At One with Nature. Ken Yeang


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At One with Nature

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isbn 9781119527879

Автор произведения Ken Yeang

Жанр Архитектура


Издательство John Wiley & Sons Limited

" At One with Nature is an inspiring collection of the latest work of Ken Yeang that further advances sustainable architecture and design. This collection features recent projects as he explores how we can achieve harmony between the natural and our built environments to create a better planet by design. Each project features and highlights not only the systems and devices adopted, but also outlines the intentions and ecological considerations demonstrating best practices for how we can proceed moving forward. The book role models our living Earth and shows how we can behave as stewards of our planet."– Cassia Patel , Oceanic Global Foundation At One with Nature showcases Ken Yeang's latest ideas, built projects designs, research work and advances in the field of designing with nature, a topic that Yeang has pioneered and developed over many decades since receiving his doctorate in ecological design and planning from Cambridge University. His ideas and work are even more pertinent today with the current state of devastation of Earth's natural systems and a biogeochemical cycle that has been extensively and severely impacted by human society. The global environment today is in a state of crisis, but what can society do to address the issues? Yeang's recent projects are presented with instructive diagrams that provide a basis for action for architects, planners, designers, engineers, and anyone whose daily work impinges on the natural environment. Offered in a highly visual, annotated format, with instructive illustrations of Yeang's theoretical books on the topic, At One with Nature is an invaluable resource that students and academics interested in designing with nature will find both informative and relevant.