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From Commune to Capitalism

Zhun Xu

In the early 1980s, China undertook a massive reform that dismantled its socialist rural collectives and divided the land among millions of small peasant families. Known as the decollectivization campaign, it is one of the most significant reforms in China's transition to a market economy. From the beginning, the official Chinese accounts, and many academic writings, uncritically portray this campaign as a huge success, both for the peasants and the economy as a whole. This mainstream history argues that the rural communes, suffering from inefficiency, greatly improved agricultural productivity under the decollectivization reform. It also describes how the peasants, due to their dissatisfaction with the rural regime, spontaneously organized and collectively dismantled the collective system. A closer examination suggests a much different and more nuanced story. By combining historical archives, field work, and critical statistical examinations, From Commune to Capitalism argues that the decollectivization campaign was neither a bottom-up, spontaneous peasant movement, nor necessarily efficiency-improving. On the contrary, the reform was mainly a top-down, coercive campaign, and most of the efficiency gains came from simply increasing the usage of inputs, such as land and labor, rather than institutional changes. The book also asks an important question: Why did most of the peasants peacefully accept this reform? Zhun Xu answers that the problems of the communes contributed to the passiveness of the peasantry; that decollectivization, by depoliticizing the peasantry and freeing massive rural labor to compete with the urban workers, served as both the political and economic basis for consequent Chinese neoliberal reforms and a massive increase in all forms of economic, political, and social inequality. Decollectivization was, indeed, a huge success, although far from the sort suggested by mainstream accounts.

Political Econ of Growth

Paul A. Baran

One of the most influential studies ever written in the field of development economics, this book has, since first publication in 1957, bred a whole school of followers who are producing further works along the lines indicated by Baran. Concerned with the generation and use of economic surplus, it analyzes from this point of view both the advanced and the underdeveloped countries. A work in political economy rather than solely in economics, this book treats the economic transformation of society as one facet of a total social and political evolution.

Аргументы и Факты Москва 37-2020

Редакция газеты Аргументы и факты Москва

Еженедельная газета «Аргументы и Факты» – одно из самых популярных изданий в России и за рубежом. Основные темы: информация о событиях в России и за рубежом, политика, культура, экология, социальные проблемы и многое другое. В 1990 году за самый большой тираж в мире (33,5 млн. экземпляров) была внесена в книгу рекордов Гиннеса. Еженедельник «АиФ» рассчитан на широкий круг читателей.

Правда 81-2020

Редакция газеты Правда

Общественно-политическая газета

Faith, Identity, Cohesion

Группа авторов

The book aims to promote greater understanding of social cohesion amidst existing complexities of faith and identity, and what this portends for our future. The emphasis is on the importance of engagement across beliefs and cultures, the different generations and segments of population, and the diverse interests of people in a digital and interconnected world. The policy officials, religious leaders, scholars and society-at-large will be able to better appreciate the search for common ground and harmony, thereby strengthening their endeavours for coexistence.The book seeks to continue the conversations and deliberations at the International Conference on Cohesive Societies (ICCS) held from 19 to 21 June 2019 in Singapore. The three themes of the ICCS &#x2014; Faith, Identity, Cohesion &#x2014; stimulated significant discussions on the need for mutual respect, trust and understanding of each other's beliefs and cultures. Many ideas on the ways forward were raised and further discourse is necessary.An unprecedented line-up of academic, civil society, government, intellectual, policy, religious and youth leaders provided a wide array of perspectives on challenging issues faced by diverse societies around the world. The transcripts of the official speeches elucidate the vision of leadership and aspiration looking ahead. The book also features delightful photographs and graphic recordings of the key thrust articulated during the ICCS.<b>Contents:</b> <ul><li>About the International Conference on Cohesive Societies</li><li>About the Editors</li><li>Foreword</li><li>Faith, Identity, Cohesion: Building a Better Future</li><li>Formal Speeches</li><li><b><i>Faith:</i></b><ul><li>Insights</li><li>Identity</li><li>Cohesion</li><li>Youth</li></ul></li><li>The International Conference on Cohesive Societies 2019</li><li>In Closing</li></ul><br><b>Readership:</b> Academia; Policy practitioners; Community leaders; Civil society organisations and General Public.International Conference on Cohesive Societies ICCS;Interfaith;Cohesive Societies;Social Cohesion;Interreligious Dialogue;Interreligious;Interfaith Work;Social Harmony;Racial Harmony;Religious Harmony;Faith;Identity Issues;Cohesion0<b>Key Features:</b><ul><li>Featuring high-profile speakers and world leaders, this book will serve as a compendium of insights and experiences on social cohesion among diverse societies. NGOs, religious and community organisations would benefit from the «one-stop» concierge of ideas related to interfaith harmony. In addition, government agencies can be expected to be interested in it both for the content as well as presenting the book as a handsome memento of an original global conference conceived and staged in and by Singapore</li><li>The title <i>Faith, Identity, Cohesion</i> aims to draw readers from multiple walks of life. The faithful wonder what the book is saying in what they believe in. Those conscious of their identity wants validation in a book about identity. The policy people gravitate towards coexistence and wish to find how to go forward with their focus/work on strengthening harmony</li></ul>

The Great Transformation

Xiaohe Ma

In recent years, the 'supply-side structural reform' has become a popular term in all regions and fields in China. The supply-side structural reform is the key component of the Chinese government's economic policy framework during the '13th Five-Year Plan' period. It is crucial in both theory and practice, to have an accurate understanding of its background, content, essential features, principles, and goals.The theme of the book revolves around the supply-side structural reform and analyses the concept from different perspectives, such as the basic theories and institutional framework, the fiscal taxation system, the financial system reform, and the innovation system. It attempts to address questions such as: how to understand the supply side and the demand side; why the supply-side structural reform is currently proposed; how to implement the reform; what are the changes brought about by the reform; what factors should be taken into consideration in its implementation; what are the policies to be developed in the process, etc.<b>Contents:</b> <ul><li>Basic Theories and Institutional Framework for Promotion of Supply-Side Structural Reform</li><li>Fiscal Taxation System and Policy Framework Under Promotion of Supply-Side Structural Reform</li><li>Financial System Reform Under Promotion of the Supply-Side Structural Reform</li><li>Research on Building Innovation System to Support Supply-Side Structural Reform</li><li>Research on Deepening the Reform of State-Owned Enterprises and Certain Industries of Monopolistic Nature from Supply Side</li><li>Thoughts and Strategies for Opening Wider to the Outside World Under Supply-Side Structural Reform</li><li>Research on Innovation and Policy of Resource and Environment System in the Context of Supply-Side Structural Reform</li></ul><br><b>Readership:</b> Students, professionals and general public interested in the supply-side structural reform, a key component of the Chinese government's economic policy framework during the '13th Five-Year Plan' period.Great Transformation;Supply-side Structural Reform;Financial System Reform;Economics;Macroeconomics;China0<b>Key Features:</b><ul><li>Focuses on the supply-side structural reform, elaborates on how to implement it, how to better promote it, and provides ideas and suggestions for those who are interested in this topic</li><li>Contributed by famous and influential researchers in the field of economics from China</li></ul>

New Zealand's Top Franchise Leaders Secrets Revealed

Pete Burdon

Discover the secrets of the 1.75 trillion dollar franchise sector.<br />International author, branding expert and media trainer Pete Burdon is joined by New Zealand's top franchise leaders to provide you with the inside secrets to financial freedom in franchising. In this breakthrough book, these experts share their stories and uncover what it takes to have your very own successful business. They reveal the exact techniques they've used to produce millions of dollars of income for themselves and their franchisees.<br /> <br />You'll learn:<br />– how to build and run a billion dollar franchise system<br />– the challenges they faced and how they overcame them<br />– the path they took to franchise leadership<br />– what it takes to become a top franchise leader<br />– how they market their businesses and how this has changed in the current climate<br />– how to choose the right franchisee or franchisor<br />– the common mistakes and traps many make in franchising and how to avoid them<br /> <br />Contributors:<br />David and Karen Dovey (Exceed Franchising)<br />Adam Parore (Small Business Accounting)<br />Jack and Melanie Harper (Driving Miss Daisy)<br />Grant McLauchlan and Rene Mangnus (CrestClean)<br />Scott Jenyns (Fastway Couriers/Aramex)<br />Gill Webb (Active+)<br />Paul Bull (Signature Homes)<br />Brendon Lawry (Liquorland)<br />Andrew and Denise Lane (Night 'n Day)<br />Simon Harkness (Kitchen Studio)<br />Paul Jamieson (Kelly Sport and Kelly Club)<br />Simon McKearney (Helloworld)<br /> <br />This book will help you take immediate control of your financial destiny.

Plunkitt of Tammany Hall

William L. Riordon

This classic work presents the candid wit and wisdom of George Washington Plunkitt (1842&#8211;1924), a longtime state senator from New York who represented the Fifteenth Assembly District and was especially powerful in New York City. Plunkitt was part of the city&#39;s Tammany Hall organization and a cynical practitioner of what today is generally known as &#34;machine politics,&#34; a patronage-based system in which politicians openly exercise power for personal gain. &#160; Plunkitt defined &#34;dishonest graft&#34; as working solely for one&#39;s own interests, as opposed to &#34;honest graft,&#34; which involves the interests of one&#39;s party and state as well as individual benefits. An enthusiastic party man, he believed in appointments, patronage, spoils, and all the corrupt practices that were curtailed by the civil service law, regarding them as both the rewards and cause of patriotism. Modern readers will find his strikingly modern-sounding motivations and justifications both entertaining and instructive.

Once Upon a Group

Maggie Kindred

Groups are a universal phenomenon, but their dynamics, make-up and customs can vary widely – a group can be anything from a family to a sports club. Having a good understanding of how groups work can make them more effective, enriching and fun. Once Upon A Group is a short, light-hearted guide to groupwork, providing an easily-digestible way of understanding group dynamics, the practicalities of running a group, and how to participate in one. It covers how and where to set up a group, including the type of room used, the size of the group and the arrangement of chairs, and the importance of boundaries and rules within a group. It also covers issues such as communication, sensitivity, listening, leadership, decision-making, labelling and stereotyping, and forms of participation, among many others. Each topic is illustrated with a lively drawing to communicate the ideas presented. This second edition also covers diversity throughout and how to apply the ideas in the book to different settings. Based on research but written in an instantly accessible style, this fun guide will be essential reading for all those involved in groupwork including health and social care practitioners, volunteers, advice workers, youth workers and students.

The Presidency and the Political System

Группа авторов

The Presidency and the Political System showcases the best of presidential studies and research with top-notch presidency scholars writing specifically for an undergraduate audience. Michael Nelson rigorously edits each contribution to present a set of analytical yet accessible chapters and offers contextual headnotes introducing each essay. Chapters represent the full range of topics, institutions, and issues relevant to understanding the American presidency: covering approaches to studying the presidency, elements of presidential power, presidential selection, presidents and politics, and presidents and government. This Twelfth Edition fully incorporates coverage of the Trump administration.