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Ich bin die Nele

Peter Brock

Обновленная планета

Елена Сазоновна Конева

Проблемы планеты могли начаться в такие древние времена, о которых никто не помнит. И они настолько неожиданны, что решить их можно только самыми необычными способами.

Diary Of Don & Jon

Timmie Guzzmann

This is the Diary Of Don & Jon the funny redneck twins. Don & Jon love hunting sneaky snakes and frogs in the Mississippi woods and soon discover that there are even freakier phenomenons out there in the wild. The twins love hunting everything edible like slimy frogs, snakes, alligators and even spiders. Inside you'll find some hilarious Mississippi Bayou hunting stories with vibrant colored illustrations. Make sure to check out your pants before reading because these hilarious Dr. Seuss style rhyming adventures of Don & Jon have the tendency to rip kid's pants because kids just LOL when reading about these different funny scenes. Parents love to join in for the fun! Hang on for more funny stories that are going to be released shortly in this brand new Zombie & Ninja Dynasty Series by Timmie Guzzmann. Inside you'll find hilarious hunting adventures that are told by the funny twin brothers. If you love green slimy frogs, snakes and other dangerous animals that are luring in the woods and if you love to discover the funny and hilarious ways of how Don & Jon go about catching, whacking, and whopping these scary green animals in the Mississippi woods then you owe it to yourself to check out these unforgettable and entertaining adventures for yourself! Chapter 1: There Ain't Nothin' Finer Than Moonlight Hunting For Snakes n'Frogs Don and his twin brother Jon are sneaking into a rich people's country club in the middle of the night. They discover that the ponds are teeming with plump frogs inside. They did not see the snakes coming from outside…How do they find out of this trap? Chapter 2: Bullfrog Quaking, Snake Hunting And A Mysterious Strange Ninja Chapter 3: The Choice Between A Cute Pomeranian Puppy and a Pitbull Hunter Chapter 4: The Hacky Sack Chapter 5: Jokes & Poker Chapter 6: The Annual Yard Sale Chapter 7: Armored Snakes & Alligator Wisdom Chapter 8: The Redneck Logic Of Don & Jon