A Deal To Carry The Italian's Heir. Tara Pammi

Короткие любовные романы. Mills & Boon Modern

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A Deal To Carry The Italian's Heir

Год выпуска 0

isbn 9781474088510

Автор произведения Tara Pammi

Жанр Короткие любовные романы

Серия Mills & Boon Modern

Издательство HarperCollins

Her scandalous baby bargain!With her chances of having a family in jeopardy, Neha’s taking drastic action! Approaching billionaire Leonardo Brunetti with her outrageous request to father her child by IVF is step one. Step two…? Ignoring her deep desire for the alluring Italian!Leo is the ideal choice because he doesn’t do romantic attachments. His parents’ less than stellar example cemented that. And the last thing Neha needs is yet another man dictating her life. Her terms are straightforward—until Leo turns the tables by showing Neha how pleasurable indulging her desire can be…