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Iceland Within the Northern Atlantic, Volume 1

Группа авторов

The volcanic island of Iceland is a unique geological place due both to its position in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and its repeated glaciations. It has been an accurate recorder of geodynamic and regional climatic evolutions for at least the last 15 million years.<br /><br />This book traces the history of Iceland, which is linked to the opening of the North Atlantic and the reactivation of the ancient suture of the Iapetus Ocean. It gives a view of climate evolution that is partly controlled by the dynamics of the ocean floor and analyzes the movement of the Jan Mayen tectonic plate and the progressive insularization of the Greenland–Faroe Ridge, which gave birth to Iceland. It also tries to understand the formation and migration of the deep Iceland hotspot and the lava flows that have, for millions of years, shaped this island.<br /><br />This book brings together the internal and external geodynamics of our planet to understand how Iceland functions and its role as a recorder of the paleoclimatic evolution of the Northern Hemisphere.

Arc Welding Processes Handbook

Ramesh Kumar Singh

Written by a welding/metallurgical engineer with over 40 years of experience, Arc  Welding Processes Handbook  delivers the welding and materials expertise required to master complex welding processes and techniques to ensure that the task is done correctly and safely. While reinforcing an understanding of international welding standards and rules. The prefect handbook for those professionals who need an “up- to-date” reference to advance processes as well as those welders new to the field and need to hone their skills. Arc  Welding Processes Handbook  five-part treatment starts with a clear and rigorous exposition of the applications and equipment of Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) and Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW), followed by self-contained parts concerning processes applications and equipment for Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW), Flux Core Arc Welding (FCAW), and Submerged Arc welding (SAW). Case studies taken directly from the field are included to highlight each part of the handbook. An applied reference, each Part of  Arc  Welding Processes  Handbook  offersvaluable advice regarding the industry or industries where the process is commonly used as well as a description the equipment. The Handbook reaches deeply into the area of nondestructive testing and science. In addition, this Handbook discusses the challenges presented by a number of corrosion-resistant alloys (CRAs). Case studies are included throughout the reference to reinforce an understanding of how these processes were applied in the field and how they intersect with issues that may arise with equipment use and materials.

Fundamentals of Terahertz Devices and Applications

Группа авторов

An authoritative and comprehensive guide to the devices and applications of Terahertz technology Terahertz (THz) technology relates to applications that span in frequency from a few hundred GHz to more than 1000 GHz. Fundamentals of Terahertz Devices and Applications offers a comprehensive review of the devices and applications of Terahertz technology. With contributions from a range of experts on the topic, this book contains in a single volume an inclusive review of THz devices for signal generation, detection and treatment. Fundamentals of Terahertz Devices and Applications offers an exploration and addresses key categories and aspects of Terahertz Technology such as: sources, detectors, transmission, electronic considerations and applications, optical (photonic) considerations and applications. Worked examples—based on the contributors' extensive experience— highlight the chapter material presented. The text is designed for use by novices and professionals who want a better understanding of device operation and use, and is suitable for instructional purposes This important book: Offers the most relevant up-to-date research information and insight into the future developments in the technology Addresses a wide-range of categories and aspects of Terahertz technology Includes material to support courses on Terahertz Technology and more Contains illustrative worked examples Written for researchers, students, and professional engineers, Fundamentals of Terahertz Devices and Applications offers an in-depth exploration of the topic that is designed for both novices and professionals and can be adopted for instructional purposes.

Звездная Пыль

Владимир Владимирович Конев

Гонка через бесконечность та самая черта человека которую признают даже звезды, понимая, что обладающие таким коротким сроком жизни разумные существа будут всегда стремить к невозможному. В рассказе Звездная Пыль группа гонщиков рискнула оседлать бесконечность колец Сатурна, чтобы противопоставить космической стихии технический гений и гоночный азарт. И не важно, что в этой гонке не будет победителей, главное, что в ней каждым имеет право проявить себя так как того пожелает.

Плавление и литье алюминиевых сплавов

Сергей Беляев

Представлены современные взгляды на теоретические основы процессов плавления, литья, дегазации и фильтрации алюминиевых сплавов. Приведена классификация алюминиевых печей и описано технологическое оборудование для производства слитков и их контроля на дефекты, а также даны основные физико-химические характеристики первичного алюминия и особенности производства алюминия-сырца, получаемого в электролизерах. Предназначена для научных и инженерно-технических работников институтов и предприятий алюминиевой промышленности. Может быть интересна студентам бакалавриата и магистратуры, обучающимся по направлению подготовки «Металлургия».