Различные книги в жанре Биология

Diving Indonesia Periplus Adventure Guid

David Pickell

The seventeen thousand islands of the Indonesian archipelago sweep across the single richest marine environment in the world. These warm, clear, uncrowded waters contain fully fifteen percent of the world's coral reefs, and support close to 4,000 species of fish. It is, indisputably, a diver's paradise.Periplus's critically acclaimed Diving Indonesia, now in its fourth revision, is the pioneer guide to this fascinating, and still little-known, island chain. Widely considered a classic of the genre, this guide covers sites from the shallow reefs of Bintan island just a stone's throw from Singapore to the current-swept wrecks of World War II aircraft lying off Indonesian New Guinea, and dive options ranging from easy shore dives on Bali to luxurious live-aboards in the Banda Sea.Practicalities Detailed travel information for every budget, including accommodations, transportation, prices, seasons, and dive operators.Information Essays on reef ecology and life, local geography, history and diving lore. Also at-a-glance charts of site conditions and 43 accurate maps.Photography More than 139 color photographs by top photographers.

Tropical Orchids of Southeast Asia

David P. Banks

This handy field guide provides an excellent introduction to over 120 exotic orchid species found in Southeast Asia, many unique to the region. Included are full-color photographs of their extraordinarily beautiful blooms and a wealth of expert botanical information. The photographs and text by David Banks, noted authority on tropical orchids, will delight orchid lovers the world over.

Diving in Southeast Asia

David Espinosa

Well–travelled divers all acknowledge that the best diving in the world is found in the warm waters of tropical Asia. No other region on earth presents such a rich variety of marine life, and none can boast as many different types of dive sites: tiny, isolated atolls, World War II wrecks draped in beautiful soft corals, shallow, bommie–filled fringing reefs and pinnacles, all swarming with fish and vibrant color. Diving in Southeast Asia is a comprehensive diving guide covering Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Thailand. It presents in great detail the very best dive sites in the tropical western Pacific. Our seasoned diver–authors have an aggregate half-century of experience exploring these waters, and each site receives thorough coverage, including detailed maps, color photos, and a full description of access, conditions, and facilities. This Southeast Asia diving guide features: Practicalities: Detailed travel information for every budget, including accommodations, transportation, prices, seasons, and dive operators. Information: Local history, diving lore, site conditions, and more than 50 maps. Photography: More than 100 color photographs by top photographers.

Marine Fishes of South-East Asia

Gerry Allen

This beautifully illustrated marine fish guide encompasses the singularly diverse and rich oceans from southeast Asia to AustraliaMarine Fishes of Southeast Asia contains nearly 2,000 hand-painted illustrations featuring 1,635 individual species. The paintings were completed over a 3-year period and are primarily based on photographs or color transparencies of either live fishes taken underwater or freshly caught specimens.In many cases preserved specimens at the Western Australian Museum have been consulted to ensure accuracy of detail and proportions. The end result is a colorful and highly comprehensive guide to the sea fishes of northern Australia and the adjacent Southeast Asian region.

Photographic Guide to the Birds of Malaysia & Singapore

Morten Strange

Whether traveling through Southeast Asia or relaxing at home, bird lovers will enjoy this thorough and colorful Malaysian & Singapore bird watching guide.This illustrated bird watching book is the first comprehensive photographic guide to the birds of Malaysia and Singapore, mainland Southeast Asia, the Philippines and Borneo. Included are the birds of Thailand and Vietnam, as well as those found in South China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.This birding book covers 668 species and contains more than 700 color photographs. There is a distribution map for each species.Many of the photographs in this magnificent volume appear for the first time and have been carefully selected to show the most important species. The concise text provides vital information that will ensure accurate identification of species in one of the world's most diverse avifauna regions. Indispensable reading for all bird lovers.

Спортивные породы лошадей Европы

Марина Александровна Политова

В издании представлена история и характеристики наиболее широко представленных в спорте полукровных пород Европы. Материалом послужили переводы с немецкого языка литературы, приведенной в библиографическом списке, статей периодической печати, а также информация, любезно предоставленная племенными союзами и представленная на Интернет-сайтах племенных союзов и Международной ассоциации спортивного коннозаводства.


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