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HOMO REACTUS: человек безумный

Евгения Евдокимова

Кто я? Где я? Какой я? Почему я такой? Как исправить? Как улучшить? Как испортить? Вредные советы по превращению жизни в ад. Инструменты, техники, чек-листы для самоопределения, самоисследования, коррекции, моделирования, реализации, обратной связи. Эзотерические ловушки предназначения, смыслов, осознанности. Цикл памяти, механизмы и уровни понимания; причины когнитивных ошибок. Авторские теория интеллекта, теория сознания, теория памяти, теория любви. Критика моделей личности и теорий мотивации. Философские представления о природе человека, его месте и времени в мире; социально-психологические исследования познавательных систем; мифы о личности; показатели уровней сознания.

Revolution and Evolution

Grace Lee Boggs

This book provides a concise and instructive review of the revolutions of the twentieth century, with separate chapters on the Russian, Chinese, Guinea-Bissau, and Vietnamese revolutions, in which the authors seek to extract the principle lessons from each of these struggles and the special course taken by each. In these and in a summary chapter on the dialectics of revolution the authors furnish a picture of the principal aspects of Marxism, Leninism, Maoism, and the other currents of Marxism active in the revolutions of our times. A second section is devoted to the United States, and begins with a survey of the class forces in American history from the settlement of the original thirteen colonies to the present, with special attention to the enslaved black population. Thereafter, the authors present their ideas on the objects and means of an American Revolution.Includes new introduction by Grace Lee Boggs.

Late Marx and the Russian Road

Теодор Шанин

Explores Marx’s attitude to “developing” societies. Includes translations of Marx’s notes from the 1880s, among the most important finds of the last century.

Legalizing Sex

Chaitanya Lakkimsetti

How the rise of HIV in India resulted in government protections for gay groups, transgender people, and sex workers This original ethnographic research explores the relationship between the HIV/AIDS epidemic and the rights-based struggles of sexual minorities in contemporary India. Sex workers, gay men, and transgender people became visible in the Indian public sphere in the mid-1980s when the rise of HIV/AIDS became a frightening issue. The Indian state started to fold these groups into national HIV/AIDS policies as “high-risk” groups in an attempt to create an effective response to the epidemic. Lakkimsetti argues that over time the crisis of HIV/AIDS effectively transformed the relationship between sexual minorities and the state from one that was focused on juridical exclusion to one of inclusion. The new relationship then enabled affected groups to demand rights and citizenship from the Indian state that had been previously unimaginable. By illuminating such tactics as mobilizing against a colonial era anti-sodomy law, petitioning the courts for the recognition of gender identity, and stalling attempts to criminalize sexual labor, this book uniquely brings together the struggles of sex workers, transgender people, and gay groups previously studied separately. A closely observed look at the machinations behind recent victories for sexual minorities, this book is essential reading across several fields.

The Master Key System

Charles F. Haanel

Originally published as a 24-week correspondence course in 1912, “The Master Key System” is a classic self-help book written by Charles F. Haanel. The main ideas of the book were heavily influenced by the New Thought philosophy, and it was notably a significant source of inspiration for Rhonda Byrne's film and book “The Secret” (2006). Full of simple advice that has helped millions change their lives for the better, this seminal book will appeal to those looking to reach their full potential and is not to be missed by collectors of vintage literature of this ilk. Charles Francis Haanel 1866–1949) was an American philosopher, author and businessman most famous for his affiliation with the New Thought movement. Other notable works by this author include: “The Amazing Secrets of the Yogi” (1937) and “A Book About You” (1928). Many vintage books such as this are becoming increasingly scarce and expensive. It is with this in mind that we are republishing this volume now in an affordable, modern, high-quality edition complete with an autobiographical essay on Charles F. Haanel by Walter Barlow Stevens.

Violent States and Creative States (2 Volume Set)

Группа авторов

This is a provocative collection exploring the different types of violence and how they relate to one another, examined through the integration of several disciplines, including forensic psychotherapy, psychiatry, sociology, psychosocial studies and political science. By examining the 'violent states' of mind behind specific forms of violence and the social and societal contexts in which an individual act of human violence takes place, the contributors reveal the dynamic forces and reasoning behind specific forms of violence including structural violence, and conceptualise the societal structures themselves as 'violent states'. Other research often stops short at examining the causes and risk factors for violence, without considering the opposite states that may not only mitigate, but allow for a different unfolding of individual and societal evolution. As a potential antidote to violence, the authors prescribe an understanding of these 'creative states' with their psychological origins, and their importance in human behaviour and meaning-seeking. Making a call to move beyond merely mitigating violence to the opposite direction of fostering creative potential, this book is foundational in its capacity to cultivate social consciousness and effect positive change in areas of governance, policy-making, and collective responsibility. This two-volume set includes: Volume 1: Structural Violence and Creative Structures ISBN 9781785925641 Volume 2: Human Violence and Creative Humanity ISBN 9781785925658

On Being an Introvert or Highly Sensitive Person

Илсе Санд

In a culture that ranks sociability and extroversion above the introverted traits of deep thinking and being alone, Ilse Sand shows how to find joy and meaning as an introvert or highly sensitive person. She debates whether these traits are caused by nature or nurture, and shows how someone like this can organise their life to keep them content. What she says is appropriate for people who are temporarily, or for some other reason, in a sensitive situation – for example, because of stress, trauma or burn-out. It describes the introverted personality type and the highly sensitive trait, highlighting the strengths that come with it such as good listening skills and rich imagination, and suggests ways to overcome the negatives such as the need to avoid overstimulation and over-critical thinking. Including advice from other introverts or highly sensitive people, and two self-tests for sensitive and introverted traits, this book provides a deeper understanding of introversion and high sensitivity and gives those with these personality types greater faith and courage in their own talents.

The Reality of Recovery in Personality Disorder

Heather Castillo

Exploring the process of recovery from personality disorder, and how this can be achieved, this research-based but highly readable book describes successful community-based ways to support people after diagnosis and the wider implications for mental ill health. Taking a close look at what it means to be diagnosed with personality disorder, the author considers how people with mental health issues are treated by society at large and within mental health services. She highlights problems and gaps in services, and how stigma surrounding mental health disorders can negatively affect the treatment an individual receives. Many first-hand accounts by people diagnosed with personality disorder offer a real perspective into what it is like to live with mental health issues, challenging stereotypes and providing much-needed insight into their needs. Research from The Haven, an innovative community-based project supporting people through recovery from personality disorder, offers ground-breaking ways to care for and meet the needs of people with major mental health issues in a positive and creative way. Essential reading for mental health professionals, people diagnosed with personality disorder, and their families.

A Workbook of Group-Analytic Interventions

David Winter A.

At last, a book on therapy which is easy to read and jargon-free, yet manages to convey the richness of the group experience.' – Penelope Campling, British Journal of Psychiatry 'It is vitalising reading – and should be on the shelves of any psychotherapy department and of any therapist with an interest in groups.' – Chris Evans, British Journal of Medical Psychology 'The purpose of this short, highly readable and extremely informative book is «to provide the reader with a practical insight into the group-analytic method of group therapy». The book achieves this goal through a format that is interactive with the reader.' – Jerome S. Gans, International Journal of Group Psychotherapy A Workbook of Group-Analytic Interventions is designed to complement the academic and experiential training of therapists. Written by experienced practitioners, it gives trainees a practical insight into the ways in which group analysts may tackle difficult situations, allowing them to understand more fully the nature of intervention right from the beginning of their training. Eight situations drawn from real psychotherapy groups are presented in detail so that readers may exercise their own skills in taking decisions and judging appropriate interventions. Each situation is then analysed in depth by one of the authors, who describe and comment on the thinking behind the interventions suggested by a panel of group analysts. The book gives the trainee a wide and informed appreciation of different situations arising in groups and appropriate ways of handling them. It provides an excellent base from which to start to practise.