Legal regulation of the Economy. Павел Павлов

Учебная литература.

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Legal regulation of the Economy

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isbn 978-5-9275-3257-5

Автор произведения Павел Павлов

Жанр Учебная литература


Издательство Южный Федеральный Университет

The textbook, designed for students, graduate students and teachers of economic universities, provides the basics of the legal regulation of economic activity in the Russian Federation. The concepts of legal regulation of economic relations, state regulation and management in the field of economy are defined; specific features of civil law regulation are highlighted. The general provisions on obligations and contracts are given; the main contract types in economic activity are reviewed. Special attention is paid to tax regulation of entrepreneurial activity, legal regulation of banking, and the characterization of crimes in the economic sphere. The foundations of international public and private law are given, international economic, commercial and financial law is considered. The author takes into account the latest changes in Russian legislation.