Plant Roots. Peter Gregory J.


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Plant Roots

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isbn 9781405173087

Автор произведения Peter Gregory J.

Жанр Биология


Издательство John Wiley & Sons Limited

The root system is a vital part of the plant and therefore understanding roots and their functioning is key to agricultural, plant and soil scientists. In Plant Roots Professor Peter Gregory brings together recent developments in techniques and an improved understanding of plant and soil interactions to present a comprehensive look at this important relationship, covering: Root response to, and modification of, soils Genetic control of roots’ responses to the environment Use of modern techniques in imaging, molecular biology and analytical chemistry Practical exploitation of root characters This book will be a vital tool for plant, crop, soil and agricultural scientists, plant physiologists, environmental scientists, ecologists and hydrologists. It will be a valuable addition to libraries in universities, agricultural colleges and research establishments where these subjects are studied and taught.