Различные книги в жанре Биология

Global Warming

Duncan G. Ewing

The topic of global warming is interesting in that it determines what is happening to our climate today. We don't know why it is so strange in weather due to our inability to comprehend what is happening. However, as the globe heats up and the disaster effects start to surface, it seems evident that the threat is very real.


Jan Murray

"Afraid, but not too afraid if it meant recovering his board and his little brother, Zoran shook his head to clear the fog and crept closer and closer to the hollow log.”<br /><br />Ugject Development wants to build a bridge across to the beautiful island community of Glencairn. No Way! Five friends decide to fight it. With help from the mysterious sea captain and his cat, Pi*Wakitt. Weird, totally weird!

Stolen Rain

Tony Mount

Two centuries of World deforestation have warmed cleared coastal soils that stole the rain, once borrowed by their trees, to further wet their land and raise their run-off. Roads and roofs and runways have sealed more land and drained more stolen rain into our rising seas. Rain stolen from our lowest inland falls so even less is left to feed our inland rivers as they dry.

(101 things to know when you go) ON SAFARI IN AFRICA

Patrick Brakspear

On Safari in Africa is unlike any other travel guide to Africa. This is not a “where to go, where to stay, what to see” style of travel guide, rather, it is more a travel companion that aims to pick up where your Africa Travel Specialist leaves off (and even acts as your safari guide along the way). Along with pre-departure information, packing and travel tips it is also a comprehensive insight into the wildlife, landscapes, people and issues that surround the safari world.<br />Aimed at both first time travellers to Africa as well as those who have been on safari before, On Safari in Africa is prefaced on the notion that the more you know about a subject the more you will come to fully appreciate it – the more you learn, the more your fascination grows. On Safari in Africa seeks to heighten that fascination, and in so doing, enhance the safari experience.<br />On Safari in Africa has been designed to illustrate just how you can get more out of your safari to Africa. The process starts with some background on Africa; provides a check list of what you need to do before you leave home; takes you through what to expect on safari, including safari jargon and your safari guide; teaches you the nuances of learning to observe and question all that you see and hear; explains what we know about the habitats and animals you will encounter, their behaviour and physiology; provides you with a wealth of interesting facts about the wildlife; and introduces you to many other aspects of an African safari including birding, trees, insects and wild flowers and the night sky. A reference section discusses the people’s of Africa, photographic tips and finishes with a comprehensive glossary of safari terms and definitions.<br />On Safari In Africa picks up where your travel agent leaves off. With your safari itinerary and air tickets in hand, it is time to purchase your copy of On Safari In Africa.

A Physical Principle of Universal Order

Jaime S. Carvalho

Born from biology, Unitary Field Theory is a true general theory of space and time applicable to all realms – physical, biological, psychological, and sociological. It is an explicit process theory that takes the environment and the basic field into consideration. It recognizes that there is a pervasive ordering process in the universe.

Whoa Dog, Whoa!

CPDT-KA Deathe

It’s beautiful outside, and a perfect day for a walk! You call for your best four legged friend, hook them up on the leash, and open the door… And the next thing you know you are on your butt, shoulder throbbing in pain, and you catch a fleeting glimpse of your dog barreling down the street away from you.

World Climate

Terje Instefjord

In this book, new mathematical formulas showing the relationships between the CO2 content in the atmosphere, the CO2 related green house effect and the sea level are derived.
The consequences of the found relationships are discussed, along with different solutions to replace fossil fuel with environmental neutral alternatives.

Downward, Dog!

CPDT-KA Deathe

This book is about how to teach your dog not to jump up on people but without focusing on JUMPING UP. Rather we focus on teaching what we want Fido to do instead of the JUMP! It is a funner, easier and more humane way to interact with your dog. Remember Ignore the Bad and Reward the Good or as I like to call it Keep it Simple Stupid!

Dog Behavior Book: Everything You Need to Know to Correct Dog Behavioral Problems

David Inc. Christopher

Humans buy dogs for many reasons usually because we want companionship and a dog will love unconditionally. Anybody who has ever owned a dog can tell you that they are called man&#39;s best friend for reason and dogs often become part of our family. When man&#39;s best friend suddenly begins to misbehave and exhibit bad behavior that they have not exhibited in the past, it can be like raising a problem child. <br><br>You love the dog, but they are driving you up the wall. Sadly, behavior problems are a common reason that people give up their pets but there is another way! <br><br>With some simple and easy-to-do home training methods, you can re-train you faithful and loved four-legged family member back into his good habits. <br><br>It does not matter if you have brought a new dog home that has misbehaved from day one, or if you long-time canine companion has suddenly started a new and unwanted behavior, this book will help.

How to Tell Your Friends from the Apes

Will Cuppy

Will Cuppy is one of the greatest humorists this country has produced and is still (despite eleven printings of his imperishable The Decline and Fall of Practically Everybody) too little known. Here is one of his three classic «How-To's,» considering notable birds and animals whose habits (and often existence) seem to have disturbed Cuppy («Birds Who Can't Even Fly,» «Optional Insects,» «Octopuses and Those Things»), as well as more mundane creatures like the frog, the gnat, and the moa, who have no visible vices but whose virtues are truly awful. Spanning the breadth of the animal kingdom, Cuppy neatly classes his observations for easy reference: Problem Mammals, Pleasures of Pond Life, Birds Who Can't Sing and Know It.