Зарубежные любовные романы

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Diabelska działka

J. R. Ward

Триумф Рози

Грэм Симсион

Это третья книга о жизни чудаковатого ученого Дона Тиллмана – специалиста по генетике, информатике, приготовлению коктейлей и преодолению трудностей. Дон, Рози и их сын Хадсон переезжают из Нью-Йорка в Мельбурн – там Рози предложили работу над важным исследовательским проектом. Дон продолжает читать лекции, а Хадсона ждет «продвинутая» частная школа. Кажется, в жизни героев началась новая замечательная глава… но неприятности уже тут как тут. Попытка Дона разнообразить учебный процесс приводит к тому, что его обвиняют в расизме. Рози разрывается между работой и семьей. А Хадсон становится в школе «белой вороной». Но Дон Тиллман неспроста называет себя Лучшим Решателем Проблем в Мире. Он разрабатывает уникальную педагогическую программу, которая поможет мальчику вписаться в общество. Но не приведут ли усилия Дона к еще большим бедам?

Złota Elżunia

Eugenie Marlitt

Моя первая любовь

Линда Данилова

Первая любовь, какая она? Какого цвета? А запаха? Только дождь и встреча, которая всё изменила.

A Husband Of Convenience


A father for her unborn baby… Josie's husband, Conan Zarcourt, was tall, dark and handsome.Yet Josie could only look, not touch, because theirs was a marriage in name alone. Conan had stepped in as father to his brother's child – the baby Josie was carrying.But when an accident left Josie with amnesia she naturally assumed that Conan was her husband, her lover and the father of her baby. And until she remembered the truth, Conan was more than happy to have Josie in his bed… .

The Christmas Target

Charlotte Douglas

FOR JESSICA,The note was accompanied by a single red rose on a white satin pillow. For Miami businesswoman Jessica Landon, the gesture was anything but romantic. She'd been in snowy Montana less than a day, and already she'd become the target of a rifle-toting Santa, then run off the road and left for dead. Her protection through the holidays was sexy-as-sin cowboy cop Ross McGarrett–a man with a tragic past and a motherless young daughter….FROM YOUR SECRET SANTARoss liked city women and warm, tumbled beds. And Jessica fit him and his bed to a tee. With Christmas approaching, Ross dared to believe in love again–but could he keep Jessica safe through the silent and deadly night…?

A Winchester Homecoming

Pamela Toth

CHARMING, CONFIDENT, SEXY…AND A HEARTBREAKERThat's how rancher David Major remembered his ex-love Kim Winchester. Romance had budded between them in high school, but ended abruptly when Kim moved away without even saying goodbye. Now she was back in his life, and though she was still strikingly beautiful, he wasn't ready to put his heart on the line again.When she'd returned home to Colorado after ten long years, the last person Kim expected to greet her at the airport was David. Seeing him set her heart aflutter, but she'd changed since she last saw him–matured, made herself over, moved on. As the two grew close again, she regretted leaving him all those years ago, but would she be able to heal his shattered heart?

A Season To Believe

Elane Osborn

WHO AM I?She asked. But no one knew. A near-fatal accident had stolen Jane's past, and now she struggled daily with her new life. Only the knowledge that policeman Matt Sullivan was rooting for her kept her going. But when flashes of her memory returned, Jane grew afraid she wouldn't like the person she used to be….And so she turned once more to Matt. Now a private detective, he vowed that this time he'd discover the truth about Jane. And this time no one would be able to hurt her in mind or body. Because suddenly Matt was realizing that the new Jane was everything he'd dreamed of getting for Christmas….But could he keep her?

The Year Of Living Famously

Laura Caldwell

Some girls seek fame, others have it thrust upon them….Clothing designer Kyra Felis has never been one to worship celebrities–she'd rather read a good book or make a blouse out of an old tablecloth. She marries Hollywood up-and-comer Declan McKenna for love, with no inkling of how his newfound notoriety will send her life spinning out of control.But once Kyra reluctantly becomes a celebrity by association there's no turning back. And even though she has all the trappings of success, she can't do the things that make her happy–throw a party; drink a glass of wine (or four) at a quiet café; confide in her friends. When Declan's fame literally endangers Kyra's life, she starts to wonder, can she survive more than a year of living famously?