Stranger In His Bed. Lauren Canan

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Название Stranger In His Bed
Автор произведения Lauren Canan
Жанр Современные любовные романы
Издательство Современные любовные романы
Год выпуска 0
isbn 9781474076746

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her gaze from the flowers to focus on where they were headed now. Directly in front of her was a champagne-colored stretch limo waiting in the circular drive.

      “Oh, my gosh,” she uttered in complete surprise when two men stepped out. A driver and a bodyguard? One came around the car to open the rear passenger door for her. She looked up at her husband. “Is this yours?”

      “It is.”

      “Seriously? I don’t think I’ve ever been in a limo before. Maybe at a funeral...”

      Wade smiled. “Actually, you have ridden in a limousine many times, but, since you don’t remember, let’s hope you enjoy this ride like it’s your first. And we will certainly steer clear of any cemeteries.”

      He placed his hand under her arm and gently helped her stand and take three steps to the limo. Once inside, she leaned back against the rich leather seat and inhaled the new-car scent. Closing the door, Wade walked to the other side and got in next to her. Seconds later, they were off.

      The scent of his cologne, distinctly masculine with hints of spices and sandalwood, blended with the rich smell of the leather upholstery. It was a heady aroma.

      “Do you need the temperature adjusted?” he asked. “Are you comfortable?”

      “I’m fine. It feels strange to be outside again. Good. But strange.”

      He nodded as though he understood.

      “We’re near Dallas, aren’t we?”

      “Yes. You remember Dallas?”

      She pointed at the window to his left. “I recognize the skyline.”

      He nodded.

      “How long have we known each other? Where did we meet?”

      He seemed to hesitate, looking out the window before turning to face her. “We met at a party. Several years ago.”

      She again let her eyes fall on this man who was positively dripping in sex appeal. It seemed too much to accept he was her husband. He fell into the category of something too good to be true. And didn’t that usually turn out to be right? But she would run with it while it lasted. Until her memory returned, there was little else she could do.

      “Let me guess,” she said with a smile. “You saw me from across the room and couldn’t take your eyes off me. It was love at first sight, right?”

      He appeared amused. Amused was good. Better than the deadpan stare that was all she’d seen so far.

      “You unforgettable impression. As you are now.”

      That shot the nurse had given her this morning must have been the cause of her runaway mouth. She wanted to giggle for no apparent reason. But maybe that was normal in her circumstances? She took a deep breath and tried for sincerity.

      “How long have we been married?”

      “Almost eight months.”

      “Practically newlyweds. Maybe that’s why I can’t remember you.”

      “Possibly, but not likely.”

      She had to agree. Short of an injury like hers, how could she ever forget loving and being loved by a man like Wade Masters? “What do you do? Like, for a living?”

      “I have a business. Actually, it’s a family business.”

      “Let me guess.” She gave a tiny snort. “You make pizza, and this is the delivery van?”

      Again those eyebrows shot up, and the tiny smile returned.

      “Close. Avionics, electronics, ranching, Masco Laboratories... I’m sure there must be a Domino’s Pizza in there somewhere.” The gleam was back in his eyes as he tilted his head. “Are you hungry?”

      “Yes. No. Depends on what you’ve got.”

      Again he turned toward her, giving her a look of surprise. She hadn’t meant it the way he might have taken it, but she couldn’t stop the blush that crawled up her neck. She was hungry, all right. Hungry for knowledge; starving for memories, good or bad. And if he didn’t curb that sexy hint of a smile, she would be well on her way to hungry for him. Who was this guy? How in the hell had she met and married a man like Wade Masters? It didn’t feel right. But at the moment it didn’t feel all that wrong.

      “There will be a wide selection when we arrive at the house. You can eat at your leisure.” His voice rolled over her, deep and solemn as he readjusted in his seat. “I’m certain we can meet any needs you might have.”


      He smiled a wide, unpretentious smile. “I’m fairly certain we can keep you well satisfied.”

      What needs would she have? More important, what needs would he have, and what expectations would he have of her? She could see him pulling her into his arms and carrying her to a large bed in a master suite for a night of... Oh, God. Moaning softly, she closed her eyes and rubbed her forehead. What was it about this guy that made her thoughts run straight to the gutter? One quick sideways glance and she saw him smirking. Did he read minds? At least he had a sense of humor. While she couldn’t explain it, she couldn’t see herself marrying someone who didn’t. That was the most important thing. It was what got you through everything else in life.

      Gathering herself, she raised her chin and straightened her shoulders. “Do I have any brothers or sisters?” A safe topic.

      “No. As far as I know, only your mother and father.” He pulled a cell from his inner suit pocket, glanced at the screen, then put it back. “I have spoken to Corinne daily since the accident. I’m sure she would like to hear your voice. You might want to give her a call.”

      “Corinne? Is that my mother’s name?”

      “It is.”

      “Sounds like some sort of bleach.”

      Wade ran a hand over his mouth and jaw as though he didn’t know what to make of that one.

      A mother. And a father. Add two more people to the list of folks she just didn’t remember.

      A memory suddenly surged through her mind accompanied by dull pain. She was standing just outside the front door of a redbrick house, a blonde woman hugging her. They were both crying. But it didn’t feel like it was her mother.

      This memory loss was absolutely the worst thing she’d ever been through. At least that she could remember. The other injuries from the collision took a back seat by comparison.

      The rest of the drive passed in quiet contemplation. Who was Wade Masters? Where were they going? She didn’t sense anything sinister about him except maybe a wicked sense of humor. In spite of him being well above normal in the looks department, he was well mannered and courteous, not snobbish, at least not that she’d picked up on. Granted, she’d seen him only two times—that she could recall—but, while he was apparently wealthy, he didn’t give the impression he held himself in higher esteem than anyone else. Neither did he seem like a happily married man. She would have expected him to hold her, kiss her or give reassurances. Something. But he remained aloof. Polite to a fault, but distant.

      Eventually the limo turned into a driveway, coming to a stop in front of tall black wrought-iron gates. They opened immediately and the car proceeded up the hill and to the right where a circular drive dipped under a high portico. She had a strong suspicion it was the largest house she’d ever seen. A mansion complete with turrets that made it look more like a castle than a house.

      “Is this where you live?” The sheer colossal size of it required confirmation.

      He nodded as the driver opened his door. “This is where we live.”

      She leaned toward the window and glanced up at the top of one of the towers, then back to her husband. “I guess the ghosts don’t come out until night.”