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James Martin

Power rarely works by force alone: it also rules by winning hearts and minds. States, classes, and social groups all seek political dominance by exerting political, ideological, or cultural leadership over others. This idea – hegemony – is a subtle, complex one, which is too often applied crudely. In this succinct introduction, political theorist James Martin skilfully examines these nuances and shines a new light on hegemony. He introduces its component ideas and critically surveys the most influential thinking about hegemony, from Gramsci’s theory of hegemony as a revolutionary strategy and Marxist theories of the state, politics, and culture to the Post-Marxist project of radical democracy. He then considers the concept’s critical role in analysing international politics and global political economy, and evaluates the criticism that hegemony is too state-centric to truly capture the dynamics of contemporary struggles for emancipation. This lucid and accessible guide to hegemony will be essential reading for all students of radical politics and social and political theory.



Obedience is Freedom

Jacob Phillips

The virtue of obedience is seen as outdated today, if not downright toxic – and yet, are we any freer than our forebears? In this provocative work, Jacob Phillips argues not. Many feel unable to speak freely, their opinions policed by the implicit or explicit threat of coercion. Impending ecological disaster is the ultimate threat to our freedoms and wellbeing, and living in a disenchanted cosmos leaves people enslaved to nihilistic whim. Phillips shows that the antiquated notion of obedience to the moral law contains forgotten dimensions, which can be a source of freedom from these contemporary fetters. These dimensions of obedience – such as loyalty, discipline and order – protect people from falling prey to the subtle forms of coercion, control and domination of twenty-first-century life. Fusing literary insight with philosophical discussion and cultural critique, Phillips demonstrates that in obedience lies the path to true freedom.

A Companion to Arthur C. Danto

Группа авторов

A Companion to Arthur C. Danto paints a detailed portrait of one the most significant figures in twentieth-century philosophy and art criticism, offering unparalleled coverage of all aspects of Danto’s writings, artworks, and thought. Edited by two long-time colleagues of Arthur Danto, this interdisciplinary resource presents more than 40 original essays from both prominent Danto scholars and leading practitioners from various sub-fields of philosophy. The Companion illuminates Danto’s many contributions to the artworld, aesthetics, criticism, and philosophy of knowledge, action, science, history, and politics. The essays explore central concepts and intersecting themes in Danto’s writings while providing new interventions into the areas of philosophy in which Danto engaged. Topics include Danto’s mode of writing and art production, his critical engagement with artists and philosophers, conflicts in Danto’s views and in interpretations of his works, and much more. An important addition to Danto studies, A Companion to Arthur C. Danto is essential reading for practitioners, scholars, and advanced students looking for a critical, provocative, and insightful treatment of Danto’s philosophy, art, and criticism.

Politische Psychologie und Verteidigung der Gesellschaftsordnung

Gustave Le Bon

Der unabhängige Denker Gustave Le Bon analysiert in diesem Buch aus dem Jahr 1910 die «Torheit der Regierenden» (Barbara Tuchman) mit einem umfassenden Blick in die Geschichte der Völker und die Zeit kurz vor dem Beginn des Ersten Weltkriegs. Le Bons Erkenntnisse sind auch heute trotz aller seit der Veröffentlichung des Buches erfahrenen geschichtlichen Umwälzungen aktuell, weil er immerwährende psychologische Gesetze als Grundlage seiner Betrachtungen wählt, die er maßgeblich mit anderen Geistesgrößen seiner Zeit erforscht hat. Wir können heute bei der Lektüre des Buches unsere künftige Entwicklung in der Gesellschaft und Politik, wenn nicht antizipieren, so doch zumindest in Umrissen ahnen.

Philosophy For Dummies

Tom Morris

You think, therefore you are. Get a straightforward rundown on philosophy from the ancient world to today If you’ve ever pondered your existence over your morning coffee or considered the nature of crime and punishment, you’re an amateur philosopher. From everyday questions about happiness and responsibility to deep, spiritual examinations about God and the cosmos, philosophy pervades every part of our lives. And even though it might seem complex at first glance, these questions that affect everyone on the planet can be understood and talked about by anyone! In Philosophy For Dummies , Dr. Tom Morris delivers a refreshing and engaging exploration of the fundamentals of philosophy and shows you that philosophy can be fascinating and fun at the same time. You’ll be introduced to topics like the meaning of life, religious belief, and ways to live in the most satisfying ways. You’ll also learn about the insights of some of history’s greatest philosophers. This book is full of the questions—and proposed solutions—to the questions that keep philosophers up at night, like: When should we doubt our beliefs and knowledge? Is there a God? What is His/Her/Their nature? Do we have free will or are we simply acting out physical imperatives? Whether you’re interested in the nature of the mind/soul versus the body, or you want to learn more about morals and ethics, Philosophy For Dummies will be your personal guide to some of life’s most enduring problems and questions.