Perfect Match. A. C. Meyer

Современные любовные романы.

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Perfect Match

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isbn 9788835428749

Автор произведения A. C. Meyer

Жанр Современные любовные романы


Издательство Tektime S.r.l.s.

A TV heartthrob. Five girls. Only ONE happy ending! Jonas Lopes is the hottest guy in the soap operas, the publicity sweetheart, the most requested actor for magazine covers, and the most desired man by ten out of ten women. Handsome, wealthy, and able to conquer any woman he desires, he has the whole world at his feet… but a wrong move has caused him to jeopardize everything. To save the reputation – and the job – of his best friend and client, Bruno will need to come up with the best idea of all time. The one that will take Jonah's name off the pages of magazines and gossip websites and turn the spotlight elsewhere other than on his indiscretions. And what better way to restore the reputation of a womanizing actor? By finding the right girl for him. The love of his life. The perfect match that will capture the heart of the fans' darling. And nothing better than to count on the participation of the public for this choice. After all, what fan doesn't dream of actively participating in the life of their idol? Perfect Match, written by A.C. Meyer, author of Cadu and Mari and the After Dark Series, is a fun and passionate novel divided into four episodes.