Believe In Yourself. Joseph Murphy

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Believe In Yourself

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isbn 9781420962383

Автор произведения Joseph Murphy

Жанр Личностный рост


Издательство Ingram

First published in 1955, “Believe in Yourself” by Dr. Joseph Murphy, the Irish-American author and New Thought minister with a Ph.D. in Psychology, is the inspiring and fascinating book on the power of self-confidence and positive thinking. Dr. Murphy draws on the experiences of highly successful and talented people, such as inventors, artists, and businessmen, to show that believing in your dreams and your own potential is the secret to great success. Dr. Murphy argues that one must continue to believe that success is within their grasp and that they are destined to succeed and that belief will become self-fulfilling and one will, in fact, be driven to succeed. Dr. Murphy lectured, taught, and counseled countless people for decades and studied religions and philosophies from all over the world and came to the conclusion that the power to achieve one’s greatest dreams resides in one’s own state of mind. This engaging and encouraging book not only motivates the reader to adopt positive thinking and success as a mindset, but also provides practical tools so that the reader may incorporate these lessons in their daily life.