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Operation Midnight

Justine Davis

Experience the thrill of life on the edge and set your adrenalin pumping! These gripping stories see heroic characters fight for survival and find love in the face of danger.Being spirited away by armed men in a black helicopter is the last thing Hayley ever expects. And why is she so attracted to their dark-haired leader? She’s determined to escape. Unfortunately, Quinn and his intense, searching gaze is always three steps ahead – and much, much too close…

Once Forbidden...

Carla Cassidy

Johnna Delaney's hectic world stood still the moment she laid eyes on Jerrod McCain again–and her heart instantly leapt into motion. He was back in tiny Inferno, Arizona, to request an impossible favor–and to remind her of what might have been….If Johnna weren't the only defense attorney in town, Jerrod could have gone on devoting the rest of his life to trying to forget her. But seeing her again had awakened more passionate memories than he could possibly ignore–if he still even wanted to….

On Fire

Jan Hambright

WHERE THERE'S SMOKE…Arson investigator Kade Decker had his hands full with four suspicious fires and no leads. Complicating matters was crime-scene psychologist Savannah Dawson's appearance at each investigation–and the red-hot attraction that raged between them.THERE'S SMOLDERING FIREAnd when it became clear that the same person responsible for setting the terrifying blazes had begun to target Savannah, honor demanded Kade offer his protection. But as danger around them fueled their desire, a burning question remained: Would the combustible passion between them be extinguished by the madman on their trail?

Nighttime Guardian

Amanda Stevens

He'd believed in her once…Years ago, Nathan Dallas had stood by young Shelby Westmoreland when she'd claimed a creature had risen from the river one foggy midnight.Townsfolk had accused Shelby of crying wolf, but she knew she'd seen something. And she never forgot Nathan. and she needed him more than ever Shelby was all woman now–and Nathan was back in town, under a cloud of scandal. His dark stare sent shivers of awareness and apprehension down her spine. But when wet footprints appeared and Shelby's belongings mysteriously moved or disappeared, Nathan answered her cry for help. With her elusive tormentor near, Nathan became Shelby's nighttime guardian…and keeper of her heart.

Night Moves

HelenKay Dimon

Necessary Secrets

Barbara Phinney

Mysterious Millionaire

Cassie Miles

The maid and the millionaire Liz Norton’s private investigations were run-of-the-mill – until she went undercover on the wealthy Crawford estate. Posing as an unobtrusive housekeeper in what was supposed to be a routine case, she soon found herself in serious danger.She was forced to turn to Ben Crawford, an enigmatic single father fighting to keep his young daughter. Partnering the ruggedly handsome businessman only made Liz yearn to drop the charade. But there was a killer prowling the darkest corners of the mansion and Liz didn’t know who to trust…

Multiples Mystery

Alice Sharpe

Olivia Capri knew giving birth to quads would cause a stir in her media-starved small town.But she didn't realize it would bring back Zac Bishop, the boy she'd once loved with all her teenaged heart. Luckily, as sheriff, he'd returned just in time. It seemed someone was after her and her babies thanks to a past she knew nothing about.And though she knew whoever it was didn't stand a chance against Zac and his protective nature, reminiscing about old times stirred up too many long-buried emotions. Still, Zac assured her everything would be okay, all she had to do was trust him. And she did. With everything but her heart.

Mountain Midwife

Cassie Miles

Danger in the Desert When Jaci finds a seemingly worthless scarab in a Cairo street, the timid librarian turns adventurer. But unless sexy OMEGA agent Deke can keep her safe, the consequences could be deadly – which means he’ll have to put his sizzling passion for her aside…The Sheikh’s Lost Princess Sheikh Shakir, scarred by warfare, is ready for the ultimate confrontation. But his deadly mission to bring down his family’s arch-enemy is compromised by the discovery that Nikki, the princess who destroyed his heart, is now a prisoner and that rescuing her is his only hope.