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Computation in BioInformatics

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isbn 9781119654766

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Издательство John Wiley & Sons Limited

COMPUTATION IN BIOINFORMATICS Bioinformatics is a platform between the biology and information technology and this book provides readers with an understanding of the use of bioinformatics tools in new drug design. The discovery of new solutions to pandemics is facilitated through the use of promising bioinformatics techniques and integrated approaches. This book covers a broad spectrum of the bioinformatics field, starting with the basic principles, concepts, and application areas. Also covered is the role of bioinformatics in drug design and discovery, including aspects of molecular modeling. Some of the chapters provide detailed information on bioinformatics related topics, such as silicon design, protein modeling, DNA microarray analysis, DNA-RNA barcoding, and gene sequencing, all of which are currently needed in the industry. Also included are specialized topics, such as bioinformatics in cancer detection, genomics, and proteomics. Moreover, a few chapters explain highly advanced topics, like machine learning and covalent approaches to drug design and discovery, all of which are significant in pharma and biotech research and development. Audience Researchers and engineers in computation biology, information technology, bioinformatics, drug design, biotechnology, pharmaceutical sciences.