The Hunters' Feast: Conversations Around the Camp Fire. Майн Рид

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Название The Hunters' Feast: Conversations Around the Camp Fire
Автор произведения Майн Рид
Жанр Языкознание
Издательство Языкознание
Год выпуска 0
isbn 4057664583604

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       Mayne Reid

      The Hunters' Feast: Conversations Around the Camp Fire

      Published by Good Press, 2019

       [email protected]

      EAN 4057664583604

       Captain Mayne Reid

       "The Hunters' Feast"

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       Chapter Thirty Nine.

      Captain Mayne Reid

       Table of Contents

       Table of Contents

       Table of Contents

      A Hunting Party.

      On the western bank of the Mississippi, twelve miles below the embouchure of the Missouri, stands the large town of Saint Louis, poetically known as the “Mound City.” Although there are many other large towns throughout the Mississippi Valley, Saint Louis is the true metropolis of the “far west”—of that semi-civilised, ever-changing belt of territory known as the “Frontier.”

      Saint Louis is one of those American cities in the history of which there is something of peculiar interest. It is one of the oldest of North-American settlements, having been a French trading port at an early period.

      Though not so successful as their rivals the English, there was a degree of picturesqueness about French colonisation, that, in the present day, strongly claims the attention of the American poet, novelist, and historian. Their dealings with the Indian aborigines—the facile manner in which they glided into the habits of the latter—meeting them more than half-way between civilisation and savage life—the handsome nomenclature which they have scattered freely, and which still holds