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Национальная идея России жить хорошо. Антидиверсионная служба нужна срочно

Владимир Владимирович Ершов

Книга – людям с работающим разумом, ещё не приобретшим навязываемого населению РФ оглупления. Данные из книги нужны людям, не согласным жить жизнью подопытных мышей. Книгу читать или нет – выбор читателю: как он к себе относится – каждый сам выбирает. Факты разъяснены в стиле обычной речи, ряд описанных фактов просто скрывался от населения. В РФ много хорошего происходит, но книга дана для выявления наличия именно плохого, чтобы понять, что «это» – и как «это» удалить, сделав жизнь в РФ лучше. Важно точно понять причины: явные и вероятные – по которым всё плохое до сих пор не удалено из РФ. Надо знать: РФ уже активно решает указанные в книге вопросы: сравнить можно, насколько удачно получается.

A Version of the Truth

B P Walter

We all see what we want to see…Readers love B P Walter:‘Character driven, tense and skilfully woven over two timelines, this is a brilliant read.’ Amazon Reviewer‘The writing is tense and atmospheric.’ Amazon Reviewer‘A cleverly plotted, tense and addictive read; once you pick it up you won’t be able to put the book down.’ Amazon Reviewer‘I loved this book. You will not be disappointed.’ Amazon Reviewer2019: Julianne is preparing a family dinner when her son comes to her and says he’s found something on his iPad. Something so terrible, it will turn Julianne’s world into a nightmare and make her question everything about her marriage and what type of man her husband is or is pretending to be.1990: Holly is a fresher student at Oxford University. Out of her depth and nervous about her surroundings, she falls into an uneasy friendship with a group of older students from the upper echelons of society and begins to develop feelings for one in particular. He’s confident, quiet, attractive and seems to like her too. But as the year progresses, her friends’ behaviour grows steadily more disconcerting and Holly begins to realise she might just be a disposable pawn in a very sinister game.A devastating secret has simmered beneath the surface for over twenty-five years. Now it’s time to discover the truth. But what if you’re afraid of what you might find?

Alec's Royal Assignment

Amelia Autin

In the Man on a Mission series, a special agent becomes one woman's most dangerous weakness…Bodyguard to the queen of Zakhar, lieutenant Angelina Mateja is unwilling to risk her reputation or her job for US special agent Alec Jones–no matter how sexy and irresistible he is. Alec's been recruited by the king to root out a human trafficking ring–not get up close and personal with a stunning woman who practically radiates touch me and die. But after sharing a mind-blowing kiss, Alec can't deny the fire simmering beneath Angel's cool exterior. As the danger–and their attraction–intensifies, Angel is forced to choose between the job of her dreams, and the man who is starting to occupy her heart…

King's Ransom

Amelia Autin

Reunion with the king turns forbidden…and dangerous Internationally renowned actress Juliana Richardson should be concentrating on the role of a lifetime, not on the man who broke her heart years earlier. Yet King Andre Alexei IV is no longer a young prince-in-training–he's an undeniably sexy monarch with seduction on his mind. Juliana's heart is at risk, but after a series of deadly coincidences, it becomes clear her life is on the line, too.Andre vows to protect the stubborn star even as she pushes him away. But as the threat to Juliana's life grows more intense, Andre must choose between saving the vulnerable beauty or letting her go forever…

Proof of Innocence

Lenora Worth

INNOCENT FUGITIVEErin Eagleton has been on the run for months after her ex-boyfriend was killed in front of her. She escaped from the killer once, but the police consider her a prime suspect. She is determined to prove her innocence and bring down the real criminal…before he finishes the job. Her high school sweetheart, Capitol K-9 officer Chase Zachary, has been searching for her with his trusty police dog. Now that he's found her, he vows to keep her safe at all costs. He'll stop at nothing to reveal the truth–and to protect the woman he's never forgotten.Capitol K-9 Unit: These lawmen solve the toughest cases with the help of their brave canine partners.

Her Rocky Mountain Defender

Jennifer D. Bokal

A kiss. A betrayal. An escape. Can they avoid the path of danger?Searching for her missing sister leads Madelyn Thompkins straight into the path of danger…and Roman DeMarco. Wounded physically and emotionally, the undercover agent hardly needs a distraction. Their priorities don’t align, but when Madelyn falls victim to a murderous criminal, will Roman sacrifice everything to save her?

Талантливый господин Варг

Александр Макколл Смит

Отдел деликатных расследований известен тем, что берет на себя самые странные дела. Ульф Варг, настоящий лидер и лучший детектив отдела, всегда готов к расследованию, каким бы сложным оно ни было. Поэтому, когда к Ульфу приходит девушка популярного писателя Нильма Седерстрема, которая уверена, что его шантажируют, Ульф полон решимости помочь. Хотя непросто понять, какие скелеты скрываются в шкафу талантливого плохиша. Дело требует полнейшей сосредоточенности, но Ульф понимает, что его отвлекает сомнительная политическая карьера брата, а также его собственное растущее влечение к своей замужней коллеге Анне. Вдобавок Ульфу еще и поручено разыскать группу торговцев, нелегально экспортирующих волков… Отделу деликатных расследований опять некогда скучать!

Detecting Danger

Valerie Hansen

EXPLOSIVE SECRETSWhen a bomb explodes at the Washington Monument, the Capitol K-9 Unit goes on high alert. Though injured in the blast, K-9 cop Isaac Black is determined to get to the bottom of the situation. He'll follow every lead, including investigating his ER nurse's suspicious behavior. He soon learns Daniella Dunne has long been in a witness protection program. And it's apparent that her identity has been compromised. The killer she once sent to prison–her own father–has been released and vows revenge. As Isaac and his stalwart beagle safeguard Daniella at his family's farm, a murderer with a personal score to settle lurks in the shadows…Capitol K-9 Unit: These lawmen solve the toughest cases with the help of their brave canine partners

Security Breach

Margaret Daley

INTRUDER AT THE WHITE HOUSEWhen White House tour director Selena Barrow is attacked in her office, the Capitol K-9 Unit goes on high alert. Selena's cousin is a person of interest in a congressman's shooting, and Selena has been collecting evidence to exonerate her. Could this be the break they're looking for? Officer Nicholas Cole and his dog, Max, step in to safeguard Selena–and to keep an eye on the evidence. As the attacks escalate, Selena finds it increasingly difficult to keep her distance from her handsome protector. But with an unknown enemy watching Selena's every move, Nicholas will become her confidant…and her lifeline.Capitol K-9 Unit: These lawmen solve the toughest cases with the help of their brave canine partners.

Trail Of Evidence

Lynette Eason

SAVING HIS SONWhy is a dead woman's phone–evidence in a murder investigation–in Jonas Parker's son's bedroom? Dangerous thugs are after that phone and his terrified teenager, so the single father turns to Capitol K-9 Unit officer Brooke Clark. Years ago, Brooke broke Jonas's heart without explanation. But he has to trust her and her highly-trained golden retriever to keep his son safe. When the boy goes missing, Jonas and Brooke must make peace with their past to find the teen–before increasingly desperate criminals get to him first.Capitol K-9 Unit: These lawmen solve the toughest cases with the help of their brave canine partners.