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Flora Dain

Ella’s walked out on a bad scene with Ryan to fall straight into Darnley Wolfe’s arms. And Ella’s never experienced passion like this from such a complex man, because Darnley has a scandalous past, a taste for dominance, and is the chief of a global empire.Ella and Darnley collide again and again and can’t leave each other alone. But Ella’s ex, Ryan, has stolen a valuable patent from Darnley and implicated Ella in his criminal web. Darnley gives Ella the benefit of the doubt and his protection, but she finds that Darnley’s love comes with steamy extras, including a penchant for sensual restraint, old traumas, and a family scandal that could destroy them both.


Flora Dain

Ella hoped Darnley’s traumatic past was in the past, but it has surfaced in a terrifying twist. To keep her safe he insists she move in. By night their love life grows murkier as the costly bracelets he gave her take on a scary new role, while by day he must face his demons to fight for justice …Ella hoped Darnley’s traumatic past was in the past, but it has surfaced in a terrifying twist. To keep her safe he insists she move in. By night their love life grows murkier as the costly bracelets he gave her take on a scary new role, while by day he must face his demons to fight for justice …

Catching Fireflies

Sherryl Woods

New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Sherryl Woods captures a community's heartfelt fight to preserve the innocence of childhood. When bullying threatens to destroy a teen's life, painful memories resurface for dedicated high school teacher Laura Reed and pediatrician J.C. Fullerton. With the support of the Sweet Magnolias, they bring the town together to assure that a promising student’s future isn't ruined.And to establish once and for all that bullying has no place in Serenity, South Carolina. Both J.C.’s and Laura’s passion for the cause is deeply personal, and their growing feelings for each other are just as strong. But with so many secret hurts to overcome, can these two vulnerable lovers find the strength to believe in happily ever after?“Woods always thrills with her wonderful characters, witty dialogue and warm and loving family interactions.”—RT Book Reviews

The Charleston

Georgia Hill

For fans of reality dance shows, this series is strictly irresistible!Into the last stage of ‘Who Dares Dances’ blasts Meredith Denning, a tour de force! She’s a voluptuous, beautiful Oxford grad looking for a direction in life.Merry is partnered with professional dancer Daniel, who is still nurturing feelings for a newly engaged Julia. Though it’s not long before these two take their incredible chemistry from ballroom… to bedroom!With Daniel on her arm and the trophy within reach, Merry finds herself in danger of breaking the habit of a lifetime as she falls heavily for Daniel.Find out how it all ends the final part of the flirty, fun and FAB-U-LOUS series, Say it with Sequins!

I Heart Christmas

Lindsey Kelk

‘Brilliantly written, this festive instalment of Angela’s life is as funny and enjoyable as ever’CloserAngela’s planning her very own fairytale of New York…• Enormous Christmas tree• Eggnog• Eccentric British traditions• Gorgeous manBut Santa’s throwing her a few curveballs – new job (as if it’s not mental enough already), new baby-craze from her best friend Jenny, and Alex determined they should grow up and settle down. Once friends start turning up uninvited on her doorstep (and leading her astray), can Angela really have a merry little Christmas? So much for happy holidays – something’s got to give…

The Little Paris Patisserie: A heartwarming and feel good cosy romance - perfect for fans of Bake Off!

Julie Caplin

‘Irresistible’ Sunday Times bestseller Katie FfordeIn a cosy corner of Paris, a delicious little patisserie is just waiting to be discovered. And romance might just be on the menu…As the youngest of four, Nina Hadley has always had her big brothers telling her what to do. So, when she’s given the chance to move to Paris and help run a patisserie course, she can’t say au revoir quick enough!There’s just one problem: high-flying chef Sebastian Finlay is the owner of the patisserie. He’s also her brother Nick’s best friend – and the man she has secretly been in love with since forever.Amongst the mouth-wateringly delicious eclairs and delicate macaroons, Nina’s culinary creations aren’t the only tempting thing she’s working with…Readers love Julie Caplin:‘The crème de la crème of rom-com confection’ Mrs W Reviews‘I have found a little piece of myself in the story…a joy to read’ Kate McLaughlin Reviewer‘I loved this book…the slow building romance, the descriptions of the shop as it comes to life. When I finished it, I had an incredible urge to go bake something’ Sharon Redfern, Librarian‘Simply brilliant’ Nicola, Goodreads‘Another gem in this series’ Rachel’s Random Reads

The Little Clock House on the Green: A heartwarming cosy romance perfect for summer

Eve Devon

‘A truly enchanting read’ Books of All KindsWelcome to the little village of Whispers Wood and one glorious summer when friendships are forged, secrets are revealed and romance delightfully bursts into bloom.Kate Somersby has finally returned home after years of running away. She’s heard that Old Man Isaac is selling the clock house on the green and she’s determined to make him an offer – the very bricks that make up the little clock house hold precious memories for her.Only gorgeous entrepreneur Daniel Westlake is standing in her way. Their rivalry is the talk of the village and soon rumours are spreading thicker than jam on a scone…A charming feel good romance perfect for fans of Katie Fforde, Alex Brown and Sarah Morgan

Christmas at the Little Clock House on the Green: An enchanting and warm-hearted romance full of Christmas cheer

Eve Devon

A cosy heartwarming festive romance that will make you laugh out loud!Welcome back to the village of Whispers Wood where Christmas magic is in the air…After giving his heart last year only to have it given away the very next day, Jake Knightley is opting out of Christmas—permanently! But then a beautiful new village arrival sets mayhem in motion, upsetting all his carefully laid plans.Emma Danes has said goodbye to Hollywood and will do anything to help make the clock house a success, even working closely with the tempting Mr Knightley.Now, as snow starts to fall and romance starts to bloom, Emma and Jake may just find themselves repeating Whispers Wood history beneath the mistletoe…What readers are saying about The Little Clock House on the Green:‘A truly enchanting read’ Books of All Kinds‘Charming, lively, moving and endearing’ With Love for Books‘Brimming with well-developed characters, a stunning village setting, and has plenty of laughs along the way to make this a truly enchanting read’ Books of All Kinds

For the Love of a Fireman

Vonnie Davis

The heat is on…Book 3 in the ‘Wild Heat’ series – the hottest new firefighter series of the year!Molly Devon, a website designer, and her absent-minded father travel to Florida for two months of sun and sand. She wants to nurse a broken heart, and both need to scatter her mother’s ashes—if only her father can recall where he put them!Grey Barclay, fireman and diver for the Marine Rescue Unit, is slowly remodeling Barclay Beach Bungalows, five little rental cottages he inherited from his uncle. It’s just his luck the first cabin he rents is to a prickly female and her daffy dad! Still, the money looks good in his bank account… that is until Molly’s ex-fiancé turns up dead on Grey’s beach.The police are asking some hard questions but Molly’s providing plenty of soft excuses, and when one of Grey’s bungalows catches fire, Molly is trapped inside, adding fuel to the firestorm of guilt surrounding her.Grey’s not convinced though. He may be a sucker for a set of well-rounded hips and azure eyes, the color of the ocean, but in the short time he’s known Molly he can see behind the cold façade to a warmth and gentleness that’s hard to resist.This fireman’s hell-bent on proving her innocence – and keeping her by his side.

My So-Called

A. Michael L.

Meet Tigerlily James: romance cynic, North Londoner and die-hard margarita fan.Tigerlily James has been a member of the Young and Bitter Club ever since she was dumped on Valentine’s day. By her fiancé.Surviving on a diet of cynicism and margarita-fuelled ‘Misery Dinners’ with her best friends, she’s become a romance free zone…and that’s the way she likes it. Until an invitation for The Ex’s wedding arrives. Suddenly in need of a plus one, Tig has little choice but to bin the takeaways, ditch the greying underwear collection…and start pretending to view the opposite sex as something other than target practise. Then, she meets Ollie – ie. the perfect solution. No sex. No strings. Fake boyfriend. The only catch is that she has to pretend to be his girlfriend for three whole months.Dating without the heartbreak: the best idea Tig’s ever had, right? Wrong!Praise for A.L. Michael‘I know it’s a good book when I shut the kindle cover and sigh with contentment. The Last Word totally did it for me.’ – 4* from Angela (Goodreads)‘This is a funny, funny book.’ 5* to The Last Word from Rosee (Amazon)‘Fresh, fast and…had that magical romance feeling and a bit of hotness that you just can’t help but love. Absolutely brilliant!’ 5* to The Last Word from The Book Geek Wears Pajamas‘I LOVED THIS. I laughed, I cried, I fell in love. All of the emotions were felt in the reading of this book and it is definitely one of the best Christmas releases that I’ve read this year.’ 5* to Driving Home for Christmas from Erin’s Choice‘I laughed, I cried and I was left with that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you read something wonderful.’ 5* to Driving Home for Christmas from That Thing She Reads