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Machine Vision Inspection Systems, Machine Learning-Based Approaches

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Machine Vision Inspection Systems (MVIS) is a multidisciplinary research field that emphasizes image processing, machine vision and, pattern recognition for industrial applications. Inspection techniques are generally used in destructive and non-destructive evaluation industry. Now a day's the current research on machine inspection gained more popularity among various researchers, because the manual assessment of the inspection may fail and turn into false assessment due to a large number of examining while inspection process. This volume 2 covers machine learning-based approaches in MVIS applications and it can be employed to a wide diversity of problems particularly in Non-Destructive testing (NDT), presence/absence detection, defect/fault detection (weld, textile, tiles, wood, etc.,), automated vision test & measurement, pattern matching, optical character recognition & verification (OCR/OCV), natural language processing, medical diagnosis, etc. This edited book is designed to address various aspects of recent methodologies, concepts, and research plan out to the readers for giving more depth insights for perusing research on machine vision using machine learning-based approaches.

Blockchain for Business

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The book focuses on the power of business blockchain. It gives an overview of blockchain in traditional business, marketing, accounting and business intelligence. The book provides a detailed working knowedge of blockchain, user cases of blockchain in business, cryptocurrency and Initial Coin Offering(ICO) along with the risks associated with them. The book also covers the detailed study of decentralization, mining, consensus, smart contracts, concepts and working of distributed ledgers and hyper ledgers as well as many other important concepts. It also details the security and privacy aspects of blockchain. The book is beneficial for readers who are preparing for their business careers, those who are working with small scale businesses and startups, and helpful for business executives, managers, entrepreneurs, bankers, government officials and legal professionals who are looking to blockchain for secure financial transactions. The book will also be beneficial for researchers and students who want to study the latest developments of blockchain.

Data Structure and Algorithms Using C++

Sachi Nandan Mohanty

Everyone knows that programming plays a vital role as a solution to automate and execute a task in a proper manner. Irrespective of mathematical problems, the skills of programming are necessary to solve any type of problems that may be correlated to solve real life problems efficiently and effectively. This book is intended to flow from the basic concepts of C++ to technicalities of the programming language, its approach and debugging. The chapters of the book flow with the formulation of the problem, it’s designing, finding the step-by-step solution procedure along with its compilation, debugging and execution with the output. Keeping in mind the learner’s sentiments and requirements, the exemplary programs are narrated with a simple approach so that it can lead to creation of good programs that not only executes properly to give the output, but also enables the learners to incorporate programming skills in them. The style of writing a program using a programming language is also emphasized by introducing the inclusion of comments wherever necessary to encourage writing more readable and well commented programs. As practice makes perfect, each chapter is also enriched with practice exercise questions so as to build the confidence of writing the programs for learners. The book is a complete and all-inclusive handbook of C++ that covers all that a learner as a beginner would expect, as well as complete enough to go ahead with advanced programming. This book will provide a fundamental idea about the concepts of data structures and associated algorithms. By going through the book, the reader will be able to understand about the different types of algorithms and at which situation and what type of algorithms will be applicable.

Intelligent Data Analytics for Terror Threat Prediction

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Intelligent data analytics for terror threat prediction is an emerging field of research at the intersection of information science and computer science, bringing with it a new era of tremendous opportunities and challenges due to plenty of easily available criminal data for further analysis. This book provides innovative insights that will help obtain interventions to undertake emerging dynamic scenarios of criminal activities. Furthermore, it presents emerging issues, challenges and management strategies in public safety and crime control development across various domains. The book will play a vital role in improvising human life to a great extent. Researchers and practitioners working in the fields of data mining, machine learning and artificial intelligence will greatly benefit from this book, which will be a good addition to the state-of-the-art approaches collected for intelligent data analytics. It will also be very beneficial for those who are new to the field and need to quickly become acquainted with the best performing methods. With this book they will be able to compare different approaches and carry forward their research in the most important areas of this field, which has a direct impact on the betterment of human life by maintaining the security of our society. No other book is currently on the market which provides such a good collection of state-of-the-art methods for intelligent data analytics-based models for terror threat prediction, as intelligent data analytics is a newly emerging field and research in data mining and machine learning is still in the early stage of development.

Zoom für Dummies

Phil Simon

Sie wollen oder müssen Zoom zur Kommunikation nutzen? Egal ob privat oder geschäftlich, es gibt viele Funktionen, Einstellungen und Tipps, die Ihnen das Leben leichter machen. Phil Simon erklärt Ihnen in diesem Buch alles, was Sie über Chat, Videokonferenzen und das Einbinden von Apps wissen müssen. Egal ob das Erstellen von Einladungen, das Aufzeichnen von Konferenzen oder die Nutzung von Zoom Phones, alles wird ausführlich und leicht verständlich anhand von Screenshots erklärt. So nutzen Sie Zoom entspannt und effizient.