Her Boss by Day.... Joss Wood

Контркультура. Mills & Boon Modern

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Her Boss by Day...

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isbn 9781472098344

Автор произведения Joss Wood

Жанр Контркультура

Серия Mills & Boon Modern

Издательство HarperCollins

His accountant by day…After a devastating break-up, Willa Moore-Fisher is determined to prove herself. With an honours degree, she’s certainly got the talent. So when international fitness tycoon Rob Hanson needs a new accountant Willa can’t believe her luck. There’s just one problem: she already knows her new boss… intimately!His mistress by night!Brooding bachelor Rob doesn’t do long-term—watching his stepfather destroy his family sealed that fate. Willa might have a head for numbers, but she has a body made for sin. Soon Rob finds himself wondering if he should make his new temp a more permanent fixture in his life!The SYDNEY’S MOST ELIGIBLE…miniseriesThese sexy Sydney tycoons didn’t get to the top by taking the easy way—the only thing they love more than a challenge is a woman who knows her mind!Book 1: Her Boss by Day…by Joss Wood Book 2: The Millionaire’s Proposition by Avril Tremayne Book 3: The Tycoon’s Stowaway by Stefanie London Book 4: The Hotel Magnate’s Demand by Jennifer RaePraise for Joss WoodCount Valieri’s Prisoner 4.5* TOP PICK RT Book Review Wood’s tortured hero is believable and compelling, and the story takes readers on a passionate, emotional roller-coaster ride.