The Knight's Return. Joanne Rock

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Название The Knight's Return
Автор произведения Joanne Rock
Жанр Историческая литература
Издательство Историческая литература
Год выпуска 0

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      “Will you keep my secret?” He stood close to her in the darkness, the warmth of his body making her shiver.

      “Secrets are dangerous,” she warned him, wishing she had listened to that counsel when her old nursemaid had bestowed it upon her long ago.

      “Aye. All my life is a secret to me and it puts me in danger every day.” The heat behind his words presented an illusion of truth. He spoke like a man tormented by demons of his own.

      “I owe you for helping me rejoin the world today, if only for a few hours.” She had enjoyed the intense interest he seemed to take in her. “I will keep your secret until we meet again.”

      “When will that be?” he prodded, seeking answers she did not have.

      “You may return to the cottage in daylight, but let us not meet under the cover of night anymore.”

      There was an intimacy about it. A sense that they shared more than secrets in the darkness….

      The Knight’s Return


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      Joanne Rock

      The KNIGHT’SReturn



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      Chapter One

      North of London, 1169

      Waking proved difficult when one’s eyes were stuck shut.

      The dizzy-headed man stretched the muscles in his face from his position on the hard pallet. He willed his lids to open so that he might see the world about him. The scents that assailed him were at once familiar and strange. Sheep dung. Hay. The burnt remains of some poorly cooked meal. Likewise, the sounds did not provide any clues. He heard children shouting and laughing. A woman’s voice yelling. Animals braying, naying and snorting.

      The effect was unpleasant and not what he was accustomed to. Or was it?

      Worry crawled along his forehead as he struggled to envision a normal morning. A normal day? He was not sure of the time let alone the place.

      “The border leaves this morn, Meg,” a man’s deep voice barked nearby. “His illness is a burden on this family that robs our own children of food.”

      “Have you no Christian charity, husband?” The softly sweet feminine tones sounded almost musical in the cool room.

      Was he the topic of discussion? It was no leap to guess his health was poor since he could not open his eyes. His body ached with weakness, his limbs too heavy to lift.

      “You are not a lord’s wife, Meg. If you want this