The Sicilian's Unexpected Duty. Michelle Smart

Контркультура. Mills & Boon Modern

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The Sicilian's Unexpected Duty

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isbn 9781472042408

Автор произведения Michelle Smart

Жанр Контркультура

Серия Mills & Boon Modern

Издательство HarperCollins

One incredible night…Cara Delany shouldn’t have been surprised when Pepe Mastrangelo – world-renowned playboy – disappeared after their unforgettable night, leaving only cold sheets and X-rated memories… Or so she thought! But four months later, with more than herself to think of, she’s forced to face the sexy Sicilian again.One very big consequence!When the fiery redhead Pepe hasn’t been able to forget hurtles back into his life, proclaiming he’s the father of her child, it’s a role that he’s never expected – or wanted. Unsure if she’s telling the truth, Pepe has five months to uncover everything about Cara – and he knows just where to start!‘Michelle’s landscapes are stunning; she has me daydreaming all day!’ – Dorothy, Operations Manager, BridlingtonDiscover more at