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Комплект вопросов сертификационного экзамена на знание возможностей и особенностей применения типовой конфигурации «Управление производственным предприятием» (ред. 1.3) системы программ «1С:Предприятие 8» с примерами решений

Фирма «1С»

Официальное издание фирмы «1С» для подготовки к экзамену «1С:Профессионал» » на знание возможностей и особенностей применения типовой конфигурации «Управление производственным предприятием». Версия экзамена – май 2012 года. В издании приведены вопросы сертификационного экзамена «1С:Профессионал» на знание возможностей и особенностей применения типовой конфигурации «Управление производственным предприятием», рассматриваются варианты экзаменационных заданий, приводится разбор ответов на задания с пояснениями и комментариями. Основная цель издания – помочь читателю подготовиться к сдаче сертификационного экзамена «1С:Профессионал» на знание возможностей и особенностей применения типовой конфигурации «Управление производственным предприятием». Самостоятельная проработка упражнений, приведенных в пособии, позволит читателю систематизировать и углубить свои знания, получить комплексное представление о подсистемах «Управление производственным предприятием», о подходах к настройке (конфигурированию) прикладного решения под специфику конкретного предприятия. Издание будет полезно как пользователям, так и специалистам по разработке, внедрению и поддержке прикладных решений на технологической платформе «1С:Предприятие 8». Книга может использоваться преподавателями учебных курсов по программным продуктам системы «1С:Предприятие 8» для обучения и проверки знаний слушателей.

Cultural Algorithms

Robert G. Reynolds

A thorough look at how societies can use cultural algorithms to understand human social evolution For those working in computational intelligence, developing an understanding of how cultural algorithms and social intelligence form the essential framework for the evolution of human social interaction is essential. This book, Cultural Algorithms: Tools to Model Complex Dynamic Social Systems , is the foundation of that study. It showcases how we can use cultural algorithms to organize social structures and develop socio-political systems that work. For such a vast topic, the text covers everything from the history of the development of cultural algorithms and the basic framework with which it was organized. Readers will also learn how other nature-inspired algorithms can be expressed and how to use social metrics to assess the performance of various algorithms.  In addition to these topics, the book covers topics including: ● The CAT system including the Repast Simphony System and CAT Sample Runs ● How to problem solve using social networks in cultural algorithms with auctions ● Understanding Common Value Action to enhance Social Knowledge Distribution Systems ● Case studies on team formations ● An exploration of virtual worlds using cultural algorithms For industry professionals or new students, Cultural Algorithms provides an impactful and thorough look at both social intelligence and how human social evolution translates into the modern world.

Digital Communications 1

Safwan El Assad

It is a complete training in digital communications in the same book with all the aspects involved in such training: courses, tutorials with many typical problems targeted with detailed solutions, practical work concretely illustrating various aspects of technical implementation implemented. It breaks down into three parts. The Theory of information itself, which concerns both the sources of information and the channels of its transmission, taking into account the errors they introduce in the transmission of information and the means of protect by the use of appropriate coding methods. Then for the technical aspects of transmission, first the baseband transmission is presented with the important concept and fundamental technique of equalization. The performance evaluation in terms of probability of errors is systematically developed and detailed as well as the online codes used. Finally, the third part presents the Transmissions with digital modulation of carriers used in radio transmissions but also on electric cables. A second important aspect in learning a learner's knowledge and skills is this book. It concerns the «Directed Work» aspect of a training. This is an ordered set of 33 typical problems with detailed solutions covering the different parts of the course with practical work. Finally, the last aspect concerns the practical aspects in the proper sense of the term, an essential complement to training going as far as know-how. We propose here a set of 5 practical works.

Microprocessor 1

Philippe Darche

Interconnection Network Reliability Evaluation

Neeraj Kumar Goyal

Keeping in view the growth of the technological frontiers, there is always a need for the development of reliable, fault tolerant and cost- effective interconnection networks (INs) which are the critical metrics to achieve the goal of parallelism. The main objective of this book is to design new fault tolerant interconnection network layouts capable of path redundancy among dynamic failures. New INs designs are proposed and their observed results are found promising when compared with some of the earlier networks. The book also covers the reliability evaluation of various industrial network topologies considering multiple reliability performance parameters (2-TR, broadcast and ATR). Finally, the book also focuses on reliability evaluation and comparison of various topologies considering connectivity among multiple sources and multiple destinations (MSMT) nodes.

Adobe Illustrator CC For Dummies

David Karlins

Get to know your digital drawing board Adobe Illustrator CC offers a vibrant tool for creating drawings and illustrations in a digital environment. It takes some practice to get a feel for the digital pens, pencils, paintbrushes, and erasers, though. Adobe Illustrator CC For Dummies offers the guidance you need to turn your ideas into real drawings. Written by an Illustrator trainer and expert, this book walks those new to the tool through the basics of drawing, editing, and applying the unique tools found in this popular program.  Create illustrations using simple shapes Touch up images using pen, pencil, and brush tools Import your illustrations into other graphic apps Apply special effects and add type This book is essential reading for new and beginning illustrators who are either adopting a digital tool for the first time, switching from an existing tool to Illustrator, or adding Illustrator know-how to existing Adobe knowledge.

SwiftUI For Dummies

Wei-Meng Lee

The simplest way to create world-class apps   Have a unique app idea but worried you don’t quite have the coding skills to build it? Good news: You can stop fretting about someone beating you to market with the same idea and start work right now using SwiftUI. SwiftUI is a gateway app development framework that has become one of the best ways for fledgling developers to get iOS apps off the ground without having to become a coding expert overnight.  SwiftUI  For Dummies  makes that process even faster, providing a friendly introduction to the SwiftUI and Swift programming language and helping you feel right at home creating and building with playgrounds. The book also covers the frameworks and APIs that make it so easy to create smooth, intuitive interfaces—just dive right in and have fun!  Combine projects into workspaces Employ Xcode editing tools Use constants and variables Test your code on iOS Simulator Time is of the essence, and with  SwiftUI For Dummies , it’s also on your side. Get going with this friendly guide today, and you’ll be celebrating the successful launch of your app way before you thought possible!

Canon EOS 90D For Dummies

Robert Correll

Get excited about the Canon EOS 90D and all it can do! An amazing photo begins with a quality camera and the know-how to use it. If you’ve selected the Canon EOS 90D, you now have a digital camera that serves a range of photographers, from novices to professionals. It takes some know-how to take advantage of the camera’s upgrades to its sensor, shutter speed, and video capabilities. Fortunately, Canon EOS 90D For Dummies canhelp you maximize the potential of the camera and its features. Canon EOS 90D For Dummies lets you skip the photography class and start shooting high-quality images right away The book introduces the camera’s settings; explains how to take control of exposure, focus, and color; and shows how to put all this new-found knowledge to work to shoot great portraits or action shots. The book is co-written by a pair of photography pros who share their professional experience on how to apply simple techniques for great shots. Choose the best setting for your situation Manage focus and color Make the most of your lighting Understand camera settings Customize your camera to your needs Create remarkable photos and memories, whether you stick with user-friendly automatic settings or decide to dive into more advanced features. With your Canon EOS 90D and this book at your side, you can shoot quality video and capture moving subjects confidently.