The Nanny Proposal. Joss Wood

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Название The Nanny Proposal
Автор произведения Joss Wood
Жанр Контркультура
Серия Texas Cattleman's Club: The Impostor
Издательство Контркультура
Год выпуска 0
isbn 9781474076500

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eight long months, temptation is hard to resist!”

      Kasey stared at him, trying to process his words. He thought she was perfect? He hadn’t had sex since her? He was gorgeous and ripped, and she knew that when he walked down the street women stared at him, lust and appreciation in their eyes.

      Aaron cursed again and started to walk away. At the door, he turned and those piercing green eyes pinned her to the floor. “My life is a mess, Kasey, and I don’t need any more complications.”

      Kasey and reality collided with a hard thump and she nodded, embarrassed. “I shouldn’t have kissed you. I’m sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable.”

      Aaron looked down at his tented pants and lifted an eyebrow. “In more ways than one.” He then released a heavy sigh. “You started it but I got into it so we’re both, equally, at fault and I apologize.”

      Aaron placed his hands on his hips. “Can we keep it simple? You’re my assistant and temporary nanny, that’s it.”

      Yeah, that was it. That was all it could be. It didn’t matter that they had enough sexual chemistry to ignite the room, they needed to keep their distance. She respected Aaron’s big brain—and, because she was still a woman, she also appreciated his very excellent body—but she was not prepared to jeopardize her job or to allow her heart to hope.

      “So you’re with me on this? From this moment on, our relationship stays strictly professional?” Aaron was giving her that steely eyed, hard-ass look he frequently used when dealing with a complicated work issue.

      He was right. It was essential that they didn’t make this situation any more complicated than it needed to be. Kasey capitulated to common sense. “It’s a deal.”

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