The Tickle Tree. Francois Keyser

Книги для детей: прочее.

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The Tickle Tree

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isbn 9788835407614

Автор произведения Francois Keyser

Жанр Книги для детей: прочее


Издательство Tektime S.r.l.s.

A family moves into a new home. Their disabled daughter, Kayleigh, is kept awake at night by noises from under the tree in their garden. One night she decides to investigate and is amazed at what she finds…. She makes strange new friends and is soon partying with them at night too. Even when tragedy strikes a friend, the happiness cannot end and ultimately a miracle occurs which enables Kayleigh to walk. “The Tickle Tree” was inspired by a tree in a park where we take our daughters to play. The story has been written in rhyme and encourages us to always look for the magic in life as children and even as adults. It also demonstrates how powerful happiness can be in that a young disabled girl experiences a miracle and is able to walk for the first time.