The Seals Of The Altior. Gabriele Pratesi

Героическая фантастика.

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The Seals Of The Altior

Год выпуска 0

isbn 9788835432098

Автор произведения Gabriele Pratesi

Жанр Героическая фантастика


Издательство Tektime S.r.l.s.

The key to magic is the first chapter of the fantasy series ”The Kingdom of Wizards – The Seals of the Altior”. Is a book that embodies the simplicity of descriptions and the vivacity of action. This story takes the reader in a fantastic medieval enviroment in which battles, magic and spells are protagonists. Baltdeon is a young boy who finds himself enlisted at the behest of his father, among the recruits of the great order of the Paladins of Hombros. His dream of becoming an alchemist seems to be shattered step by step as he approaches the Arx Lupus military outpost with the supply wagon. He and his companions are led into a cycle of battles to defend the garrison attacked by an army of orcs, victims of an ancient spell, confined by a magical barrier. Forced to violate the code of honor of the military order they have sworn allegiance, they face the first dangerous adventure of their life that sees them protagonists in the theft of an ancient relic. The real challenge of these young people will be the chosen path: surviving their art, saving lives is their mission, realizing their dream is the ultimate goal. Battles, spells, hidden sorceries, betrayals, magic, kingdoms and empires, castles, fortresses, cities and villages are the outline of a range full of events and twists.