Различные книги в жанре География

Alien Ocean

Stefan Helmreich

Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall: Seasons Books for Children

Speedy Publishing LLC

Why won't snow fall on summer? I bet your kid has asked this question once or twice! Let him/her know the answer through this beautifully crafted seasons book for children. In this book, each season is defined through fun activities. Your child will be asked to find the words commonly attached to a specific season and color the images too! Buy a copy now!

Grade 1 Geography: Discovery For Kids

Baby Professor

Wow! Geography just got a whole lot interesting with amazing concepts outlined to make learning fun. The idea is to get a child used to the different parts of the world by going on an imaginary adventure. Famous landmarks are included, as well as some basic information per country. Don't be surprised if you'll be bombarded with questions on foreign places and cultures!

Big Feet, Small Feet : Book of Prehistoric Animals for Kids

Baby Professor

Encourage your child to open the pages of this book to meet the different kinds of prehistoric animals. Knowledge of these animals is very important in terms of helping a child understand the theory of evolution. By using images and color, learning becomes fun and much more effective. So go ahead and grab a copy of this educational book today!

Do Dinosaurs Fly? Prehistoric Animal Learning for Kids of All Ages

Baby Professor

Though dinosaurs no longer exist, their past continue to provide clues to the future. This book describes some of these magnificent beasts, with strong emphasis on their flight capability. The use of images is a great touch to making the book highly appealing to children of all ages. Buy a copy of this book today!

The Atlas of Climate Change

Professor Kirstin Dow

This highly acclaimed atlas distills the vast science of climate change, providing a reliable and insightful guide to this rapidly growing field. Since the 2006 publication of the first edition, climate change has climbed even higher up the global agenda. This new edition reflects the latest developments in research and the impact of climate change, and in current efforts to mitigate and adapt to changes in the world’s weather.<br /><br />The atlas covers a wide range of topics, including warning signs, vulnerable populations, health impacts, renewable energy, emissions reduction, personal and public action. The third edition includes new or additional coverage of a number of topics, including agreements reached in Copenhagen and Cancun, ocean warming and increased acidity, the economic impact of climate change, and advantages gained by communities and business from adapting to climate change. The extensive maps and graphics have been updated with new data, making this edition once again an essential resource for everyone concerned with this pressing subject.

Volcanoes of the World

Lee Siebert