An Ash Ceiling. Gerardo D'Orrico


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An Ash Ceiling

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isbn 9788835412731

Автор произведения Gerardo D'Orrico



Издательство Tektime S.r.l.s.

This book is the second handbook-an account of contemporary life and personal diary written by me. The real joy that our time gives back through experiences, not a rediscovery of new technologies but a function in different historical and geological periods, what has already created it according to explanations of events and their solutions. A walk in the light of the Sun of the facts and enchantments, sometimes never revealed, perhaps too new and unusual, in a community that already has long been in need, as a wider and more slender voice, a tool to better insist on the day, really is not in a dream. Diary written in a simple way for a textual artistic form to justify even an initial and uncultured experience today. In style James Joyce's Ulysses is a book of good as a form of life, of art of the present, fundamental to exist free, alive is for sure. The period of the sixteen letters contained reaches from April 2007 to October 2008.