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Treasury of Chinese Folk Tales

Shelley Fu

This colorfully illustrated multicultural children's book presents Chinese fairy tales and other folk stories—providing insight into a rich literary culture. Treasury of Chinese Folk Tales is a wonderful collection of seven classic Chinese stories that make for great reading adventures. From the stories of Pan Gu and Nu Wo, creators of the world, to Bai Su-Tzin, a snake who took on human form and found true love, this mesmerizing book includes myths of creation, mortality and love.More than just a Chinese children's storybook, Treasury of Chinese Folk Tales also explores the historical impact and roots of each tale, inviting you and the children you love to enjoy the many layers of meaning contained within them fully. The included pronunciation guide, as well as information for further reading, makes this a perfect tool for educators, librarians and parents.

Chinese Brush Painting

Caroline Self

Presented in an easy-to-understand way that is perfect for children, Chinese Brush Painting teaches the ancient art of Chinese calligraphy. For more than a thousand years, a traditional Chinese style of art—brush painting—has been used to make pictures that are more than just pictures. These are images that harness your imagination, and capture on paper the true spirit of an animal…or a landscape…or a tree. All you need is black paint, white paper, and your best mental focus! Step by step this calligraphy for kids book shows you how fun it can be to paint Chinese characters in the traditional way. Once you learn the basic strokes, you can put them together to create everything from a pine cone to a mountain scene. you will even be able to write some Chinese calligraphy. You'll find that Chinese brush painting will help you learn to center your mind and thoughts. And your masterpieces will be inspiring decoration for your walls or great gifts for your friends and family. Open this book, pick up your brush and let's get started!

Circus Day in Japan

Eleanor Coerr

This multicultural children's book contains both English and Japanese script along with beautiful, colorful illustrations. Circus Day in Japan[/i] is the warmly-illustrated story of an exciting day spent by two Japanese children, Joji-chan and Koko-chan, at a circus. Joji-chan and Koko-chan delight at the new sights of their first circus, and young readers are gently introduced to Japanese customs and sites. Perfect for those interested in retro books, the simple text and artwork provide a nostalgic window into Japanese family life in the early 1950s. Originally written by Eleanor Coerr, author of the popular Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes , this English translation of a classic Japanese children's book accessible to a new generation of both English and Japanese speaking readers.

Filipino Celebrations

Liana Romulo

This multicultural children's book is full of Filipino holidays, culture, language and stories! In the Philippines, people love to celebrate—holidays are filled with music and dancing, sometimes with colorful costumes, and always with great food! Rich with detailed watercolors and cultural flavor, Filipino Celebrations: A Treasury of Feasts and Festivals makes major holidays (like Christmas) and family gatherings (like weddings and birthdays) come alive.From these pages, children will learn the history of each holiday, its cultural influences, the varied ways in which people celebrate in different regions of the Philippines, special customs and food, key words and phrases (in English and Tagalog), and more. Games, songs, and other activities invite young readers to join in the fun. New and familiar holidays take on a special flavor as children learn about the diverse cultures that make up this wonderful island nation. Perfect for Filipino-American families looking to share the unique culture of the Philippines, educators interested in promoting multiculturalism in the classroom, or anyone interested in the country, Filipino Celebrations will encourage children ages five to ten to participate and learn while having fun.Celebrations and festivals include: Mga Kaarawan —Birthdays Semana Santa —Holy Week Mga Barrio Fiestas —Town Festivals Mga Binyag —Baptisms Araw ng Kalayaan —Independence Day and more!

Legends of the Martial Arts Masters

Susan Lynn Peterson

Whether you're an inspiring black belt or just a fan of martial arts action, you'll enjoy this collection of twenty exciting stories about the great heroes of the martial arts.<br><br>The stories include dramatic victories, wily strategies, and triumphs over long odds&#8212;from the great Tsukahara Bokuden's cunning defeat of a troublemaking samurai to Wing Chun's brave self&#8211;defense against a brutish warlord. Children can read about Robert Trias, known as the «father of American karate» and Miyamoto Musashi, known as the «greatest sword fighter in history» and the author of the bestselling <i>Book of Five Rings</i>.<br><br>Filled with action and amazing feats of martial arts wizardry, <i>Legends of the Martial Arts Masters</i> will inspire readers with stories of courage, combat, and self-discovery. Stories include:<ul><li> <i>The General Fights a Bull</i></li><li> <i>The Great Wave </i></li><li> <i>The Hard Way to Find a Teacher</i></li><li> <i>The Three Sons</i></li><li> <i>The Style of No Sword</i></li><li> <i>A Bully Changes His Ways</i></li><li> <i>The Ballad of Mu-lan</i></li><li> <i>Twelve Warriors of Burma</i></li><li> <i>Wing Chun</i></li><li> <i>The Eighteen Hands</i></li><li> <i>And many more&hellip;</i></li></ul>

Tales of a Korean Grandmother

Frances Carpenter

This multicultural children's book presents classic Korean fairy tales and other folk stories&#8212;providing a delightful look into a rich literary culture. The Korean people possess a folklore tradition as colorful and captivating as any in the world, but the stories themselves still are not as well-known to Western readers as those from The Brothers Grimm, Mother Goose, or Hans Christian Andersen. In her best-selling book for young readers, Frances Carpenter collects thirty-two classic Korean children's stories from the «Land of the Morning Calm»: the woodcutter and the old men of the mountain; the puppy who saved his village from a tiger; the singing girl who danced the Japanese general into the deep river; Why the dog and cat are not friends; and even a more familiar tale of the clever rabbit who outsmarted the tortoise. The children of the Kim family sit at their beloved Grandmother's knee to listen to these and other traditional folk tales which are rooted in thousands of years of Korean culture.

Practical Ethics for Our Time

Eiji Uehiro

A scathing critique of the global consumer culture that's bound to cause controversy among Western readers, Practical Ethics for Our Time argues that Japan's future success as a nation depends upon the ability of its citizens to uphold traditional family values and to fashion new, environmentally sustainable patterns in their daily lives.Mr. Uehiro's argument is not unfamiliar. He posits that Japan's rapid industrialization and Westernization since the Meiji Restoration has created a nation of people with an insatiable appet ite for designer clothing, luxury cars, and high-tech gadgets but with a profound sense of spiritual emptiness. Uehiro suggests that as human be ings move farther and farther away from the process of producing goods themselves,they begin to take their abundance for granted, and thus lose a sense of thankfulness for what they have. This leads to a world in which human interactions become superficial and commodified, and ethics take a back seat to other, more quantifiable concerns. While Japan has gained tremendous international respect for its rapid industrialization since World War II , Uehiro believes that Japan has a greater role to play on the international stage as a model of proper ethical behavior- but only if it can reverse Western-influenced trends.

Three Virtues of Effective Parenting

Shirley Yuen

This Asian parenting book applies the wisdom of the Chinese sage Confucius to the challenges of modern parenting.Confucius believed that any change we wish to make in our lives must begin from within. Three Virtues of Effective Parenting calls on readers to develop the virtues to help them understand the changes they can make to become a better parent: Benevolence teaches us how to truly love our children, to guide them with discipline and respect, and to be generous with our time and loving care. Wisdom shows us how to take the right action for the right result, to understand our children's problems, and to acknowledge and learn from our mistakes. Courage helps us to preserve when things go wrong, let go of our children when necessary, and dare to make difficult choices.Readers will discover that the power of virtue is twofold: It will help them to become better people, as well as influence and change the behavior of the people around them. Using the tools of Confucian philosophy, this book aims for real-life results in parent/child relationships. Readers will come to understand the three roles they play as parents&#151;the good ruler, the inspiring teacher, and the caring friend.

The Meaning of Internationalization

Edwin Reischauer

In The Meaning of Internationalization, Edwin O. Reischauer&#8212;former American Ambassador to Japan and one of the world's most acclaimed scholars of Japanese life and culture&#8212;delivers a heartfelt message to the Japanese people on the need to look beyond their borders at the changing nature of the world. Reischauer stresses the need to adapt in order to survive these changes and thrive in the new reality that our ever-shrinking world is bringing about.While directed at the people of one nation, Reischauer's sage advice should be studied and applied by engaged citizens in both the Eat and the West as we work to adapt to an ever more complicated world. The books's message resonates even more deeply today and applies not just to Japan, but to every country in the new global economy.

Asian Face Reading

Boye Lafayette De Mente

Imagine how much you could learn if you knew how to evaluate a person's character, health, fortune, social status, sexual charisma, and life expectancy from a careful reading of his or her face.Face reading, a practice as old as man, is a universal art that we all use every day&#151;with varying degrees of skill. We all know and respond to facial expressions that indicate fear, anger, merriment, and other moods, and we know from experience that facial characteristics, such as unusually large eyes or big noses, have an important influence on our lives. In China and Japan, face reading is a respectable analytical tool used to make business decisions, arrange marriages, and evaluate partnerships and friendships.Asian Face Reading offers a quick, practical, easy-to-understand and easy-to-apply introduction to the basic principles of face reading. The book is fully illustrated with dozens of examples readers can use to learn this increasingly popular practice&#151;and to analyze their friends, colleagues, and loved ones.