Детские приключения

Различные книги в жанре Детские приключения

Mia's Optiscope

Natalie Rose

Mia's Optiscope is the story of a girl with a big heart and bigger imagination, a story of morality, fantasy, adventure and quest to discover the parallel world of Nilimbia.<br /> <br />Newly arrived in the bustling suburb of Kingsford, in Sydney's east, Mia feels lonely, missing her friends. Walking to school up Meeks Mountain, she makes a new friend and finds herself the Keeper of the Optiscope. Before she can learn its true purpose her mysterious friend is gone, leaving few clues about the Optiscope's powers.<br /> <br />With her grandad's help, Mia uncovers its secrets and the Dream Team embark on adventures to Nilimbia, an awesome world of Dream Weavers and endless magic, where a little imagination and hope makes the impossible possible.

A Threefold Cord

Howard Goldenberg

Three Australian nine-year olds from different immigrant backgrounds form a Secret Society they call The Threefold Cord, to do good such as helping an old lady. When they rescue a tortured cat, they stumble on a crime gang that traffics costly cats and smuggles rare red diamonds, led by the enigmatic and quite monstrously fearsome Dr Vandersluys, the tall, pale stranger who always wears sunglasses and dresses in black. <br /> <br />Through their unity, courage and resourcefulness (and helped by an Aboriginal elder), the three succeed in saving themselves, overcoming evil and helping others.<br /> <br />The story is thrilling and funny and full of unexpected twists and turns and mysterious characters.

Drake the Dragonboy

Rebecca Schultz

Drake Dramco's father is head of Thermodynamics in Dragonland and has invented a shield called a force field to protect the dragonfolk from the terrifying Quintas. Drake thinks his father is a superhero even though his father is too busy to spend time with his family.<br /> <br />When Drake's father is kidnapped, Drake, Juniper and Ronan – another dragon boy who is tougher than Drake – literally fly into an adventure in their quest to find him. He has been taken to a city across the wasteland through the force field. After exhaustive preparations, the young dragon folk set out into the unknown.<br /> <br />The precarious journey, their experience with the Quintas, the relationships of the adventurers and the unravelling of the mystery will keep young readers enthralled. The young friends discover the real facts about the force field and Drake's father. Drake, not his dad, is the real superhero.

Forest Shadows

David Laing

Several things happen on the eve of the long weekend: Jars Kelly and her cousin Snook are accused of stealing some valuable gem stones from the local jewellers; strange lights are seen hovering above their town, Cray Bay; and the bumbling Quenton Quigley stumbles across a riddle that could lead them to a hidden treasure. To find out what the riddle means, an adventure full of mystery, excitement and intrigue, plus lots of twists and turns, begins.<br /> <br />It all takes place in a dense Tasmanian rain forest where Jars and Snook accidently meet an old Chinese prospector called Wu Han who has a secret – the secret of the riddle. That's when the fun begins. There is a race between their old enemies the Grimshaws, the smelly visitors from outer space known as The Collectors and the Kelly kids.<br /> <br />Why are The Collectors lurking in the forest and why is Wu Han so afraid of them?<br />Who will be the first to solve the riddle and find the treasure?<br />Why is their Headmaster in for a big surprise when school resumes after the long weekend?

Oracle in the Mist

Linda Maree Malcolm

When Bobby's grandmother was thirteen, she and seven friends disappeared for a period of six days. No-one in town ever talks about this mystery but Bobby wants to know what happened then and if it was the reason why her grandmother always had a sad, faraway look in her eyes.<br /> <br />Red-haired, hot-tempered Bobby is an ultra-modern twelve-year-old girl from a Celtic background with ideas that could be described as alternative. Raised to be open-minded and confident by a single, working mother who holds angel card readings and is interested in New-Age beliefs, Bobby is fiercely independent in her own thinking and behaviour.<br /> <br />When she meets another home-schooler, David, who is from a big, highly educated Italian family and has been raised to have more conservative, mainstream beliefs and old-fashioned values, it is difficult to imagine how they could ever be friends. However, the do have something in common. David too has a mystery that he wants to solve about his own heritage.<br /> <br />Bobby is determined that she will solve the mystery of the missing children whether the wary David is prepared to be involved or not. But David does not have much choice.<br /> <br />With the help of a crystal ball possessing magical powers that Bobby has just stumbled across, the two are transported through a wormhole into another time dimension where they make startling discoveries, not only about their own ancestries but also about themselves.<br /> <br />Join them on an adventure where an evil workhouse and her orc slaves threaten to overrun the idyllic island paradise which has now become their new home.

Forest Spirit

David Laing

An exciting read, this book is an action-packed yarn: adventure, mystery, magic, suspense, spiritualism, Aboriginal and Australian culture, with a cast of interesting characters including a wombat and a German Shepherd. A book about loyalty, trust and true friendship.<br /> <br />Jacinta Kelly (Jars), a part Aboriginal girl living in the Northern Territory who is orphaned when a buffalo charges her family's ute, tragically killing her mother, father and brother. Because she has no other family members in the NT, she is sent to live with her uncle, aunt and cousin (Snook) in Tasmania.<br /> <br />Snook and Jars quickly become friends, and along with Quenton Quigley, the annoying but not altogether bad son of the mayor of the area, they have an adventure when they go camping in the forest with Snook's father. Jars meets the Forest Spirit – an apparition that has appeared in her dreams and now asks for her help to uncover a secret in the Tasmanian bush.<br /> <br />Jars, her cousin Snook and the bumbling Quenton Quigley begin and adventure in the wilderness that takes many unexpected twists and turns! At the end of the story, the mystery of Jars' dream of an ancient man who later appears in a rock carving in a forest cave is solved. Jars also begins to overcome the grief of losing her family as she learns that they will always be with her.

Legend of the Three Moons

Patricia Bernard

Five children held captive in an ever-changing forest, trapped by their own memory loss, face the battle of their lives to overcome evil and reclaim their birthright.<br /> <br />Why do they only have some memories for one day?<br /> <br />What is the purpose of the Three Moons' Song?<br /> <br />Which of their magical gifts will allow the children to conquer the riddles of the imprisoned mermaid, the chained eagle and the frozen dragon?<br /> <br />Adventure and danger abound as Lyla, Celeste, Lem, Chad and Swift face enchanters, murderers, shape thieves, monsters and slave traders to save all that is precious to them.

Pete McGee: Dawn of the Zombie Knights

Adam Wallace

A boy with one arm who dreams of becoming a great knight.<br />His arch-enemy, determined not to let that happen.<br />An old man with a tragic past and slight drinking problem.<br />Zombie knights, risen from their graves.<br />There are triumphs.<br />There are tragedies.<br />There are funny names.<br />Did I mention there are ZOMBIE KNIGHTS?<br />ZOMBIES? THAT ARE KNIGHTS?<br />This book has everything!<br />Except squirrels. And Lachie Wright.<br />They're not in it.<br />Sorry.<br />I hope you like it anyway.

The Incredible Journey of Pete McGee

Adam Wallace

A boy with one arm who dreams of becoming a great knight.<br />His mother, dying from a mysterious illness, is the only one who believes in him.<br />An evil king hungry for power at any cost.<br />Two servants of the king, in love but torn apart.<br />Evil invisible monsters that kill for fun.<br />A magic flower that will change all of their lives.<br />There's good versus evil.<br />There's magic.<br />There's love, there's adventure and there's lots, lots more.<br />This book has everything!<br />Except giraffes. It doesn't have any giraffes.<br />Sorry.<br />I hope you like it anyway.

Sleuth Astrid: Lost Voice of the Grand Final

Hazel Edwards

It was the Grand Final on Saturday. Carrot the Parrot was the Coach for the Birds' team. But he'd lost his voice. Sleuth Astrid had to find it, in time for the Grand Final because the team needed the Voice of the Coach. Was the Voice captured in the TV 'Footy' studio? Lost down his throat? Was a Voice Coach any use? What about the Speakeasy? Or the Voice-over on the TV Footy panel or on Talk-back? And then there's the Bird Wedding of the Year. Carrot was supposed to be the MC (Master of Ceremonies). As usual, Sleuth Astrid the Mind-Reading Chook, solves the problem.