Cosmic energies and mankind: graphs for reflection. Николай Игнатьевич Конюхов

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Название Cosmic energies and mankind: graphs for reflection
Автор произведения Николай Игнатьевич Конюхов
Жанр Социальная психология
Издательство Социальная психология
Год выпуска 2018

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      For decades, research centers were systematically studying the human changes in the process of practical, as well as industrial, activity, considering the factors of cosmic activity. The results of these studies are presented in books, lectures, articles and presentations made by the leaders and employees of these scientific centers:,,

      Most important, these results are embedded in systems of personnel selection and training both in commercial and some government structures. Their effectiveness is confirmed by practice.

       The essence of the obtained scientific results is in a definite consequence: it is impossible to understand the development of mankind and Russia without considering the cosmic energy factor in a scientific analysis.


      V.V. Ostapov – full member of the International Academy of Information Processes and Technologies, Academy of Geopolitical Problems etc., Doctor of Military Sciences, Professor.

      V.P. Sustavov – full member of the Academy of Military Sciences, Doctor of Philosophy, Professor.

      V.V. Sysoev – Honored scientist of Russia, Doctor of Psychology, Professor.

      Research center Bemkon

      Chapter 1. On psycho-cosmological studies and obtained scientific results

      A system crisis – economic, spiritual, socio-political, has stricken our world. The most prominent and deep thinking scientists, upon receiving the Nobel Prize, admit the impotence of the science in which they received world recognition.

      Paul Krugman admits this regarding the field of economics.

      URL: (Paul Krugman. How did economists get it so wrong? / The New York Times/ URL: 02.09.2009).

      He admits to have a feeling that scientists do not analyze some important factors. Therefore, the understanding of what is happening is unsatisfactory, and even more so is the forecast of the future.

      Cosmic energies are this hidden factor of society development that eludes from scientific analysis.

      This conclusion and experimental and statistical evidence of such dependency were discovered in Russia. Russian cosmism has emerged.

      This is due to the fact that Russian people are more dependent on cosmic energies than other nations. We intuitively feel them. Moreover, Russian physicists have a broader understanding of the essence of cosmic energies: they persistently prove, besides the presence of electromagnetic energies, the significance of other, non-electromagnetic energies. Some called them ether energy, some others – torsion fields, solitons etc. There are dozens of names of these non-electromagnetic vortex energies. Among supporters and opponents of every point of view, every scientific school, there has been and continues an acute scientific discussion and even struggle. As a result, Russian cosmism is developing.

      It is difficult to measure cosmic energies. The research has shown that Length Of Day (LOD) is such an integral, real, fairly accurate and accessible to all indicator since 1962. It reflects the Earth's axial rotation velocity.

      In order to bypass the discussions of physicists regarding the not fully studied structure and composition of cosmic energies, we have proposed the term – cosmic energies associated with the Earth's rotational velocity, to emphasize that these are not electromagnetic cosmic energies. In fact, this is a black box method.

      Scientists measure the Earth's rotational velocity through the angular rotational velocity and the length of day (LOD).

      The figure shows the value change over time for the 1900 – 2000 period. The axis of ordinates in these figures is given in units (see V.D. Kokurov).

      The graphs of the Earth's rotational velocity are mirror-like to the graphs of the length of day – LOD. LOD is measured highly accurately and placed at the websites of laboratories around the world.

      Average by day:

      Since 1973, a new method for calculating LOD.

      Consider that the length of day (LOD) graph is symmetrically opposite to the graph of the Earth's angular rotational velocity. According to LOD, slowdown of the Earth's rotational velocity is associated with the longer duration of the Earth's day.

      The figure shows the value change over time for the 1650 – 2000 period. (see V.D. Kokurov).

      Let us combine them with the well-known graphs of economists.

      All fundamental economic and socio-political processes are visually related to these graphs.

      The system of such graphs has been obtained for different countries and for different economic and financial indicators. It leaves no doubt that the Earth's rotational velocity reflects powerful cosmic energies.

      They affect economic processes on Earth, and are also related to the intensity of isotope decay. Scientists of the Brookhaven laboratory in the United States have discovered the annual periodicity of the decay process of silicon isotopes. It is correlated to the value, where is the distance between the Earth and the Sun. At the same time, it is an indicator of the Earth's orbital movement velocity. In winter, at perihelion, it is maximal (the distance to the Sun is minimal), whereas in summer, in aphelion, it is minimal. With the change of the Earth's orbital movement velocity its axial rotational velocity also changes.

      См.: JereH. Jenkins, EphraimFischbach, JohnB. Buncher, JohnT. Gruenwald, DennisE. KrauseandJoshuaJ. Mattes, «EvidenceforCorrelationsBetweenNuclearDecayRatesandEarth-SunDistance» (arXiv:0808.3283v1 [astro-ph]).

      These cosmic energies are so great that they affect the temperature changes on Earth.

      Synchronous changes of the Earth's rotational velocity (v×10^10) in relative units (slid blue line), accumulated anomalies of the annual number of days with processes of the circulation form -C (red) and moving averages of the air temperature global anomalies for five years after the trend exclusion according to the HadCRUT3data (black).

      Ref.: N. S. Sidorenkov. "Impact of the annual and monthly Earth’s rotation on cycling of the atmospheric processes, weather and climate changes", Hydro-meteorological Centre of Russia.

      Solar activity is a concrete manifestation of cosmic energies. There are profound works in this field.

      Time evolution

      (a) the variations of magnetic flux at the bottom (tachocline zone) of the