитесь расставлять приоритеты и добиваться целей.

    Искусство возможности: Как сыграть свою лучшую партию в карьере и жизни

    Бенджамин Зандер

    Книга объединяет опыт талантливого психотерапевта Розамунды Зандер и выдающегося дирижера и учителя Бенджамина Зандера. Авторы описывают собственную концепцию трансформации жизни, освобожденной от страха неудач. Изменения основываются на новых способах, позволяющих по-иному определить самого себя, других людей и весь мир. Упражнения, представленные в книге, позволят вам за очень короткий срок в корне изменить свой взгляд на жизнь, сделав ее лучше.

    Командный подход. Создание высокоэффективной организации

    Джон Катценбах

    Книга о том, как неукоснительное соблюдение корпоративной дисциплины может привести к скорым и неожиданно успешным результатам. Авторы уверены, что, несмотря на отсутствие неопровержимых эмпирических доказательств того, команды обеспечивают более высокие результаты эффективнее, чем не организованные в команды группы.