Mills & Boon Silhouette

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    The Lawman

    Martha Shields

    As a madman held hostages in Mission Creek Memorial Hospital, Officer Jake White descended on the scene, gun drawn and ready to be a hero. But his newest ally turned out to be a greater mystery.Hospital administrator Tabitha Monroe clouded his lucid thoughts on love with her sky-blue eyes and intense drive to save her hospital. Jake fought his desire for the elusive beauty and reminded himself that no one wanted to be a cop's widow. As the dust cleared in their dangerous mission, Jake had a devil of a time walking away, when he was drawn–body and soul–to Tabitha's side…!

    Shattered Image

    J.F. Margos

    Forensic sculptor Toni Sullivan's job takes her to crime scenes to put faces to victims. Shaping the clay always gives her a sense of purpose and order, but that all changes when she feels a mysterious connection to the victim found on Red Bud Isle.When Toni accepts another assignment that may officially prove an old friend is dead, memories of her nursing days in Vietnam begin to haunt her.Suddenly, her calm professionalism is gone. To find peace, she'll do whatever it takes to unmask a murderer. But where will she find the strength to handle the traumatic legacy of the past?

    Old Boyfriends

    Rexanne Becnel

    Road Trip for Three?They were three girlfriends whose love lives had seen better days, and they were driving to a reunion in New Orleans, the town they'd left behind.MJ, a gorgeous younger woman whose older husband died in the bed of…well, let's just say he died in a compromising position; Bitsey, an overweight housewife who can't believe that's all there is; and Cat, a twice-divorced designer whose pristine present is small compensation for her past.The trophy wife, prom queen and trashy girl had a vision: the men of their present didn't hold a candle to the boys in their past.

    Monkey Business

    Sarah Mlynowski

    MB is for a Master's in Business degree.Supposedly.It's also for:Multiple Bed-hoppingDefinitely Kimmy's favorite subject. And who cares if her conquests are already taken? If only business school offered a minor in boyfriend embezzlement…Monogamous BoyfriendRuss didn't intend to be unfaithful–he never thought he'd find one woman who wanted him, let alone two. But since he can't even pick a major, how can he choose a girlfriend?Marriage BaitLayla's obsessed with perfection: perfect grades, perfect six-figure salary, perfect New York investment-banker husband. But you know what they say about the best-laid plans…Misleading BehaviorJamie might be a jokester, but he has more secrets than the CIA. Including one whammy that could get him expelled.Temptations. Drama. Beer bashes. How will they ever find time to study?

    Mercury Rising

    Christine Rimmer

    When it came to choosing the wrong man, Jane Elliott had written the book. So from now on, Jane had decided that when it came to untamable men, her policy was «hands-off.» Only problem was, she hadn't counted on how irresistible Cade Bravo's hands would be–not to mention the rest of him….As for Cade, gambler and bad boy extraordinaire, he always went after what he wanted–and he wanted Jane. And she wanted him, regardless of whether she thought it was sensible or not. Oh, he figured her head was saying no–but weren't her heart and body screaming yes?

    Lilac Spring

    Ruth Morren Axtell

    Daughter of a prominent nineteenth-century Maine shipbuilder, Cherish Winslow had a deep love for ships, the ocean–and her father's apprentice, Silas van der Zee. Once his childhood companion in Haven's End, Cherish wished Silas could see she was no longer a girl in pigtails but a woman in love.To Silas, Cherish was a beacon of light, illuminating his lonely life…yet he doubted a lowly apprentice could win the heart of such an elegant young lady. A stolen kiss brought a moment's hope…but he soon found himself tossed out on the street, with no job, no home, no chance of a future. In his darkest hour, Silas must find the strength to fight for his life–and for his beloved Cherish.

    Life Happens

    Sandra Steffen

    She's Hiding Something…Well, everyone is hiding something–but Mya Donohue's secret is knocking on the front door, in no uncertain terms. Mya is about to answer to the daughter she'd given birth to nineteen years ago, and Elle has news for her biological mother. Mya is not only a mom, but a grandmother, too. And Elle isn't sticking around for long. She can't.Offering Mya their assistance are her best friends–the only ones who will dare tell her the truth in unmitigated terms; her mother–a woman still sowing her own share of wild oats; and Elle's father–a man of few words, but usually memorable ones, at that. (Note: Mya's current fiancé has conveniently decided to take a long walk.)

    Without A Trace

    Sandra Moore K.

    U.S. Coast Guard Lieutenant Nikki Bustillo has tracked her target to the bowels of a phantom ship–and she refuses to lose the scent now.But when her overseas contact is brutally murdered on the streets of Hong Kong, Nikki's manhunt is compromised. The mission came from the higher-ups at her alma mater, Athena Academy, and failure isn't an option. Her only hope: the help of a maverick, martial arts expert, police detective. Nikki and her new partner will follow the enemy's shadowy trail out of the ocean and to the ends of the earth–even after their invisible foe turns the skilled trackers into vulnerable prey.

    What To Keep

    Mary Schramski

    She'd never had a real home…So it had never been about «what to keep» in her life; she'd not experienced that luxury. Then Juliette Carlton got a call, one that said she'd inherited a fortune–and could she please claim it? Juliette didn't know what to do. She was a down-on-her-luck Las Vegas card dealer with $38 in her bank account.Had she hit the jackpot? Or was it just another loss?At first it seemed the latter. The «fortune» was a dilapidated 140-year-old antebellum house that belonged to an uncle she barely remembered. Beneath layers of dust, every inch of the ancestral home was shrouded in secrets–secrets that would put in doubt everything Juliette ever thought she knew.She would have to decide what to give away. But along the way, she found what to keep….

    Trace Of Innocence

    Erica Orloff

    For ten years, the Suicide King murder case was considered closed. then technology caught up to a previously untestable piece of evidence: a trace of DNA.Ordinarily, criminalist Billie Quinn would dispassionately analyze the evidence and report the results. But this case defied ordinary. The Suicide King's crimes conjured up memories of another victim: her mother. Billie needed to look into convicted killer David Falco's eyes to see if he was man or monster.She saw an innocent man.Not everyone shared her certainty, including the detective who sometimes warmed her bed. He believed she'd been duped. Seduced, even. But DNA didn't lie. DNA set David free. Then the killing began….