Color. Karen Speerstra

Зарубежная прикладная и научно-популярная литература.

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isbn 9781615931804

Автор произведения Karen Speerstra

Жанр Зарубежная прикладная и научно-популярная литература


Издательство Ingram

Color explores how we can read this marvelous language of light, heightening our awareness of the deep sense of beauty around and within us, within each living being, nurturing our imagination. In five chapters, Color takes the reader through birth, darkness and light, our auras, chakras, and the rainbow, to the afterlife. It explores how artists use color, how we have “coded” colors for healing, alchemy, and various other aspects of our culture, and ultimately delves into the spirituality of color and mysticism. The book also has numerous illustrations in color and black and white.