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Poly(lactic acid)

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isbn 9781119767466

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Издательство John Wiley & Sons Limited

The second edition of a key reference, fully updated to reflect new research and applications Poly(lactic acid) – PLA, biodegradable polymers derived from lactic acid, have become vital components of a sustainable society. Eco-friendly PLA polymers are used in numerous industrial applications ranging from packaging applications to medical implants and to wastewater treatment. The global PLA market is predicted to expand significantly over the next decade due to increasing demand for compostable and recyclable materials produced from renewable resources. Poly(lactic acid) Synthesis, Structures, Properties, Processing, Applications, and End of Life provides comprehensive coverage of the basic chemistry, production, and industrial use of PLA. Contributions from an international panel of experts review specific processing methods, characterization techniques, and various applications in biomedicine, textiles, packaging, and environmental engineering. Now in its second edition, this fully up-to-date volume features new and revised chapters on 3D printing, the mechanical and chemical recycling of PLA, PLA stereocomplex crystals, PLA composites, the environmental footprint of PLA, and more. Highlights the biodegradability, recycling, and sustainability benefits of PLA Describes processing and conversion technologies for PLA, such as injection molding, extrusion, blending, and thermoforming Covers various aspects of lactic acid/lactide monomers, including physicochemical properties and production Examines different condensation reactions and modification strategies for enhanced polymerization of PLA Discusses the thermal, rheological, and mechanical properties of PLA Addresses degradation and environmental issues of PLA, including photodegradation, radiolysis, hydrolytic degradation, biodegradation and life cycle assessment Poly(lactic acid) Synthesis, Structures, Properties, Processing, Applications, and End of Life, Second Edition remains essential reading for polymer engineers, materials scientists, polymer chemists, chemical engineers, industry professionals using PLA, and scientists and advanced students engineers interested in biodegradable plastics.