Who Needs Decaf?. Tanya Michaels

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Название Who Needs Decaf?
Автор произведения Tanya Michaels
Жанр Зарубежные любовные романы
Издательство Зарубежные любовные романы
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      Dear Reader,

      My husband and I visited Seattle last year, and after all I’d heard about the city’s weather, what I expected to notice the most was the rain. Instead, what struck me was the proliferation of great coffeehouses. I couldn’t help thinking that Seattle would be the perfect home for a caffeine junkie, and soon my heroine, Sheryl Dayton, was born. She began telling me all about herself and her problems (when you’re a writer, conversations with imaginary people are normal and don’t require medication). Luckily for Sheryl and me, Harlequin announced a new comedy line—Harlequin Flipside, the perfect home for my caffeine addict who might sound sarcastic at times but is intensely loyal to friends and family.

      It’s that very sense of loyalty that brings Sheryl into conflict with journalist Nathan Hall, whose columns question the integrity of Sheryl’s friend and employer. Sheryl is prepared to dislike Nathan on sight after his accusatory newspaper pieces, but she doesn’t count on him making her laugh or having eyes as rich and dark as her favorite espresso.

      A lifelong fan of romantic comedy, I’m very excited to be writing one of the launch books for Harlequin Flipside and hope that Sheryl and Nathan give you plenty of reasons to smile as they overcome the obstacles between them and fall in love.

      Happy holidays,

      Tanya Michaels

      “Did you just invite me to dinner?”

      Nathan widened his smile. “Sounded like it, didn’t it?”

      Well, Sheryl was going to say no, of course. How completely out of her mind would she have to be to say anything else?

      But before common sense could assert itself, she nodded. “Sounds good.” When she got home tonight, she’d have to check herself into some twelve-step program for women who made unwise romantic decisions.

      Not necessarily unwise, the devil on her shoulder insisted. Maybe dinner with Nathan could be excused with the same principle she always used when dieting—have some extra chocolate before the day started to get cravings out of the way.

      “You in the mood for anything?” he asked.

      “Wh-whatever restaurant you like is fine,” she was relieved to hear herself say. Because saying, “You and a bottle of chocolate syrup” might have been inappropriate. Not to mention the mess it would’ve made of her bedsheets.

      “Who Needs Decaf?”

      Tanya Michaels




      Tanya Michaels has been reading books all her life, and romances have always been her favorite. She is thrilled to be writing for Harlequin—and even more thrilled that the stories she makes up now qualify as “work” and exempt her from doing the dishes after dinner. The 2001 Maggie Award winner lives in Georgia with her two wonderful children and a loving husband whose displays of support include reminding her to quit writing and eat something. Thankfully, between her husband’s thoughtfulness and that stash of chocolate she keeps at her desk, Tanya can continue writing her books in no danger of wasting away.

      For more information on Tanya, her upcoming releases and periodic giveaways, please visit her Web site at www.mindspring.com/~tjmic.

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      Dear Reader,

      A brand-new year is around the corner and once the holiday celebrations are over, it’s time to make resolutions. And this time, ignore those pesky ones you never really pay attention to! Instead, make sure to give yourself a break from your troubles. Relax and unwind—with a Harlequin Flipside novel! These clever and witty stories blend comedy and romance in a way that’s sure to smooth away any tension….

      In December, award-winning author Jill Shalvis brings us Natural Blond Instincts, a story about an independent woman who finally has the chance to prove to her conservative family that she can succeed in the family business. Of course, the gorgeous man who shares her position is so distracting she’s having trouble focusing on the job!

      We also have “Who Needs Decaf?” by Tanya Michaels. Given the stress of her life, this PR exec needs large injections of high-octane java to get through her day. Too bad the caffeine isn’t having an effect on her love life. At least, not before she meets the good-looking guy who’s determined to dig up dirt on her company….

      Look for two new Harlequin Flipside novels every month at your favorite bookstore. And be sure to check us out online at www.harlequinflipside.com.

      Have a Happy New Year and enjoy!

      Wanda Ottewell


      Mary-Theresa Hussey Executive




















      STEERING HER COMPACT CAR onto the exit ramp off Seattle’s Interstate 90, Sheryl Dayton frowned, and not just because of the possibility of ice on the road. Had her car made a noise when she turned? A kind of thwacka thwacka thwacka?

      Not now, please. This really isn’t a good time. Funds were always tighter coming into December, but holiday season aside, Sheryl was trying to save up to buy her own place. Not to mention that with the escalating situation at work, she had no time in her busy schedule to visit a mechanic.

      Deciding tough love was her best immediate course of action, she inhaled sharply and threatened the car. “Don’t even think about breaking down until after the first of the year. If you do, I’ll yank your spark plugs out with my bare hands and hang them on my Christmas tree!” She was only marginally sure she’d know what a spark plug was if she saw one—public relations was her specialty, not the inner