The Boys’ Adventure MEGAPACK ®. Александр Дюма


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The Boys’ Adventure MEGAPACK ®

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isbn 9781434447036

Автор произведения Александр Дюма

Жанр Контркультура


Издательство Ingram

The Boys' Adventure Megapack collects 20 great adventure stories for boys, from classics like «The Call of the Wild» to war stories like the adventures of Dave Dawson, from science fiction like Tom Swift, Jr. to historical fiction like Tarzan of the Apes and The Count of Monte Cristo. Rollicking adventure stories for the young and young at heart! <P> Included are: <P> THE CALL OF THE WILD, by Jack London<BR> TREASURE ISLAND, by Robert Louis Stevenson<BR> KIDNAPPED, by Robert Louis Stevenson<BR> THE SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON, by Johann David Wyss<BR> FIVE CHILDREN AND IT, by E. Nesbit<BR> TOM SWIFT AND THE VISITOR FROM PLANET X, by Victor Appleton II<BR> TOM SWIFT AND THE ELECTRONIC HYDROLUNG, by Victor Appleton II<BR> TARZAN OF THE APES, by Edgar Rice Burroughs<BR> THE RETURN OF TARZAN, by Edgar Rice Burroughs<BR> DAVE DAWSON AT DUNKIRK, by R. Sidney Bowen<BR> DAVE DAWSON WITH THE R.A.F., by R. Sidney Bowen<BR> DAVE DAWSON ON THE RUSSIAN FRONT, by R. Sidney Bowen<BR> DAVE DAWSON ON GUADALCANAL, by R. Sidney Bowen<BR> DAVE DAWSON AT CASABLANCA, by R. Sidney Bowen<BR> DAVE DAWSON AT TRUK, by R. Sidney Bowen<BR> DAVE DASHAWAY AND HIS HYDROPLANE, by Roy Rockwood<BR> ADRIFT IN THE WILDS: THE ADVENTURES OF TWO SHIPWRECKED BOYS, by Edward S. Ellis<BR> AMONG MALAY PIRATES, by G. A. Henty<BR> KIM, by Rudyard Kipling<BR> THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO, by Alexandre Dumas <P> And don't forget to search your favorite ebook store for more entries in Wildside Press's Megapack series, ranging from science fiction and fantasy to westerns, mysteries, ghost stories – and much, much more!