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Elevating Overman

Bruce Ferber

Elevating Overman is a funny and painful story of redemption that explores the complex ramifications of what it means to get a second chance. The novel follows the journey of Ira Overman, veteran of multiple botched careers and a singularly botched marriage, as he makes one last attempt to rise above the guilt, weakness, and self-hatred that have been hard-wired into his soul since birth. Through an unlikely side effect from a seemingly routine surgery, Overman suddenly finds himself trying to reconcile newfound powers with the man he used to be, determined not to repeat the poor choices of his past. Overman succeeds at righting some of his former wrongs, fails miserably at others, but, most importantly, gains a small yet significant window into a life that matters.

Winston Patrick Mystery 2-Book Bundle

David Russell W.

Dissatisfied lawyer Winston Patrick leaves his first career to pursue teaching at a Vancouver high school – but he can't seem to leave the legal world behind. <br/> <br/>
<b><i>Deadly Lessons</i></b> <br/> Winston Patrick, a successful lawyer but dissatisfied with his career defending the downtrodden of Vancouver's criminal world, trades in the courtroom for the high school classroom. Soon Winston's past life meets his present when a student accuses a fellow colleague of a teacher-student love affair. <br/> <br/>
<b><i>Last Dance</i></b> <br/> Former lawyer Winston Patrick is barely surviving his first year at a Vancouver high school when his students present a human rights issue. A student wants to bring his same-sex partner to the prom, but the school says no. Winston reluctantly leads his kids in suing the school. Opponents will stop at nothing to make their point, even murder.

The Fiddler Is a Good Woman

Geoff Berner

A hilarious literary novel about the world of alternative, folk, and indie rock, in a self-unravelling, edgy, contemporary style Author's previous book, Festival Man , won excellent reviews in Quill & Quire , Maclean’s , the New York Journal of Books , the Vancouver Sun , and the National Post Author is a “klezmer-punk” musician who has performed in seventeen countries with a devoted international cult following Author’s new album Canadiana Grotesqueiqua will be included as a free download in every copy of the book[/i] Author is known for his humorous and politically controversial persona, which is reflected in the novel

The Slip

Mark Sampson

A comic, thoughtful examination of viral culture through the lens of a technologically out-of-touch, middle-aged protagonist Casts a wide satirical net on an era where social media can amplify a gaffe into a full-on scandal in a matter of minutes Highlights the way social media can steer conversations for good and for ill Similar to classics of the “absent-minded professor” narrative, with nods to Evelyn Waugh, Kingsley Amis, and Mordecai Richler Author's previous book, Sad Peninsula was praised by the Guardian , Quill & Quire , Publishers Weekly , and the Literary Review of Canada Far from being a simple send-up of a social media–obsessed society, The Slip takes on the often clueless misogyny that abounds in contemporary discussions, and Philip is forced to confront his way of thinking

The Irish Wine Trilogy

Dick Wimmer

Anxious Gravity

Jeff Wells

The life of a naive, born-again teen can sometimes seem God-awful, as Gideon discovers at Overcomer Bible Institute. Having given himself over to religion, Gideon quickly finds his newfound faith challenged by sexually aggressive women, a disturbed student armed with a power drill, and Siamese-twin evangelists. A satiric look at the religious and secular worlds, Anxious Gravity succeeds at the daunting task of being both thoughtful and wildly entertaining. "Jeff Wells is the most consistently funny humorist in Canada today." -Michael Bate, Editor-in-Chief, Frank

Nina, the Bandit Queen

Joey Slinger

Nina Dolgoy leads her neighbours on a campaign to renovate the community pool, but the only way she can think to raise money is to rob a bank. Unfortunately, she isn’t very good at it. In a part of town so beaten down that even prostitutes and drug dealers have written if off, Nina Dolgoy imagines that if the local pool wasn’t boarded up, her little daughters could use it to burn off their wayward energy and avoid falling into utter degradation. So the bitterly self-proclaimed «welfare queen» leads her neighbours on a fundraising, pool-fixing community-improvement campaign that proves the sad old adage that no good deed ever goes unpunished. The only way Nina can think to raise money herself is by robbing a bank. Unfortunately, she isn’t very good at it. Coincidentally, her brother, Frank, gets out of jail and robs one. The explosive events that are unleashed force Nina and the girls to flee for their lives, but their escape turns into a sublimely bizarre chase during which Nina somehow needs to pull the wool over everybody’s eyes.