Global Securitisation and CDOs. Группа авторов

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Global Securitisation and CDOs

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isbn 9780470870532

Автор произведения Группа авторов

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Издательство John Wiley & Sons Limited

This is an essential book for any practitioner, researcher or student of securitisation – concise and accurate coverage of the key aspects of securitisation on all the main and secondary markets of the world. ?Alexander Batchvarov, Managing Director, International Structured Product Strategy, Merrill Lynch, London. «John Deacon's original book became the leading textbook for those genuinely interested in gaining a profound and detailed understanding of the arcane world of securitisation. The new, updated version confirms John's status as the top writer in this sector. Securitisation has moved on, becoming ever more complex in both its detail and its variety, but John's book never fails to deal with all the intellectual challenges posed, in a clear, logical and comprehensive fashion. A must for all practitioners- ? I thoroughly enjoyed it.» ?Robert Palache, Managing Director, Head of European Infrastructure Finance and Corporate Securitisation, Barclays Capi tal «Deacon?s book is an unparalleled treatise on all aspects of asset securitisation and CDOs and is ideal for use by both experienced market practitioners and by those new to the seemingly ever-expanding world of securitisation. The book comprehensively outlines the various structures encountered, ranging from true sale and future flow financings to synthetics and whole business, addressing not only the framework of the structures but also the regulatory and accounting implications. A must have reference book.» ?David Newby, Executive Director, ABN AMRO BANK N.V., Head of UK and Irish Securitisation, Head of European Commercial Real Estate Securitisation Synthetic credit derivatives technology, CDOs, the covered bond market, the mortgage-backed market and M&A financing have all come together to make securitization the fastest growing and most flexible area of the global credit markets. This authoritative work looks at the recent synthetic structures and credit derivatives used in CDOs and at the new Basel Capital Accord and addresses the framework of these structures as well as the regulatory and accounting implications. You'll find truly global insights, coverage of both the financial and legal aspects of securitization, and a glossary of market and legal terminology. Order your copy of this comprehensive update on the development of securitization today!